Magnetic Monday: Ending procrastination for good…

I hope you are enjoying your Spring.

This week my entire team is going on a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas. I am looking forward to connecting with all the amazing people that help me do what I do so that I can serve you.

I have a special guest on today’s episode of the Quantum Success Show.

Pamela Bruner is taking what we touched on last week on productivity to a deeper level.

Pamela gives the three reasons most people procrastinate, what the pay off is, and how to stop that behavior.

She also shares how we can be more productive in our businesses and lives. Click here to find out more about Pamela and her Productivity & Profits program.

Take a break from reading your emails to watch it above.

I know you’ll love what you learn, I promise. :)

Have a great week!


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  1. Thank you so much for your advice. I have always been a ‘list’ person but for some reason connected with people all my life who mostly believed that they could keep it all in their heads … and ultimately I found myself thinking I wasn’t going about things the ‘right’ way.

    Now at nearly 60, although I’m a published author, I’m struggling with abundance issues – ie trouble paying bills – and realise I should have listened to my own intuition more than going with the exterior flow, then I would have made the all important marketing lists etc; Working on it!! Thank you :-)

  2. Great topic! Again, it’s all in perspective. When I reframe or revision my tasks or goals then it helps. I constantly practice this angle and it does get easier. The practicing helps me with the “rewiring”! So, Practice. Practice, Practice! My biggest challenge is practicing on not “beating myself up”! – My takeaway is “creating an aversion to procrastination”. Also, great suggestions around fear- “is it fear or excitement? ” It was also a great reminder for me on how procrastination can affect teamwork. I LOVE MAGNETIC MONDAYS!!

  3. Yes, I do write lists and it helps a lot to stay focused. Thank you Christy and Pamela. Have a wonderful week.

    • Awesome Irene……. lists certainly help keep one on track. I am so glad they work for you. You have a wonderful week as well.

  4. Roz Lipsitt says:

    Great vid!
    I just received info on something called the “Planner Pad” Organizer. The spiral style notebook lays flat showing you the week across the two pages. The pages are divided into thirds, horizontally. The top third provides 6, 3-inch horizontal lines where you fill in a category related to your to-do’s: work family social fitness etc. Under each of these you list your tasks.
    The second third of the page going all the way across the 2 pages (layer out flat) shows you the week: Monday (date) Tues. (date), etc. Then you choose items from the top categories and plug them into the day of the week in which you want to do the task.
    I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks like it has possibilities!
    I want to try it before I suggest it to coaching clients. Great work Christie. You inspire. Roz

  5. Thank you for that comment. I always make a list, for some reason, I don’t go back to it often enough to check how much I have accomplished. I operate in my head. I will make a conscious effort to use my list as an operating tool rather than relying on my memory.

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