Creating Unstoppable Kids

Tired of hearing them say “I’m so stupid!”?

How often do you hear your child say “I’m so stupid!” when she gets something wrong?

How often does your child resist trying new things or even flat out refuse out of fear that he’ll fail (even though deep down he really wants to do it)?

How often does your child’s fear of making mistakes hold her back from experiencing all that life has to offer?

If any of these situations sound familiar, you are not alone.

It’s hard to know how to support your child when they allow their fear to stop them.

If you’re ready for your child to gain the confidence and persistence to live a life of his own making, then you want to hear what my friend and colleague Jill Hope has to share in her upcoming teleseminar, “Freedom to Fail: 4 Keys for Creating Confidence, Persistence, and Passion in Your Child.”

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