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Abundance Christy Whitman
Everyone has desires, intentions and goals that they want to accomplish this year… Right?

But, do they actually become reality?

Do you look back every year and say, “I reached my goals of losing weight; I’m making more money; I’m working at a job I love; I found my soul mate; I feel fulfilled, my life is great!”

If you do, that’s amazing and congratulations. Wooo hooo!


If you don’t, I bet you’re sick and tired of creating desires, intentions and goals and not having them manifest, right?

Well, I have something for you that you’ll absolutely love.

Here’s a REAL solution that will guarantee that you never have to make the same old desires, intentions or goals again, because you’ll achieve all of them – THIS YEAR.

Did you know… you have thousands of possible future selves?

The big question is, which one will you choose to become?

Will you just coast through life and hope that you end up with the future self that you want, or will you be courageous enough to Deliberately Design YOUR Awesome Future?

If you’ve got the courage, the commitment and the desire to finally start living the life that you deserve to live…

Here’s what you need to do:

Join my “Deliberately Designing Your Awesome Future” 6 week course and Rachel Christie (a trainer with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy and Certified Law of Attraction Coach) will share with you all the secrets to effectively designing the future self you’ve always dreamed of.

Here’s how.

First, let yourself dream. Free your imagination, and during these six classes you’ll design and create the life you really want. You will be deliberately creating everything in your experiences in all areas of your life, including the successes, the abundance, the adventures, the creativity, the love and the fun you really want. In these six classes, created by me and taught by the amazing Rachel, you will imagine and connect with a future where your dreams do come true and you are living a joyful, healthy, wonderfully successful and totally fulfilling life.

Imagine that!

In this Deliberately Design Your Awesome Future 6 week course you will let your imagination go without judging or worrying about the how or the form. You will work on your beliefs and anything that holds you back from stepping into this awesome future.

Each class will be designed to create one area of your life, step into the energy of that aspect, and then release any resistance to having it. You will expand your vision and assist you in creating an amazing future as it relates to your body, your finances, your career, your most intimate relationship (whether you currently have one or not), your other significant relationships, your spiritual connection, and your relationship with YOU.

In each area: body, finances, career, primary relationship, other significant relationships, spirit and self you will emotionally connect with this future and vibrationally match with it so it becomes your reality easily and gracefully. You will gain clarity on exactly what you want to experience in all areas: activities, specific qualities, events.

You decide what you want and then connect with that future self that is already living those experiences.

You have thousands of possible future selves, why not deliberately choose the one you want to experience? You will be drawn energetically to that awesome future, and your future self will send you energy to help you step into it.

The 3 simple steps to attracting what you desire is imagining it (getting very clear and seeing it), connecting with it (feelings), and expecting it (believing it is possible).

We will be doing all three in all areas of your life.

This isn’t just a course. It’s an experience.

And I can promise you… you’ve never experienced anything like it before.


Emily-Hamilton“I have to say, after completing almost all of Christy’s classes, the Deliberately Design Your Awesome Future Class is my absolute favorite (next to the Attracting Your Soulmate class, which helped me attract my husband within a month 😉 )! DDYAF encompasses the best of everything Christy has to offer. It is so complete in every aspect of your life. I felt elated after every session and wanted to live in that feeling forever. I have never smiled so much, and I mean full grinning ear to ear nearly laughing from joy, during a meditation! There were some real surprises for me too and some amazing ah ha moments.While completing this journey the first time, I attracted the largest art sale I have ever had in my business of 10 years! We’re talking many many 10s of thousands of dollars!!!! I am now almost through listening to the entire series again… I can’t wait to see what I manifest this time! The pure joy of listening to and feeling through this series is enough. I cannot recommend anything more than this class for everyone. It has truly changed my life. It is the complete package!”
 – Emily Sharbani Hamilton


Here’s What the Course Includes:

6 LIVE Coaching Teleseminars
(Webcast Option Available!)

MP3 Recordings of Each Call

PDF Transcripts of Each Teleseminar

Course Workbook and Journal

AM classes are at 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern

PM classes are at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern

All classes are on these dates:

  • January 26
  • February 2, 9, 16, 23
  • March 2

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The Deliberately Design Your Awesome Future course costs $197.

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