Magnetic Monday – 4 Steps to Change

It’s just weeks after Christmas and this episode of The Quantum Success Show couldn’t come at a more perfect time.

Most of us have been in a lot of family energy this time of year.

And, if you look at these gatherings as an opportunity to learn about yourself, it can really be a fun experience.

I started to enjoy hearing the limited thinking and beliefs that my family has, because it gives me insight into myself. I allow myself to sit with something they say and ask myself if I believe that now, or if ever. And if I do, I do the following process that I share on today’s show.

This is a powerful process for change and you are going to love it… Promise :-)

It’s a much better choice than resisting what is.

Today’s show is only 8 minutes long and will give you lots to think about as you enter into the next few days.

1. Recognize
2. Acknowledge
3. Release
4. Change

I truly wish you a magical 2014.

Much love,

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  1. Stefanie Bechtold says:

    Just want to say thank you for sharing your personal experiences!


    Honestly Christy, in the beginning I have been somehow a bit withdrawn. There was some personal resistance. Today I do appreciate you so highly!

    I really am so inspired and heart touched by you! I feel so connected with you and I love you, send my love to you and yo your sweet family and send all my best wishes to you. Keep going and all the best!

    I wish I would be closer to you as I know I can contribute be being a profound part. It is just that I am located very far away and I am single mum to my beloved girls. I also see myself following your coaching program. Looking so much forward having the surplus and time available to do so.
    Love & smiles from Jeannine

  3. Very helpful, thank you!

    • Christy Whitman says:

      You are welcome! Thank you for watching:)

    • Hi Christy,

      Reference to your post on Desires, in a spiritual context, as you may already know there’re three roams of life Mind , Body & Spirit . At a cognitive level, Recognition of desire/s could be look at in the following manner too. Mind – Recognition and/or been mindful of one’s own thoughts/emotions which are associated with the original event/activity/moment of the experience. Body – Recognition and/or felt/sensed experienced at and/or with the original event/activity/moment. Spirit – Recognition and/or flow of energy/spirit in and within the held shape (human body) and/or form – through the 7 chakras (as per Buddhist teachings). In that context, from and existential point, true change (transformation), could take place only and only when one comes to a self realisation of that simple truth. Holding on to past events / moment / memories and there associated thoughts/emotions/feelings etc,etc… (shadow) will block people from their own personal transformation process/s. That’s why it’s important for one to come out (open one’s own heart) with one’s own truth (story) and share it with others. And the learning one had obtaining and/or gained with the past momentarily experiences. In my opinion, that’s the only way one can release or let go of the negative energies that one had come to hold on to (from the so called other/s).

  4. As usual with your shows they are right on the buzzer. I have just decided to release a whole situation, change my position to all the people in it by moving far away, find something better for me now, despite all the good, fun and love there has been there is another side of it and it has spiralled beyond belief. I think that big positive action is called for. It is true that a huge part of the process is recognizing and acknowledging where there is a no win and the damage it does you. I have done a lot of releasing and at some point I will reach critical mass and be off!!
    Have a great day Christy , love Emma

  5. Mario Aleman says:

    You said who created it but before you said I or you created it. A little bit lost with that part. Ti keep lasting change how would you know where the pockets of energy are?

    • Christy Whitman says:

      We each create our own reality. So when we are asking ourselves, “Who created this?” It is always back to ourselves saying, “me”. We feel the energy. When we hit a pocket of energy that does not feel good, we feel it. It is all about feeling and releasing. Hope that helps.

  6. Hi Christie,
    Loved today’s topic and your wonderful discussion!
    I also appreciated the closed captioning. However, as a Proofreader by trade it was very hard for me to read all of the incorrect and typos throughout it! ??
    Keep up your terrific and inspiritn work.
    Love & appreciation,

  7. I also wanted to say I should not have left a message until I had my coffee…I as guilty as anyone else! :)

    Much love.
    Laura :)

    • I give up! :):):) Maybe I should put my glasses on as well as having my coffee before I post! :) :) :)

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Thanks, Laura.

      YouTube creates an automatic transcript and can actually be quite funny. We need to go in after each episode posts and correct it:)

  8. Thank you Christie! A great lesson to learn, as always. Thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom with all of us. Wishing you a great 2014.

  9. Priscilla Pugh says:

    Thank you so much for your insights!! You are always “spot on”!!

  10. Awesome lesson today. It came at the right time. As an energy healer I had an opportunity to work with a client who has some issue with mother. We spent time talking about how the mother is a mirror of her fear. Listening to your talk today help me even more so understand how we co create our situations. I will share with her your website and lesson today.

    Love and Light

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Thank you, Terresa:) How wonderful! Thank you for the work you do in the world to help heal others. It is important work!

  11. Thank you Christy for all the info. I really enjoy hearing your helpful tips . I am really trying to make positive changes in my life and currently finances are tight and I do plan on getting your course I look forword to Mondays . I sure hope your son gets better . many thanks from Colorado your friend JERRY

  12. Awesome! Thank you! A wonderful 2014! Irene

  13. monica wong says:

    thank for Christy awesome teaching!!may God bless u more comfort,love& cheer in 2014.
    Christy! thank so much& love u!!

  14. Heartfelt thanks, Christy, for always sharing your truth & compassion! i loved this one, & you made it so real with your story about your son.

    Our world’s citizens are much more open to playing now that we are changing so fast. Yippie & hallelujah that so many of us are helping our wonderful universe by helping & loving ourselves 1st so we can then help & love all other souls.


  15. Thanks Christy for that simple and apt inspired piece on the change process. I find it a huge encouragement in my daily co-creation. I have learnt that until I own and posess the situation at first, I cannot own up and disposess for a redress….and this of course would resonate within as an accumulation of a counter energy ‘toxin’ weakening me from within and reducing my vibration as it ‘pollutes’ my capacity for true manifesting! What do I do then? I don’t need to trade blames to anywhere but rather to let go unconditionally and freely. It is that level of inner freeness that invigorates the new energy vibration on a pungent note for a new co- creation birthing fresh reality in tandem with the universe and my world. Inner freedom guarantees outward freshness and leaves an individual with such an ectasy of true satisfaction and reconciliation with one’s inner self, the people and the universe. This I refer to as wholistic equilibrium in personal vibration. Summarily by deduction, I can say, giving your illustration- that change is integral and critical when my power of attachment to a cause is nullified by an equal and opposite power of detachment to its effect. Since you develop it, detach from it to create new decision. Thanks for the enlightenment and happy new year.



  17. Amazing explanation of this process, Christy! I find when working with some clients that it’s really hard for them to take ownership of creating their circumstances. I absolutely love your explanation and I am going to adapt this explanation too.

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