Magnetic Monday – If she can do it… so can YOU!

I was giving one of my teleseminars and I noticed a comment that was written on the webcast.

It was from Kim and she claimed she completely changed her life. She attracted her ideal partner. And gave gratitude for these changes to me. :)

Where I know it was Kim that made the changes, I thought, “Other people need to hear her story, because it is inspiring.”

So I asked Kim to come on today’s episode of the Quantum Success Show and share what she did to manifest what she wanted.

You know, sometimes when we’re feeling “less than powerful” or even when we’re flying high, we need to know that we’re not alone and that others are on this journey with us…

And when we know that others are succeeding too, it can be just the boost we need to keep pushing forward or to recommit to ourselves.

Today’s show is about 14 minutes long and it’s truly an inspiring story.

Watch it above and let me know what you think in the comments section below the video.

Enjoy :-)


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  1. Thank you Christy & Kim for sharing this inspirational success story. :) I agree. If I can do it at 71 years young anyone can do it. It is never too soon or too late. QSCA is the “ClassRoom” I was seeking for 41 years, after having experienced BEing in the Vortex suddenly on November 5, 1972. I had been seeking a “teacher to teach me to teach” ever since, wanting to help others to also KNOW this Greater Reality. :) Today I AM continuing to unfold as the Authentic Teacher I AM, and it is “myself” that is learning even more with every client I meet. Bless you, Christy, for all you do to bring this happy, joyful, abundant life awareness to others.

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Hi Ardath, YAY:) So happy for you. And thank you for being part of my family:)

    • Hi Kristy! Just watched this video and loved it! I was wondering how someone would manifest their ideal partner if they are already married but in a less than satisfying marriage?
      Thank you,

  2. Very inspiring show!!! Thank you… hope you enjoy your holidays !!!

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Thank you, Charlotte:)

      We arrived in AZ Saturday and we are staying in a beautiful home. I feel very blessed to be with my family and also to be out of the snow:) Have a great Holiday:)

  3. Thanking the YOUniverse for KNOWING that not only “When the student is ready, the Teacher (QSCA & Abraham) will come”….also KNOWING “when the Teacher (me) is ready, the Students (clients) will come” :) I AM Ardath, LOA Coach.

  4. Awesome! always inspiring to hear these stories. it’s amazing how quickly things are happening for people these days- a real indicator of the frequency change we’re all experiencing…

  5. Thanks so much!! I’ve been saying all the right words, but you just reminded me that I need to FEEL it more than anything……..and it didn’t really strike the right cord with me until the very last time that you said it in this video. Then the light bulb finally came on. I guess sometimes it takes a little more effort to finally get through. lol I needed to hear this (obviously more than once) and I’m so grateful that it was in my inbox this morning. Thank you again!!

  6. Hi Kristy,
    I really enjoyed that video. I was wondering what someone who was in the same situation would do if they were still in a relationship but in a less than satisfying marriage? Would the processes be different?
    Thank you,

  7. Lisa Nachreiner says:

    Thank you for posting your interview with Kim for all to watch, I know Kim and she is very focused and dedicated to improving her life and wants others to follow as she truly believes in the practices of Law of Attraction.

  8. Hi Christy,

    Thank you so much for your Magnetic Mondays. I look forward to your shows. I check my email every Monday for them. This one was special. I am a student of the Universal Laws too and sometimes I don’t know or feel like anything is happening. It is good to hear from a person that is applying them and is manifesting there desires.

    I had an AHA moment when she started talking about “wanting to have a mate”. I believe that could be part of my roadblock too. I have moved many times and have had held many positions but nothing has ever satisfied me because I would like to have a mate.

    I will take the advice and apply it. Who knows I may be on your show one day.


  9. Thanks a whole lot Christy and for Kim’s testimony. I have found out that inner equilibrium will always propel external manifesting! You can always connect with aboundance and re-connect with your lost external wealth of treasure given your ” internal worth of leisure”. Your power of focus on a consistent note on that desire sends a positive vibration out to locate the same substance in the universe. It is like a phone call. Once I can get on the right frequency and dial your number, I hit you live! I don’t need to understand the nittty gritty of communication waves and the mechanics of connectivity! You are not to struggle to reconnect, but simply follow the law of release and allowing! This is where “energy construct within” balances up with “energy concentrates without” to locate your allocation through a positive connectible vibes you send out- Then will the universe work for you in tandem with the walk within you! Oppositions most times offer such a vantage position for a shift that nourishes and invigorates the LOA towards a positive end. Energy consciousness, realization and release is critical; an undaunted focus through worthy apertures is key. Kim’s encounter is most describable. Christy, happy holiday!

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