Growing Corn – Stages to Growing Your Successful Coaching Business

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    During this weekend we will go through two of the most important aspects of growing and sustaining a coaching business: Alignment and Momentum

The first part of the weekend is all about alignment and will spend time working through guided journeys to help you attract money, attract clients, connecting with your Divine Self so you are living from the center of your being and moving forward with clarity, vision and purpose.

Four Alignments – Soul, Divine Self, Divine Will, Universal Energy

The second part of the weekend will be all about momentum. Once you are centered, how to create the momentum you need to not only start attracting clients, but creating a full successful coaching practice for years to come. We will discuss great strategies to create this momentum in the physical world.

Why coaches don’t make money, and how to be a coach that thrives financially.

And we have our cocktail party, which is always so much fun. This year we have a special theme of “Come as you are in 2021”.

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2016 QSB Special Guests: Lisa Nichols, Tristan Truscott, & Sabrina Truscott


2016 QSB Special Guests: Bob Doyle, Eva Gregory, & Lisa Sasevich


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2015 QSB Special Guests: Karen Drucker, Pamela Bruner, Rich German, & Christian Mickelsen


2015 QSB Saturday Night Cocktail & Dance Party


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Event Schedule

Friday, August 12: 1:30pm Registration; 3:00pm-5:00pm Opening Session; 5:00-7:30pm Dinner Break; 7:30-9:00pm Evening Session (Pacific Time)
Saturday, August 13: 8:30-9:00am Light Body Session; 9:00-12:00pm General Session; 12-2:00pm Lunch; 2-5:30pm Afternoon Session; 6:30-10:00pm Cocktail Party (Pacific Time)
Sunday, August 14: 8:30-9:00am Light Body Session; 9:00-1:00pm General Session; 1-2:00pm Lunch; 2-3:00pm Closing Session (Pacific Time)

* Awakening Your Light Body Students and Alumni:
We will also be having a special gathering each morning at 9:00am before the event starts!


Loews Coronado Bay – San Diego
4000 Loews Coronado Bay Road
San Diego CA 92118
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***If you are traveling to the event, be sure to book your hotel room ASAP. For the best rate available, please mention the event name “Quantum Success in Business with Christy Whitman” when making your reservation. The direct number is (800) 235-6397. (Our discounted rate is sold out)

Catherine This event exceeded my expectations! Of course, Christie always does that. The most powerful shift for me was the energetic aligning Christie did with us on the second day. Her teachings were very profound. What made the event itself so amazing was the perfect combination of fun, friendship, learning, and support that was available. It was so fun to meet all the teachers and the close friends who I have come to know over the phone but not seen in person. It was like homecoming! The Saturday night dinner and dance party was about the most fun I’ve ever had on the dance floor and I knew that I was among very special light workers who were rejoicing and celebrating life!

After the energy aligning on the second day I manifested a new client right there at the event! It was amazing. Within 3 weeks after the event I have attracted 6 new perfect clients.

Sitting with all my fellow coaches, I felt a profound shift. I realized that I was on my path – I was trained and equipped to have an abundant coaching career. Since then, my clarity and confidence have grown and I have had the courage to shift my business model. I’ve let go of activities that held me back from having my ideal schedule in order to make time for my new clients. Before attending the QSB I struggled in fear and overwhelm for a long time and now I’m stepping into a life that feels right.

I believe in the power of light body work and energy shifting in a more practical way then before the QSB. I’ve seen and felt the shift from doing the work and showing up to participate and receive.

~ Catherine Mazur

I traveled all the way from Australia to be a part of this Event. From the moment I entered Loew Resort I was hit with an Energy of sheer excitement and anticipation of Alignment. I was not disappointed. The thrill of being a part of such a warm, caring and enlightened group of people was Heartfelt. How wonderful to meet Christy, Evelyn and all the team. To meet the other Coaches of QSCA.

I heard so many wonderful stories about Life, I shared my story and the Amazing Life I am creating. The Support, the Enthusiasm and the Breakthroughs were Inspiring.

Each day Christy had new surprises, each day had a new Pearl of Inspiration. The Energy in the room kept on expanding and the Vibration, rising. The whole weekend gave me more Clarity and Knowing that I Am on the Best track, and I am a becoming a Wonderful Life Coach and Energy Healer.

Now I am back home, I feel the calmness for My Self. More Acceptance of who I am becoming. Every thing is always working out for me. Lots of mini manifestations have been happening. I feel a deep change within. I have only been back home a week. I feel more Clarity and Knowing about Life.

I Can do this. I can do whatever my Heart desires. Just relax and have fun with it. Take inspired action. Take the time to meditate. Write lists. By 2021, I will be in the full swing of a Successful Life Coaching and Energy Healing Practice. Operating from my Home. I will take small groups and I will continue to grow Learn, travel and Expand in so many areas in my Life. I intend to come to QSB Seminars every second year. I Love who I am and where I Am Going…..

~ Jenny Stargard

MJIt was an amazing event full of rich incredible content. It opened us to having ideas flowing into our minds, Magical. Very different from the 1st QSB that Christy put on, it too was amazing as it was small and intimate. The energy at this one however was buzzing all the time, both in the class over meal breaks and the connections we made and people we met were fabulous. All the guest speakers, friends that Christy brought in, came with their own energy and skill level. It was so professional and high-energy, but beginning with Light Body every morning just set the pace for an incredible day.

Ideas and thoughts are now being put into action as I move up the ladder to my next level! I feel more aligned with my goals, what did not feel right has been eliminated, I am more confident and ready to move forward and upward in my business.

The Magic of this Community, so nice to come together with certified coaches and meet people currently in the program, watching their faces light up as they asked questions.

~ MJ Thomas

I joined via Livestream & enjoyed all parts of the event. It was informative, colorful and had some realizations during it. Time difference made it challenging to see it live (in Australia).

The conclusion of the event really allowed me to feel the deeper, purer and more meaningful emotions we are all here to experience and it was like coming home.

I had a wonderful experience which demonstrated what and how it can be life like when lived in the pure love and togetherness perspective.

It would be phenomenal to attend one in person and more than once a year.

~ Christopher Balogh

Very hard to describe this phenomenal event. To be able to meet other QSCA family along with Christy and her team brings you to a high vibration like nothing else you will experience. Add to that the phenomenal selection of guests, music, and Saturday night reception – I am still on the high flying disk weeks later. I love that we were given step-by-step advice by the guests and Christy on how to reach the next level. Connecting with other coaches was so beneficial as we shared ideas and goals. Christy had everyone come with five goals which we will reach in five years. This was such fun especially when we met with others to share our goals – acting as if it were five years from the event. Everyone was so excited about their life and what they accomplished that I believe my goals will be met and look forward to sharing photos and transformations in my life at the QSB in 2021.

After the event one of the coaches provided feedback as promised which allowed me to see through his eyes that I am already on my way to reaching my goals. I have shared my photos on Google Maps and have had over 50,000 views in the last month – one photo alone had over 5,000 views. Now I am in the process of printing and framing photos to sell – even trying my hand at writing my own affirmations on my photos. My daughter is assisting me with copyrighting my photos so they can be sold on a stock photo site. I have prepared my vision board, updated my five year plan, and will start the process of becoming a Dale Carnegie trainer at the end of this month. That was in the works however the additional part is that I will use this new skill to reach out to speak at events on Mindful Living at schools, colleges, and other events. I have connected with a former coworker who is going to collaborate with me and we are going to become partners at teaching events in our area. She has many contacts and has already started the process of introducing me to some of them. There are no limits and I am on the path to reaching my goals. Also, I am participating in a 30 health and fitness challenge in September to ensure that I have optimal health moving forward and have recorded myself in nature speaking about the benefits of connecting with the natural environment. I shall be posting this on my site in the very near future.

Attending the event showed me that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. It was a nice refresher because I received my certificate in May of 2014 and attended the QSB that same year. Last year there were many personal issue that rose to the surface to be addressed. With those issues behind me and the support of fellow coaches at the QSB I feel more ready than before the event. I feel more connected to other coaches and have already had many conversations with people I had never met in person. When around people who are in lower vibration I know immediately that I must remove myself and send them love before excusing myself. There is little time to be with those who are not ready to move forward and reach their goals. I am now actively allowing those who are ready to be in my life and waste little time with those who are not. Another thing is I am paying attention to my own language and that of those around me more. If I notice myself using words that are not inspiring I stop myself and change my words to be more inspiring – even rephrase for others for a more inspiring effect.

My take away is it’s time to move my business to the next level. Although I haven’t tried it yet, I plan to experiment with FaceBook live. Attending Tristan Truscott’s FB Live event and viewing other QSB participants live events has been an eye opener. This is a way to reach a larger audience. That was one of my take aways – being real and allowing myself to share who I really am with my audience. My goal is to invite my blog and FB followers to attend a FB Live event on Living Mindfully in the Moment. I have also decided that I was too broad in scope and plan to focus on just mindful living using my photos and writings to guide people to find a more peaceful daily life. It’s time to focus on what I want and release anything or anyone that is not in alignment with living a fulfilling life. Also, being with a diverse group of like minded people is something I must do in my own area because I can’t wait to be with these loving people once per year.

~ Sandra Wilson

Dr. JanetThe excitement was building from the time I decided to share a room and was introduced to a fellow QSCA Graduate, Light Body Graduate, Reiki Master, EMAC Graduate, etc. and knew that the door of fun and adventure was just beginning. I checked her website and realized that we had oh, so much more in common via our Energy Work and multiple other similarities that we individually had been pursuing. Needless to say, another friendship and business partner was taking root.

Arriving at the QSB event where colleagues, friends, Mentees, and QSCA partners were able to share space, energy, and stories with our love of learning was a reunion of like-minded individuals and was incredible all by itself. If we did nothing more that just enjoy the laughter, friendship and conversations, the weekend would have been worth the costs.

Obviously, the heart of the QSB weekend came from the energy, planning, and presence of Christy Whitman and her partner Fredrick. The choices of Meditations inspired presenters, the quality of the material presented, the dedicated and loving QSCA Staff, the Technical wizards, the Singers and Dancers, the arrangements and exercises that filled the weekend continued to build upon and enhance the unbounded energy, enlightened conversations, and the content of the Speakers.

All of the above unfolded under Christy’s watchful direction and with her designed Intention for Success.

I did manifest several things as a result of attending the event and I am excited to see such immediate results. I’ve seen the value of being vulnerable and using this vulnerability to connect with both my clients and speaking audiences.

~ Dr. Janet Bieschke

I was there in person in San Diego! It was an amazing event. From the vibe of the people, to the level of speakers, everything was superb! Such a safe space for everyone to share and be. I got the answers I was looking for and the final adjustment in my alignment for my business to take off!

I manifested 3 new clients for a total of $10,000 from attending this event.

Attending QSB helped me to finally let go of my old pattern something is missing for me to step up and finally put my crown of being the one showing others to own their soul gifts. I know now what is that I am leading with and I know big things are coming (which I always knew) but now there is this unshakeable certainty that it is all arranging beautifully for me to bring my gifts to the world!

What I do is essential in the lives of others, helping them get in alignment so they can manifest everything they want with ease and special finally feel and be who they truly are at their core.

~ Lisseth Wertz

I did not even dream that this was possible to manifest from attending the Quantum Success Business Live Event in San Diego.

It is like a miracle for me….

I have fully recovered from a neck injury (whiplash) that I created 2½ year before attending QSB. Even though I had come far in my healing from living a healthy lifestyle and receiving chiropractic treatments, massages etc., I would almost daily be reminded of my neck problem by feeling a sudden sharp pain or just a general stiffness.

I left San Diego on a high flying DISC, because of all the knowledge, releasing and integration that happened over the 3 days. I felt totally inspired and empowered to move on to the next level in creating a Successful Business.

It was not until I came home I noticed the neck pain was not there any longer.

I didn’t quite believe the pain was gone and waited days for it to come back…., then weeks…. I continued living my life with activities I enjoy doing. Some of those activities would, before I attended QSB, cause days with more intense pain, but I was getting used to dealing with the pain and just appreciated I could live an active life.

Now I started paying attention to my body and soul in a new way. I learned to really embrace and love ENTIRE ME. I started totally receiving the healing not just as a physical feeling in my body but in my belief system.

4 months have passed and I can now declare that I have not felt ANY PAIN AT ALL since the weekend at QSB. Even after long overseas flights, yard work, doing flip turns when swimming, and spending hours in front of my computer etc.

I cannot put into specific words here what this physical healing manifestation has meant to me in all my life areas. I just want to say that I now feel even more free and empowered to follow my passion and live my life purpose.

Thank you Christy for doing all your life-changing work. I know you cannot do all this without your entire staff and partners – so a huge gratitude to everyone on the QSCA TEAM.

~ Charlotte Friborg

Beverley Roberts

~ Beverley Roberts

A weekend with Christy brings on Quantum growth, deeper connection to ourselves and the life we want to be living, and that the amazing community of heart based people she has brought into her ‘Family’ are gifted people who will be of greatest and most welcome service in our World. It was an honour and a blessing to participate. Thank You Christy You & Your Dream Team :-)

~ Linda Armstrong

roseQuantum Success in Business 2013 was a 3-day Peak Experience for me. Christy’s program provided a wealth of information, interwoven with practical activities that guided us to gain clarity about what we truly wanted from our businesses, what limiting beliefs we have that were holding us back, and how we can break-free to experience Quantum Success. The workshop was well organized and well-paced. Yet, whenever a participant (including me!) needed one-on-one coaching time—and a hug—from Christy, she gave it freely. I loved being immersed in such positive, loving, supportive energy.

I left the Quantum Success in Business event with a very concrete, doable, step-by-step guide on how to gain clarity, set goals, overcome roadblocks, and stay on target for building my successful business. That is exactly what I had anticipated receiving from a workshop with Christy. What I hadn’t anticipated taking away from this event, was the deep connection that I had formed with other workshop participants. I found two great Light Body buddies and a host of FB friends that always seem to say or post just the right thing at the right time to give me a laugh, create the “ah-hah” moment, or let me know that there are like-minded people out there who really care. And this take-away is priceless!

~ Rose Lester


~ Lola! Love

My take away from the Quantum Success in Business 2014 seminar is that life is so amazing when I am living and thriving in the moment and I am consciously aware that my spirit desires to be reset, revived and celebrated by luxuriating in high vibrational energy. I am so appreciative and grateful to be a part of the QSCA family. I’ve met so many coaches who are of like mindedness and eager to share, brainstorm, and radiate light, love and knowledge. What an amazing community Christy Whitman has created. I am so very grateful. Abundant love, light & divine gratitude to Christy Whitman and her amazing Dream & Team!

george-carradiniThis was a safe, loving event. Judgement-free zone. Christy created a community where we encourage, bless, and support each other, and made lifelong friendships.

Since this event, I have manifested my first live workshop, enrolled in Light Body, scheduled coaching clients on Mondays and Fridays, gained a partnership in a workshop this summer, created twice weekly LOA meetings in my home town and now have 500 members in my LOA meetup group.

This event created clarity. Healing. More love in my life. Increased business. I took away massive energy shifts from this event, and an increased connection to Love, Peace and Joy.

~ George Carradini

susana-vilmerMy experience at the Quantum Success in Business event was not only inspirational, but beyond exiting because Christy helped me expand and stretch by allowing myself to really connect with my vision.

The clarity that I obtained abut my ideal clients gave me the courage to start speaking both online and in person, which helped me increase my email list as well as new leads for potential clients.

I became clear, organized and I have a framework to work with that keeps me inspired to take action. I didn’t have this before.

As a Certified Law of Attraction Coach and Angel Card Reader, my main take away was to align my goals and vision with the essence or energy behind them. I feel more in alignment with my business when I am able to integrate the essence of it.

~ Susana Vilmer

stacy-isonI became so much more clear on my desires about my business and life after attending the Quantum Success in Business Event. The support there was amazing. I felt people were excited about my business vision and goals, and it was a great opportunity to learn from other coaches.

I was able to gain a community from the people I met at the event, from whom I can learn and share my experiences. There was also a releasing process Christy taught that cleansed years of stuck energy I had. I felt so much more free after the weekend.

I learned how to be even more clear and magnetize my desires. The other coaches were so supportive, and it was a joy meeting Christy and the QSCA team. I look forward to taking my business to an even greater level at the next Quantum Success in Business event.

~ Stacy Ison

menaThis was truly a wonderful event! Imagine being able to meet your QSCA family in person and absorb enormous amounts of energy and love—I mean really beautiful, positive and palpable energy that is emitted from everyone! Then imagine doing this while learning, creating and generating ideas that will make your coaching business grow–all under the inspiring tutelage of Christy! She is one fantastic woman—especially when you see her live. The QSCA instructors and staff were there as well to further imbue the community with Love —I was blown away! I am sure anyone who attends this event will find fantastic value in it–truly.

By attending Quantum Success in Business weekend and of course utilizing the Law of Attraction as we are taught–I was able to manifest an entirely new model for my current business and with it a new base of clients. This opened the way for the Law of Reciprocity to take hold and…voila—I increased the value that I offered to patients/clients and thusly increased my income! It is nothing less than amazing to be able to manifest such things. Thank you Abundant Universe and thank you Christy!

As a Chinese Medical Practitioner, herbalist and acupuncturist, I was limited to one on one treatment with my patients. However, after attending the QSB (and going through the QSCA program) I became very clear on the action steps I wanted to create (which I did accomplish successfully) so as to offer my knowledge of women’s reproductive health, Chinese Medicine and teaching the concepts of the Law of Attraction to so many more women than I could have ever dreamed! Needless to say I have also manifested a greater sense of my Life’s Purpose, been able to partake in more women’s healing and manifested a greater income! What more can I ask for? Plenty…The Universe is Abundant and I plan on attracting more of It by attending the next QSB so I can launch even more rockets of desire!!

What I took away from this event was real life concepts, clarity, and substantive action steps that helped me solidify a business plan to incorporate coaching and teaching LOA into my already existing practice and Wellness Center. And create a stand alone coaching and teaching business that I bring into organizations and corporations.

~ Mena Swanson Eastwood

It was wonderful to come together and meet other like-minded friends who want to uplift others. There was such a wonderful, loving energy present at the live event. I truly enjoyed meeting Christy, Julie, Theresa, Kelly and QSCA friends in person. (It’s hard to hug online :0))

The intentions we set and the processes we used at the QSB gave me clarity and focus. The powerful process of writing my vision of supporting children, standing in a circle with others focused with me, stating it out loud, and releasing it to the Universe by burning the paper, allowed me to release all resistance. I easily manifested a publisher for not only my book, but we are also working together on his book project to support youth: YOU Make a Difference, 50 Teens Tell Their Story of Inspiration and Transformation.

What I took away from the event was more clarity of purpose and an understanding that creation is less about motivation and much more about inspiration.

~ Kat Wells

Rhonda Abdurhman

~ Rhonda Abdurhman

One of the biggest changes for me is letting down the mask of ‘doing it right’ and embracing more the process of being here and what I’m here to do. I feel less self judgement.

Nada Howarth

~ Nada Howarth

The QSB blessed me with a Clarity of Purpose, Empowerment – to be who I am, Strength – to actually move forward in my calling as an Energy Worker/Coach, Unshakable Confidence in myself, God, Goddess, All That Is, and a Deep Heartfelt Commitment to Live my Dream to serve others with my gifts and talents!!! And to top it off, I have such a deep GRATITUDE for the support of Christy Whitman, my QSCA family of friends, this AWESOME EVENT, and the Awareness and Ability to be able to do this work!!! I am definitely looking forward to the next QSB event!!! :)

Maria Ferrer

~ Maria Ferrer Bushra

There are no limits; in the case they are,are temporary. You need to be in the right moment, with the right people guiding you with love, and care; you need to trust, and get clear in what you want and then everything happened. I recommend you give yourself an opportunity to receive all these gifts, and find the way to reach the abundance and prosperity you deserve, and reach your highest potential. I am already on that path. Thanks to QSCA Quantum Business Success.

I’ve gotten out of my own way and worked through a lot of doubts and insecurities that were keeping me from showing up and taking ownership of my business and success.

~ Jennifer Halulko


~ Ardath Michael

Christy is truly a teacher of teachers, an authentic living example of what unlimited potential awaits those seeking abundance through Quantum Success in Business.

I AM grateful to be trained as a Certified QSCA Life Coach, and blessed to know this extraordinary woman.

I AM Ardath, LoA Happy Life Coach, Speaker, Transformational Author

Jeffrey Jett

~ Jeffrey Jett

The transformation has been evident. I was afraid to come out of my comfort zone and now I am willing to push the envelope. The value I have for myself is far more than I had a year ago. I feel compelled to help, contribute and grow in my new found ability.

I have embraced broader perspective; seeking cooperation vs. being alone and trying to do it all by myself. Since, I’ve changed the support team I was working with, which I realized after the event that were keeping me behind as they were toxic. I found new cooperators as I opened up and we have set now a new path together. My business is still under formation, so it has not created yet the return I need to live out of it, but being a World Server has become very clearly my purpose in life, and I feel certainty about my path and the support I am getting from the higher realms.

~ Nicole Mantzikopoulou

Michael S

~ Michael Soheily

Being exposed to so much positive energy for a couple of days changes to the better, no matter where you stand. Plus it was very interesting to watch Christy coach one of the participants out of overwhelm. Every manifestation needs a physical and a metaphysical component as Christy says. This is the perfect event to start the metaphysical component of your desires.

Cathy Brown

~ Cathy Brown

My outlook has changed to see and feel total abundance, no limitations. I am truly on route to living the life of my dreams and helping others at the same time. It does not get much better than that!

reneeI wanted to say THANK YOU so much for hosting this seminar this weekend. Although I wasn’t there in person, I was there online and I am just so grateful for everything you taught me, for helping me clear out old limiting beliefs, healing my earth parents, and for connecting me at a more expansive level to my source. I find it so interesting to learn about the 4% and the 96% of who we are, it really resonates with my soul and complete knowingness. Linda Armstrong and I have been in touch for a while and she was sharing that info with me before. I am going to post a win on the facebook group about my experience from the seminar this weekend. It really took me to new heights and opened me up to so much more AWESOME EXPANSIVE light.

During the graduation I felt so celebrated and I saw a flash of my entire journey from when I dimmed my light, up until that moment when God and Goddess gave me their gift, an incredible new soul light, so bright, hot, and exponential. I especially loved the ending of the seminar when everyone swayed and hugged and spread their love. I was vibrating so high with all of you.

On another note, I can’t wait for the next live seminar. I am going to be there.

~ Renee Marcou

CJ Certrude Chen

~ CJ Gertrude Chen

It is not only this event but also the whole process of our QSCA program. I have been on the WAY of seeking the answers of life for forty years after I finished my sixth grade education (ha! very young) and later very intense of past decade. I then met the QSCA team “accidently”. The QSCA put everything together for me. I now teach and talk with clear positive high energy which wasn’t that clear before for me. And I am now continually receiving speaking invitations. I have been very happy and grateful most time of my life and I am even happier and more grateful now.

Karen Mears

~ Karen Mears

I took away a great sense of connection to source and a community. I don’t always feel I’m in community so that was a great feeling!

Deborah Anderson

~ Deborah Anderson

Yes, I have manifested something! After the meditation on Saturday afternoon there was a message on my Facebook page to invite me to write a chapter for a JV book. And then I received an invitation from my website to be a practitioner by live video chat. Both these opportunities are just about ready to come into being – the book due out at the end of next week, and the live video chat due to go live at the end of the month.

Paul Daigle

~ Paul Daigle

Celebrate Now, feel Now, love Now, give Now, and receive Now. Life is for the asking Now. Have the courage to risk, to give, to ask, and to dream big!
Thank you, Christy!

Registration is now closed! Information on the 2015 event will be available soon.

Registration is now closed!

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I’m Coming to San Diego!




I’m Coming to San Diego!


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