Magnetic Monday: Judgment and Fear of others…

Did you know that Judgment and fear of others could really affect our ability to create what we want in life?

We’re all familiar with “judging” – either felling judged or judging others, but…

we’re not always as conscious or aware that we may also be afraid of others too.

And this can be just as detrimental to our happiness and our success in life.

If we start to think like Source, we do not judge another.

If we can appreciate our differences and not be afraid of those differences, we will know peace.

That’s what this episode of the Quantum Success Show is all about.

It’s only 4 minutes long, so take a quick break from your emails to watch it. You’ll be glad you did.

BTW – I shot this episode a couple of months ago when I went on a Mediterranean Cruise with my family. We shot it in Istanbul, Turkey and it was a little bit windy that day.

After you watch this episode, do me a favor and answer the question below in the comments section.

“What do you do when you are feeling fear or judgment?”

I look forward to hearing your response :-)

Much love,


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  1. Great video and message, thanks Christy!

    When I feel fear or judgement coming to me or from me, I have noticed my usual response is to defend myself either to the person who is judging me or to myself, to help me avoid the pain of acknowledging that I am being fearful or judgemental.

    Thanks again for your generosity in posting videos like this for us all to watch and learn from, so regularly!! X

  2. I don’t really fear anything much these days. But if I do it means I am blocking an emotion or an action which I now know can be overcome by confronting the particular fear head on.
    When I am experiencing judgment I usually check myself immediately and turn that around to acceptance. This alone keeps me grounded and balanced.

  3. It happened to me yesterday, some friends where expressing their view about what suffering is, and to me there was only one possible answer, that is being disconnected from the source. I was judging their examples , they looked very trivial. Then I realized I was judging, I stopped trying to say my truth and just decided to be open and listen. Immediately I got some information I did not know about the physical functioning of our body, I felt ignorant for a sec, then smiled and thanked God for the lesson!

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Wow:) Good for you for being willing to see that in the moment and opening and shifting right then and there:) What a gift for yourself and for them that you were open to connect with them. XO

  4. Yolandi Joubert says:

    Hi Christy, its a wonderful message. It was for me really touching, I live in a very international city and meet people from all over the world every week probably. Lately i met people from Lithuania, Siria, Turkey, Belgium, France etc… I was amazed meeting some of these people, once you get to know them, how all of us just want to be happy and loved, we want to be seen and heard, connect and share, no matter how different we may appear. When I feel fear coming up, I remember these thoughts: there is nothing to fear, as I create my reality and I attract people based on what’s going on inside. Through my experience I truly know that there are an abundance of all sorts of people expressing all sorts of energies everywhere and in every country. If you feel love, you will attract love. if you feel fear, you will attract experiences creating more fear for you.

  5. You absolutely said the truth – you have nailed the true lost message of God!!!

    Thank you Christy Whittman!

    Blessings ‘Grateful M’

  6. Patrick Holden says:

    Thanks Christy.

  7. Hey Christy -Thank you for taking time out on your Mediterranean Cruise to Magnetise my Monday!
    I loved the view AND what your had to say. It brought to mind, last week I encountered what I considered to be not ONE but TWO very rude, extremely discourteous people… And then later I listened to a recording of myself speaking in a very hesitant and unfocused way -both left me feeling fearful and judgemental of myself and others…and I recognised how detrimental these thoughts and feeling were/are to my happiness and success in life.
    What helped considerably was appreciating that there are 4 aspects of my personality, energetically speaking, the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual and in this case as you said when one accesses the spiritual aspect of our being, which is neutral, both judgment and fear tend to fall away. Thank you. Many blessings to you, sent with much love, Peta.


    “What do you do when you are feeling fear or judgment?”


  9. Hi Christy,
    When ~I feel fear my body feels very constricted and I feel fear run through it, is really frightening and afterwards I feel really angry. Angry at myself for being fearful and angry at the other person for even existing!!! Totally irrational behavior.Then I go into a space of why did I do that and I know it is an old reflex and very unhelpful to my life. This is a long running saga and involves elder abuse of my 90 year old uncle. The feeling of powerlessness in it is overwhelming at times.
    Much Love and Many Blessings.

  10. The choice is faith or fear–everyday. Also, I was just listening about how when we become fearful, we usually hold our breath. I noticed this seems to be true and by focusing on our breath we can bring our attention back to the present moment enabling us to choose faith over that fear.

    Also, judging–how much we miss out on by judging others. The conversations, the new friendships that are possible. Everyone has a story to tell. It would be so boring to be caught up in only our own story and to never hear or experience anyone else because we were too closed to listen or be open to the differences of others. How much are we really missing by continuing to hold on to “our own way” as the “right way” or the “only way?”

  11. we know when we are being fearful and judgemental. we feel negative and our vibrations are low. I have no problems accepting people in the outside, but I find myself judging those closest to me, like the ones that I love, for fear that I doubt they may fulfill their full potential. not to say that I don’t appreciate them, but I am harder on them. i try to work at it everyday, give myself a break, recognize my/our accomplishments, and basically appreciate what the source has done for me/us and T.R.U.S.T. that we will be taken care of in a big way!

  12. “What do you do when you are feeling fear or judgment?” – I contract, constrict. The idea of each of as a ray of light beaming out from common, infinite source resonates with me. Keeping that image in my heart will, I hope, help me to release the fear and tension and open up to more love and light. Thank you.

  13. I think the fundamental issue here is to separate observation from judgment. You can’t help but to observe that if someone had done something differently it would be more beneficial to them and to the greater good. However, you judge when you ‘put them down’ for it!

  14. I used to get frozen when I felt fear o judgement. Working on it. Thank you. Have a wonderful week. Irene

  15. Thank you, as always, Christy for sharing another important message with others! :) My take away from this reminder is that I choose to see the UNIVERSE as a UNIVERSITY. That is to say “There is UNITY in the DIVERSITY of “Life”. :) I AM so blessed to BE a part of the Greater understanding of ALL THAT IS and to KNOW that ALL IS WELL. :) My desire is to have as many others come to this awareness also. May your Source inspired messages continue to reach the hearts of those who “tune in” to your teachings and uplift them to a happier life. Namaste, Ardath, a LOA Coach @ QSCA.

  16. I read the book of the power of intention by Wayne Dyer you suggested and I have to admit that it was a great reminder of what we all know, but may seem to forget with our day to day routines. This magnetic Monday theme of being non judgemental is one of the themes that he talks about. He talks about a book called Power vs Force by David Hawkins and mentions practicing the person whom you wish to attract, for example if you want to be loved unconditionally, practice loving unconditionally. Matching up with the “forthcomingness” of the universal mind from which everyone and everything originates while extending it outward, and you attract back to oneself all that you intended to manifest…. brilliant.!

  17. good question! When I feel fear or judgment, it usually doesn’t last too long…for one thing, I have always been more tolerant than many people, and actually thrived on the uniqueness of each person. However, life does have a way of “testing” a person, so there have been times where I’ve suddenly found myself within the grip of fear, or judgment (same thing, different shade). Because I have educated myself on this subject, I immediately go within myself, and first ask for guidance from my Higher Self (and guides, etc.), and I pretty much immediately connect with the answer. Fear is an ILLUSION, and in varying degrees, I have allowed myself to release the associated anxiety to make way for that inner vision of Truth – peace and love are Truth; the opposite is merely something I signed up to experience in this go-round as a human.

    Oh boy, this is a LOADED question, Christie! :-) It’s tough to put into only a few words all the methods I had used to quickly pull myself out of the grand illusion. But suffice it to say that sometimes it’s happened instantly, and other times I have had to walk away, be by myself, and work through the attendant emotions until I came back to my Self.

    Wonderful video, btw! I want to BE there, right now!!! I am in Ontario, and we are experiencing the kind of weather the East coast normally gets each winter – and come to think of it, also what Montreal experiences! Ugh! Methinks I’m more of a tropical or even semi-tropical person! lol

    Thanks, Christie! Have a good one! :-)

  18. this is really a good comment and advice, actuall y when I fear I lose stability and get more afraid and when I am judged I get angry by the one who judges me

  19. Gaye Shepherd says:

    When I feel afraid and judge others I lose my own identity and shut down

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