Magnetic Monday – How exercising can increase your vibration!

Tomorrow night I am doing a free teleseminar on How to Create Your Ideal Body.

And to continue with that theme, this week’s episode of the Quantum Success Show reveals one aspect in doing that.

I interview my friend and my own personal trainer, Jacques, to help you get excited about moving your body!

This episode will not only motivate you, but raise your vibration. And, there is some serious eye candy, ladies. :)

You are so welcome!

We discuss the following:

1. The importance of focusing in any aspect of your life.

2. Why exercising is so important and beneficial to keeping yourself healthy and vibrant.

3. How you create even more energy when you do exercise.

And to learn more and register for my free teleseminar tomorrow night, click here.

You are going to love what you learn. :)

Much love,


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  1. Woooooooo Hooooooo I have been inspired and stimulated to get up and Boogie more, to take Quantum Leaps and X-cer-Size 2 create my Ideal Body. I will BE celebrating my 71st Birthday on Friday 13th and I AM a Grateful Gift, who is focusing on an Authentic Magnificent ME right here right NOW. :) Thank you, Christy for bringing even more Magical Magnetic Manifestation to ALL. :)

  2. Thank you Christy! Have a nice week! Irene

  3. I use to lift weighs when I was in my 30’s – early 40’s then I got sick. The result is a very bad spine and lots of arthritis and I am only 53 … I so agree exercise is really important for metal & physical health.. .. Thank you for the push to get back to exercise!!! Have an amazing week!!

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