Magnetic Monday – Getting your butt off the fence :-)

Do you have something you want to achieve, but you feel a bit stuck?

Then you’re going to love today’s episode of the Quantum Success Show.

On this show I have a very special guest, Erica Diamond, and on this show we’re going to talk about the five steps to “getting off the fence” and create the success you desire (and deserve.)

To learn more about Erica, visit:

Here’s the five steps that we’ll discuss:

1. Determine where you are stuck
2. Commit to doing the work
3. Expand your skills
4. Meet new people
5. Make more time for things you love

Take some time to watch it right now — it’s only 12 minutes long and you’re going to love what you learn. :-)

Always remember — You matter. You count. And I appreciate you!

Enjoy the show and let me know how this information has impacted you.

Much love,


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  1. I ensome djoyed it and I am stuck right trying to sell insurance.

  2. Thanks Christy for today’s helpful episode. Even though I thought I knew what to do, there were good hints.
    I wish Erica had faced ME when talking. Just like you face us, the audience. It is easier to follow and stay with a speaker, who’s face you see.
    Thanks for all of your wonderful programs!

  3. Thank you so much, Christy, for this interview. It highlighted great issues that I have had challenges with. From hereonin I shall get off the fence, (no, leap of the fence), big time!

    I am so grateful for these inspirational, motivational Monday Nuggets.

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Hi Adele,
      You are so welcome! I am so happy that you are enjoying the shows, and that they are inspiring you. Much love, Christy

  4. …Christy, you said that we have to get out there and meet new people, but what happens if I have no idea where to even begin meeting. It’s overwhelming to not know where to even start.

  5. HI Christy, thanks for the show. I enjoy listening weekly to get my positive inspiration to go forward and create the new life I am dreaming of . I already am very fortunate to be living the life I do and you remind me to appreciate it. Even still, there are some areas of my life where I am on the fence . I am ready to get off the fence . Thanks!!!

  6. Thank you so much Christy! That was a wonderful video, I needed that today! I always look forward to getting your information, it is always helpful! Have a wonderful day, and Thank you!
    Kim Balzan

  7. Thank you Christy Whitman, I love your magnetic monday and this video with Erica gave me lost of ideas and help me pursuit my dreams. Thank you so much.

  8. I didn’t see at the end of your visit with Erica the app information for you free gift.

  9. Great!!!! Thank you both. Have a wonderful week.

  10. Dear Christy:

    It was very good! I will start to do it


  1. […] and I have collaborated. You might recall she interviewed me about the tips and strategies to get off the fence on her web show last year as well. I admire and respect Christy for all the incredible work she […]

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