Magnetic Monday – Dressing For Success! With Carol Tuttle

What if we told you that the shape of your nose reveals your personality?

Or that the slant of your eyebrows is a dead giveaway to how you think?

Crazy, huh!

It’s an amazing idea explained by makeover expert, Carol Tuttle.

And that is what this weeks episode of The Quantum Success Show is all about.

Carol identifies 4 Types of beauty that women express.

Your Type shows up in your facial features, body language, thoughts, feelings, and personality.

So, which Type are you?

* A bright, animated Type 1 woman
* A subtle, soft, Type 2 woman
* A rich, dynamic Type 3 woman
* A bold, striking Type 4 woman

This show is 13 minutes and I really think you’ll enjoy this one.

Plus, Carol is giving away her $39 online video course to teach you how to identify your Type of beauty, at no cost!!!

I checked into the course and can vouch for it. You truly don’t pay a cent for it and there are no strings attached.

Just a special gift from us to you. Click here for your free gift.

Please let me know what you are taking away from this episode in the comments section and as always. Enjoy :-)

Sending you so much love,


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  1. Carmel Malone……………you did realize they were not together, it was a split computer screen Carol was wherever she was and Christy was wherever she was? so Carole was looking at Christy through the computer…………………………….

    Carole is great !!

  2. Florence MacDonald says:

    Christy it was very down to earth and practical. Its Personal Branding,,, and yes, we should dress appropriately as it comes across very strongly to the onlooker, who we are and where we come from. Great . Florence

  3. Thanks Christy and Carol
    Great reminder that my “at home business” attire has taken over.
    As hard as I try to believe that I’m still me regardless of my attire, my energy is even more authentic when I put on make-up, etc.

  4. I think this is very good information. I know for myself when I wear anything that’s outside my true personality, I feel tired at the end of the day–kind of like I’m carrying around dead weight.

  5. Christie you such an amazing being! Such a shining light!

  6. Sheila williams says:

    Thanks for the information Carol. It’s an eye opener for me. I am looking forward to taking the course. Christy, thanks for the bonus. You are so thoughtful.

  7. Interesting! Thank you. Have a great week.

  8. WOW…….Thank you, Christy & Carol. I AM following up with this valuable information. I truly luv my lavalava (Hawai’ian wraps) and my grass skirts, yet I KNOW I want to dress for the $ucce$$ I AM in BEcoming a LOA Life Coach. :) Even before I take this wonderful bonus course, Christy I have been attracted to your bright blue dress with the long slit sleeves and the cuff bling. It looks wonderful on you and somehow I KNOW it would also bring out the happy in me! (Care to share the “source” where you purchased this beautiful outfit, Christy?) Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) I truly IN-Joy your heart-sent messages. :) Ardath, the Happy Hula Dancing-In-The-LIGHT LOA Coach.

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