Guest Appearance on The Inspiration Show!

I have something VERY exciting to share with you today…

Law of Attraction guru and co-founder of Mind Movies, Natalie Ledwell, asked me to be a guest on her popular online TV show, The Inspiration Show!

Watch my interview right here

Christy Whitman Mind Movies

I have been using the Law of Attraction for 15 years, but during the show I reveal that the LOA is only one of 7 universal laws…

Hear about the other 6 universal laws right here.

During the interview, I share how my life has completely transformed in the last 15 years since discovering the LOA, including manifesting a successful company, my wonderful husband, and 2 amazing sons!

But, my life didn’t always look this way, find out how I moved past the struggle that I had been previously accustomed to by understanding these laws.

I hope you enjoyed this show as much as I did making it for you! :)

Have a wonderful day,


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  1. Question on LOA : being as said that you subconscious mind controls 90+% of your conscious decisions how then can you make the decisions of your choice if you have no control over them ? (like being a prisoner with no rights) From what I have heard and read it is the subconscious mind that allows or denies your conscious desire thought or intentions whether you agree with it or not. If this be the case then in my honest opinion we are just robots following some master plan and are not capable of making our own (mind) decisions. What affect does the loa have on the subconscious mind? If we are created or were created as free moral beings with the power of choice then how can that be if we are controlled by the subconscious mind or the loa? As we are only living the present tense of the word no time line how can one wake up today and knowing in there conscious mind decide to be involved in incident that is detrimental to them and other parties also involved. No one in their right mind plans for a day full of bad things to happen to them or others. What about the subconscious mind ? is it on a time line or only present tense ?

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