Magnetic Monday: Bill Harris joins me for a powerful show (must see)

I am happy to announce that today on the Quantum Success Show, I have Bill Harris.

Bill was one of the teachers in The Secret and has been in the personal development field for over thirty years.

He has a lot of valuable information to share on today’s show.

To learn more about Holosync, click here.

In this episode, Bill shares the importance of awareness, and he explains it in a way that is very different than most people.

He also discusses how awareness is the key between having success or not.

Also, Bill discusses that with awareness we then have choice and that there are four areas in our lives where we have choices.

Today’s show is longer than most of the others because there’s so much powerful information… you don’t want to miss it. :-)

You’ll love what you learn, I promise!

Much love,


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  1. Holy Holy Moo Cow….I AM gonna check out HOLOSYNC. :0 Bill made a lot of valid points in this interview. Thank you, Christy for the information (which, BTW, seemed 2 B nearly as long as Bill’s introduction !!!!!!!) LOL

  2. Christie you are so positive – I learn so much just by looking at you-

    I have gone through the video just once,
    I need to go through it again-

    So many things crossed my mind the first time-
    How my kids perceived my previous actions
    How I really need to become a law of attraction coach
    for my own good

    How to perceive events in my own past
    through an awareness perspective

    The video till the end it was like a torrent of knowledge

    Hope to check out holosync after reviewing the video

    Lots of luv-Ayesha

  3. Great content Christy and thank goodness for the quick summaries and restates you were able to get in. Bill took way to long and rambled in an unorganized way for me. Could not listen to the whole thing. Just FYI…others may not have had the same experience.

  4. Wow, I was amazed when I came home to learn that today’s Magnetic Monday was on “awareness.” I am an addictions counselor and I do a group 3 x weekly. Today’s group randomly went into a big point about “awareness” and how meditation can raise awareness. We had a lot of awareness on “awareness” and the value in self-reflection and self-awareness for personal development!! So, yea, I resonated with the information a lot. Great timing for me. Thank’s Christy!!

  5. This is how I also started with deeper, more advanced guided meditation, too! I LOVED it, back in 2000…I miss it! Will have to check out what he has come up with in the upgrades! :-)

  6. Was about the things we do with law of attraction, and deliberate creation. I did the Holosync dvd’s some years back for awhile. Was interesting. Got so much more out of the QSCA. Thank you Christy

  7. Yes I am really can show the month for family to produce baby : male or female by the families wanted if I come their.

  8. Denise Gallagher says:

    Has anyone used Holosync for a long period of time and how did things change? How long did it take to see changes?

  9. Denise Gallagher says:

    Thank you Christy for sharing this information. I think this is a topic that many people have at least given thought to.

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