Magnetic Monday – Good vs. Evil (Bad)

Do you think in ways of either good or bad, right or wrong, this or that?

In other words do you think in concrete ways?

It’s okay if you do now, but consider how this may be affecting your life.

This week on the Quantum Success Show I talk about the consequences with this way of thinking and how it lowers your consciousness and therefore your vibration, and also how to get beyond concrete thinking.

This is a really powerful show and I know that you’ll love it. Promise :-)

It’s only six minutes long and it will help you understand why many of us don’t feel “good enough”… and exactly how to reverse this way of thinking and feeling.

Take some time to watch it here and then be sure to let me know your thoughts below the video in the comments section.


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  1. Thanks a whole lot Christy for that gentle reminder of the ‘all inclusive world’ where we all transact and transmit. 1. We need to choose our daily transmissions giving our individual decision to engage our personal ‘switches’ to create and admit the shift we want. We need to tell the world that a whole lot of times we are different from our actions- that is why we are “human beings” and not “human doings” I am not necessarily a bad person because I feel and reel out a bad idea or deed. 2. My emotional vibration could be at low ebb based on what I choose- So I decide! I think- concrete thinking should corroborate with conscientious living that is based on the leverages we acquire from ‘the power that works within’ us for external manifesting. 3. The amalgam of the good and the bad (…and even the ugly a times) has a way of polishing and policing our character for the appropriate marshalling and adequate maturing. When you ‘own’ a bad one at a high frequency… Then you will begin to unconsciously ‘loan’ same to others…And so- you are termed a bad person. What should you do then? In manifesting, keep the flow of your personal vibration in tandem with your inner equilibrium, it is then concrete thinking can birth concise concept. Have a great day.

    • Wow James,
      Thank you for the very expanded explanation. Everyone needs to remember we are human beings not human doings. We are here to experience life, to live in joy. Every decision we make whether high vibrational or low vibrational; we make for one reason only……….. we think it will make us feel better. When we think something is good or bad its all really based on how the situation makes us feel. If it makes us feel bad, uncomfortable, questions our morals, beliefs etc…. then we think it’s a bad thing. If the opposite is true, then we think it’s good. However it is all just very subjective.

      Have a wonderful day and thank you again for sharing your insights and thoughts.

  2. Great points, Christy. If more people got away from judgements, internal and external, as all judgements are resistance and as you know what we resist persists, we would all be better off!

    Dr Ed

  3. Early this morning my wife woke me up being upset with one of the church members bad attitude towards her yesterday in the church. Your message this morning was just in time to shed some light on the real issue of her problem. She grew up with a mother like yours who taught her concrete thinking. Everything is either black or white in her thinking. Her perfectionistic personality has made her successful in her career, but it has negatively affected her relationships even in our marriage relationship. Thank you for your insight. It helps me to understand and be patient with her.

    • Hi Dean,
      I am so glad you found this weeks Quantum Success show informative and was able to give you some insight into a different way of thinking and looking at the situation. We all have our own way of looking at things based on beliefs, ideas, etc……….. When you are able to see things from many perspectives a whole new life will appear.

      Have a wonderful day and thank you for sharing your insights and thoughts.

  4. it’s amazing that I woke up today realizing that I have done what I’ve done and I have to accept that fact so I can evolve to a higher consciousness. It will always help me to stop repeating the same mistakes over and over again.!!! I can’t change the past but I can make a much brighter future…
    Thanks Christy you are always so helpful on my journey!!!!

    • You are so welcome Charlotte. I am so glad you found the video to be helpful. You can make a brighter future any time you choose to do so…………

      XO Christy

  5. I can only say ….. GREAT! Thank you Christy. Have a wonderful week. Irene

  6. Thank you, Christy, for this wonder-filled insight into our “humaness” I AM growing UP and OUT of old LIMITING BELIEFS that would keep me from BEing the MATURE ADULT…FREE TO BE AUTHENTICALLY ME more and more each day!!! :)

  7. So true – situations are what they are – accept what is – stay positive and strong and better outcomes come your way – Thanks Christy you look like Charlotte from the sex in the city series – gorgeous!

  8. Sumita Ray says:

    Madam Christy,

    I am cherished by your words. I always get wonderful teaching from you. You are powerful, you are generous. I am glad to get you as my soulmate.

  9. Christie, thank you for your teachings. good or bad, it’s all in how we view the world and how we choose to experience things and learn from it. Accepting and learning and helping others from our experience is what is all about. when you choose to see the positive you will find it in anything even if it takes some pain and time. it doesn’t mean you won’t seek justice it just means that if something bad happens to you, you won’t allow yourself to be victimized twice. yes, you can turn a bad situation into good, with faith and perseverance.

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