Magnetic Monday: The ecstasy of Surrender with Dr. Judith Orloff

Oh the topic of this show is so good and so needed!

This week on the Quantum Success Show I discuss with Dr. Judith Orloff the importance of surrender.

Get Dr. Orloff’s amazing book The Ecstasy of Surrender to tap the power of letting go! After you watch the video, click here for details.

What is surrender? And what it is NOT!

Why is surrendering so important?

How does it apply with the Universal Laws?

How do you surrender?

What areas of our lives does it apply? Cliff note version: ALL areas!

Whatever we are resisting in our lives, we need to surrender.

What do you need to surrender in your life?

This is a really powerful episode and it’s only 15 minutes long. Take a break and watch it here

You’ll love what you learn, I promise :-)

Much love and surrender,


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  1. Gaye Shepherd says:


  2. shrikant rath says:

    Surrendering is a powerful spiritual practice and it helps connect with the the Holy Spirit of the Universe; enables us to let go off our ego, our worries, and relieves us of any stress. Life shall become much more easy with surrendering. It is truly ecstatic,this is much like lovers surrender to each other on bed.

  3. Thank you to you and judith Orloff for this wonderful video. I am conscious of the need to do something different at the moment. Perhaps surrendering is the answer. My son is now 27 and having had one career asa musician has retrained and just graduated and been admitted as a lawyer. He had a lgrad. law the here job for one year and with economic downturn here was made redundant. He has become very depressed since this has happened and feeling worthless and demotivated. One of those situations where if you are a new grad and have no experience you can’t get the job and if you don’t get the job you can’t get experience. He needs two year of restricted practice to set up as an independent lawyer but just can’t get the break. At 27 he is feeling that he is on his way to joining the ranks of the permanent unemplyed. this affects me because my husband and I are now supporting him again and as i am also supporting aged parents it is getting very tough but i try to be allowing through all this but just wonder how i might be able to show him a different ‘way’ Can anyone offer me some suggestions as to how I might handle this to benefit all parties?

  4. In a relationsh Do u surrender to the love or to the doubts?

    • Christy Whitman says:

      How would it feel to surrender to each one? When you allow yourself to receive more love, your heart will open up to even more.

  5. thank you to both you and dr. Orloff for such inspiring video! I think forgiveness helps surrendering. When we forgive ourselves and others, then we can move on to surrendering and living our best lives. the trick is to go beyond the intellect and actually internalizing it for it to work and even then it must be an on-going process for those days when our human/dark side/ego is most fragile. dr. Orloff sounds like a very practical person and I am looking forward to reading her book.
    thanks again!

  6. Christy Whitman says:

    Thank you! Glad it impacted you!!!

  7. Linda Latimer says:

    I loved the idea of knowing when to surrender and when to make a stand. I think that making that choice is what define us. It was great to have Dr. Orloff as your guest this monday. Thank you!

  8. Thank you Christy!. These videos of Magnetic Monday always have what I need exactly at the moment. Have a nice week. Irene

  9. grant peever says:

    Be aware of the physical environment when you are broadcasting. Your background was distracting, with a big dark line running through the middle of your head! Judiths’ was a very sterile office environment. I could not watch and listen.

  10. You have done it again, Christy! Like attracts like so it is logical that someone as awesome as Judith Orloff would be your guest. I especially liked surrendering to what is in your body because it is listening to what you are saying about it. I pick on my body way too much and have to focus more on surrendering to it OK-ness. Thank you!

  11. Thank you Christy and Dr. Orloff. Very interesting. Knowing and surrendering are two entirely separate things. I have tried to let go of a “lost” relationship to no avail. I recognize it for what it is…a blockage. How do I surrender this? Thanks.

  12. sweet, sweet surrender. See sawing between resistance and surrender. Just to be mindful when I am in the place of resistance and then choosing to surrender. Thank you for this reminder. The book is now on my reading list this next month.

  13. Virginia says:


    I was looking forward to hearing it but the video sound was so bad
    I could not hear it. Disappointed.

  14. Bob Holdsworth says:

    Thanks for this interview – I am looking forward to reading the book. What I heard was surrender as living in the moment – having a total presence to being 100% with yourself, others, and life. When she said “that’s all you have”, it really hit home about connecting with everything and that was how you reclaim your passion. – Great stuff!

  15. Thanks for the wise words. I resisted surrendering and declaring my love for a man and over the time my neck froze up. After the fifth alternative doctor told me that it was emotionally charged I had to have a llok at what it could be and I had too make a choice to surrender.. When I did it was the beginning of curing myself. Indeed the our bodies register our thoughts.

  16. Hearing this today was an intention manifesting. I was recently diagnosed with stage four liver disease. It made me step back and question what I want to do with my life. As I was meditating on this, the impression came to me that I needed to quit my job as a public school substitute to really take care of myself. I really loved it but found myself rolling out of bed in the morning, running all day and falling into bed at night without meditating, tapping, doing energy work, and the other things that help me be strong. I decided that even though I obviously need the money, I didn’t want to die living that kind of life. Whatever time I had left, I would live mindfully. I took a leap of faith and quit my job. I really felt good. I felt energized and looked forward to what the future would bring me. THen my daughter visited me. She was really worried and wanted to know if I could get my job back. I took on some of that negative energy and started to question my choice. Then as part of my self directed program, I went back to this old e mail which validated my choice and helped direct and define my path. My husband has even caught some of this surrender energy as he is in the bathroom de cluttering right now. Thank you.

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