Law of Allowing

Ah, the Law of Allowing. Most people find this law the hardest to work with and understand. It is also the most important law in order to create what you want.

You are working with the Law of Allowing when you experience no resistance, or lower level emotions.

What are lower level emotions?










I believe that all emotions are important and are there to teach us something. Where most people get into trouble is where they suppress their emotions and they get used to vibrating in that negative place. Emotions are there to communicate with us. They are there to be felt and then released. Emotions are energy in motion. When they are not released, they become resistance and then you find yourself out of alignment with your Source. You are not in a space of allowing.

Why is it important to be in a space of allowing and work with the Law of Allowing?

The application of the Law of Allowing will bring absolute freedom in your life. You will feel free in your relationships to be who you are. You will feel free in your career to do what you want. And you will feel free in your life to create whatever you desire.

There are three ways to apply this law. First, is the relationship that you have with you. Are you in alignment with how God/Goddess/All-that-is feels about you? This Source always thinks that you are perfect, whole and complete just as you are. This Source loves and adores you completely no matter how much you accomplish, what you wear, how much money you make, or what you look like. If you are thinking thoughts about yourself that are not in alignment with those higher thoughts, you are in resistance and working against the Law of Allowing.

What thoughts do you have about you?

The second way to apply this law is how you relate to others in your life. This does not matter if it is your husband, wife, kids, co-workers, boss, clients, in-laws, or your next-door neighbor. God/Goddess/All-that-is not only thinks you are perfect, whole and complete, but this Source also holds that vision for all the people that you love and all the people that annoy you. When your thoughts about other people in your life are not in alignment with the thoughts of Source, there is resistance and you are not working with The Law of Allowing.

What thoughts do you have about the people around you?

Finally, the last way to apply this law is the way you receive from the Universe to deliver to you what you want. When you are pushing and forcing something to happen, you are not in allowing and the Universe can’t flow to you what you want.

Do you trust the universe?

I experienced this at a deep level during my birthing experience. If you have or have not given birth, or if you are a man, this story will still show you how I was struggling and not applying the Law of Allowing, which led to a lot of pain for me. Even though I really enjoyed my whole pregnancy experience, I was so “done” being pregnant. I was determined that Alexander was coming early. I was so determined that I actually had false labor that sent me to the hospital. I spent an entire night in the hospital having contractions, but not dilating any more then when I first arrived.

I would hear all the women going through labor and I became so frightened. The little contractions that I was feeling were painful, but I clearly wasn’t experiencing what the women that were giving birth were feeling. These women sounded like they were being beaten. As each woman came and went I became more and more terrified and I became more and more resistant. I even asked my doctor if she could just give me a C-section, because I did not want to experience what the other women were experiencing. I was trying to make this happen, like running a business. I thought, “I am already here in the hospital and this is happening!” (Alexander and Source had a different plan, which I was resisting).

When I was discharged from the hospital, I went home and I was completely convinced that I could not do this. I was so fearful and scared that my entire body was constricting. This is a good indication if you are in resistance or not.

Do you feel expanded or constricted?

When you find yourself feeling lower level emotions, ask yourself that question.

I realized that I was constricted and that I was not in my feminine Goddess space. I was in my masculine, “make things happen” mode. I couldn’t force this to happen. I couldn’t make this happen. It was not up to me to decide when and how this would happen. I had to surrender to God/Goddess/All-that-is and allow. It is when I finally relaxed and got into my feminine space and trusted that all things would be fine, my water broke and I actually went into labor.

The nurses would even tell me this, “You need to relax and allow, because if you tense up, your body won’t open up. It will take you longer to get to where you want to go.” This is true for all aspects of working with the Law of Allowing.

When you are not in an allowing space with yourself, you feel negative emotions. When you are not in an allowing space with others, you feel negative emotions. When you are not in an allowing space with the universe, you feel negative emotions.

Practice getting into an allowing space by dropping your resistance. Think of yourself as a pipe. The top of your head is the opening of the pipe and your source can flow all beautiful and high vibrational energy through you. Joy, abundance, creativity, and harmony flow and you feel connected. Think of the resistance in your body as things that clog up the pipe. The energy from your source can’t flow freely when your pipe clogged up. The result is disconnection from your source and this flow, and it can result in fear, resentment, anger, doubt, and frustration.

Open up to the free flowing energy that Source makes available to you. It is time to unclog your pipe and allow that energy to flow. That is allowing at its best.

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