August 2016 – A Note From Christy

What we say is important.

In the Bible it says, “In the beginning there was the word.”

The words we choose to say give way to the meaning that we have assigned them. And it is the meanings we give words that carry the vibrations.

These words, when spoken aloud or even in our private thoughts that we don’t share with anyone else, have a vibration that will determine what we think, feel and ultimately create in our lives.

Some words or phrases need to be eradicated in order to deliberately create what we want.

What are these important words and phrases that we need to let go of and change into something more empowering?

Please go to the Divine Manifesting section, where I list them and explain why.

Have a great month!

As always, in this newsletter, there are teleseminars, resources, affirmations, and meditations to help you on your journey to empowerment.

Have an amazing month and know that you deserve everything you desire and more!

Imagine and enjoy,

“Your outer reality is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself.”

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