Magnetic Monday: 12 Steps to Manifesting

I hope you are doing great.

Are you ready for an amazing Quantum Success Show?

I take you through 12 important steps to manifesting.

Think of what you want as far as something material in your life (money, a new home, a new job, a new car, etc.) and let’s get to manifesting!

I have been working with these steps for years and I am always amazed.

Keep in mind this is advanced energy work!

Go for it.

Much love,


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  1. Thank you again for your beautiful message!

  2. Receive, allow and deserve! That was really powerful, Christy! I sometimes have these feelings of undeservedness like I am breaking some sort of rule when I am asking for something and I know that is the thinking that is hindering my abilities to manifest. I actually recognize this blockage and can’t seem to remove it. Thanks Christy

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Thank you for sharing your take away Shemeka. Your awareness of the conditioning of lack and undeservedness is the place to begin. Know that you can have all that you desire to manifest by reminding yourself you are receiving, allowing, and deserving of abundance.

  3. Eric Doudeau says:

    What a great video. Must now try and be consistent (the hardest part) at conditioning the mind to receive, allow and deserve abundance.

  4. Beautiful advice!!! I have done similar processes to help manifest things I want, and have worked with higher energies in many ways, but usually to help OTHERS. The way you have laid it here in step-by-step format is brilliant…it totally corrals and channels the energies in a very cohesive way, and I kept getting these moments of clarity, like “I’ve been here before….now WHY have I not been using this recently?” No matter….I’m just grateful that you shared this with us – thank you Christy, and bless you! :-)

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