Subject: Magnetic Monday: Creating your own reality

This episode of the Quantum Success Show is coming straight from Santorini, Greece.

This is a quick two minute episode where I remind you — that YOU create your own reality, by what you think, say and do.

I bet this show brightens your day and possibly your life. :-)

Watch it above and be sure to leave me your comments below.



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  1. thank you christy you are my evidence today of the abundance of the universe it looks so beautiful where you are. I’m beautiful where I am looking at you and seeing the evidence. My connection to my higher source is the key. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. One of my favorite places. Santorini is magical!

  3. Thank you for that gentle reminder, just what I needed to hear this morning : )

  4. First step…Thank you so much.

  5. Dear Christy!

    Thank you for your optimism.

    Now at my 74 years I have big problem with my debt (cca 50000€) and don’t know how to come to missing sume to cover it. In all other fields I am quiet successfull
    But here I don’t see any exit. Do you have any idea what could help me?

    I wish you to enjoy your cruising

  6. Thank you Christy! Have a wonderful week. Irene

  7. You look fantastic Christy!!! I LOVE the background!!! I love that you are doing your videos “on location” from your vacation. Such powerful reminders!!! xoxo

  8. Suzanne Benoit says:

    I really admire you and watches religiously your videos….however I have a big dilemna and I really hope you can give me some advice: when you mention you had a relationship that sucked your energy and you thought” you were planting seeds of love in a swampland”….what if is your partner of 25 years that, because of illness, became a burden and you give and give and give and…nothing comes out of it but negativity, pessimism and distress !!! For the time being, I absorb, I still give because I believe in giving but it really puts a toll on my patience and MY whole life !!

    If you have any tips, I am ALL EARS !! Thank you

  9. Christie,

    Thanks so much for an inspiring message. Definitely going to work on this. Best, Diane

  10. The 6 million dollar question. How on earth does one get into alignment with one’s higher purpose if one is completely lost?

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