Magnetic Monday – Appreciation

Even though you may know about a concept or word, such as “appreciation” can you go deeper in your understanding and connection to that energy?

Oh heck yes!!!!

In this episode of the Quantum Success Show I give you a process to go deeper in appreciation (the highest vibration in the universe), or with any other energy you want to experience.

Who or what do you appreciate?


Let me know who or what that is in your life. If it is a person, can you express that appreciation and let them know?

Much love and APPRECIATION,


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  1. I Love and appreciate God for giving me life, caring and healing. Without God, there’s nothing.
    He woke me up this morning feeling great and energized with a new day Monday June 17, 2013,
    so that I can make use of this day the best possible way. There will never be another day
    like today. It has never darned on me before until it came into my mind this moment. It has always
    taken for granted, Monday and tomorrow is Tuesday. Well I have seen the light. As from today, every day will be more appreciative and Blessed that I am a part of it. Thank you Father

  2. Such a great topic. Ever notice the people we appriciate the most are those we feel are the kindest to us. It is appriciation that enables us to become the change we want to see in the world. I appriciate my Tai Chi Teacher for teaching awareness of tension. The emotional resistance we have to change can be found in our body. Becoming aware of resistance with patience has expanded my appriciation for my family and freinds, and future clients, and for the kindness of others. Thanks for the reminder of appriciation Christy, this is the seed for positive attitude, kindness, releasing resistance, and more. Appriciation is so powerful to make changes within ourselves, an entire weekend workshop could be created around appriciation.

    with kindness

  3. Jen Cupin says:

    Hi Christy we had our first Pod Group call last Thursday and our Pod leader asked us to do the Clarity list and Contrast list. Today I wrote I will keep creating work for myself and with 2-3 hours the universe enable me a full weeks work plus additional weekend work. Last week I had been told there would be no work this coming week This is out side work from coaching however it has allowed me to create from LOA what is possible. That’s my gratitude in knowing when you apply want you want it will happen.
    And not to forget your inspiration you give to us every week…

    Thank you,


  4. Yesterday a little girl from our community passed away in a sudden accident. When our family sat together in prayer for her family we could feel the love and the light expanding and expanding. We could feel how the unbearable could actually lift us all up to that higher place of appreciating everyone we know, every breath and the amazing connection of community.

  5. Scott Roberson says:

    I appreciate you, because of your help, my awareness Has been raised 100 fold. For instance, i am aware that I am pure, infinate consciouness

  6. Christy Whitman says:

    Wonderful, Jen:) Thank you!!!!

  7. Charlene Potterbaum says:

    Oh, Christy–Please know that I love all my family so much, but when you mentioned someone who so inspired you, my thoughts of love and appreciation went immediately to a neighbor (deceased now, for many years) who showed me so much love when I so desperately felt alone and sad. My mother was expected to die, so I was often “shooed” off to be with Mrs. Kinney. We would sit on her front porch steps and she would pull me close to her so we could chat about anything I wanted to share with her. She hugged me as we sat there, and really–she is the only one I can recall who ever hugged me (Well, my brother Bob would, but he lived out of town so we saw him seldom). I remember crying so hard long after she had died…because I never told her of how much her love and affection meant to me. I hope there is some way that she now knows how much her love touched me.

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Oh Charlene, she does:) You can also connect with her at a soul level and express anything to her that you felt you wanted to, but never got a chance to. She hears you and your appreciation. What a wonderful memory:) Thank you for sharing.

  8. The place I appreciate the most is the Scottish Highlands, in some indescribable way, it is awesome, there is freedom and there is beauty and spirit, I feel connected here in a heart way and in a soul way, and also in my blood as I am half Scottish, and I have had many connections with people there who I have really appreciated, sharing our paths together for a while. There you can really be alive and your life is your own, which is true of course, and when you can stand alone somewhere great then you feel great too. I am planning a trip there again in the Autumn and I appreciate my health enabling me to do this as I have just had/am having treatment for secondary breast cancer, and it is in my spine, but I have regained strength here and can now walk around enough again to make a trip worthwhile. I really appreciate being able to walk in beautiful places, it is one of my favourite things, along with music, and I appreciate having the money for the trip and being able to do it, to have said to myself “don’t let it all defeat you.”
    And I appreciate your videos Christy! They are really positive and empowering messages, aligned messages, they always seem right on time, and I am sure they have helped me reach this stage. Thank you Christy. Love Emma

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Awww. Thank you, Emma. That is so wonderful. I am totally holding the vision of you in perfect health and well-being. I know you will have many more moments of enjoying your connection in beautiful places:)

  9. Amin Murji says:

    Wow! Thank you from the bottom of my heart the Magnetic Mondays! It has transformed my life!


  10. Hi Christy,
    Thank you for this week’s great show! I always “appreciate your weekly show”, they give me great inspiration to practise the LOA processes and principles more and you look great in this video. Did you change something …. perhaps its your hair being tied back? Well whatever you are doing, it working great for you! Have a fabulous week ahead and thanks for the weekly inspirational shows !
    luv, LC

  11. I appreciate you Christy, for the changes you have helped me make in my life. Since you sent me your 7 spiritual laws in 2010, I began the ascent to a new life. I retired as a teacher in 2012 and wrote my book : The power of certainty, soon to bbe published. Thanks for agreeing for me to use the laws in it. And, if all this wasn’t enough, you sent me your self empowerment corse for free. I am at day 34 and i cannot begin to express the changges and synchronicities that are happening in my life. THANKS!!! Must meet you personally. (sound of bugles for Christy)

    • Christy Whitman says:

      I am so happy that you applied that information. Good for you!!!!! It is amazing when you apply these principles in your life. Change is natural and happens easily when in the flow of the Universe:) Congrats on your book!!!

  12. Abigail says:

    Thank you Christy for all that you do!!! I am appreciating you!! Your are a sweet, bright breath of air!!! Keep up your lovely, great work! I truly love being a LOA Coach and appreciate all that I can do as a result of the framework from QSCA. I have lived a positive, love guided life for many years now and am appreciating all of that from my deepest heart and that which I am in the process of creating for myself!
    Thank you again, with great APPRECIATION, love and deeply heartfelt JOY,

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Hi Abigail:) Thank you so much for your sweet words. I so appreciate that you are loving the videos and being a coach. And I LOVE that you are appreciating you:) Wonderful.

  13. While I listened to this broadcast, I began to appreciate a WHO in my life and I started bawling… and then you said you were tearing up and to just let it come out… so I bawled even more. LOL! Then I found a WHAT, WHEN and WHERE that I appreciated and contemplated the WHY of all of those! Thank you.

  14. wash molina says:

    Hello Christy!

    Been following you since long long time ago, and this is the first time I post something or even contact you… so because of this, this time I just can say, I totally appreciate you Christy Whitman, for being part of my day by day life change, motivation, support, live / love / money tips and so much more…. that´s absolutely awesome and the greatest we can have and share!!!

    Cheers, from Mexico City. =)

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Thank you so much!!! I appreciate you giving a comment, watching, and being part of the community:) XOXO

  15. I so appreciate you, Christy and my coaches, Evelyn, myself, my pod group, and all these fabulous lessons and abundant tips. I am so grateful forthe Universe for allowing me this access and volumes of knowledge. I now know and understand the magnitude of being connected on a deeper level to my higher self and My Source. This energy is bringing my abundance and prosperity of Financial Freedom to an all time high and at quantum speed. I feel it and I appreciate it. Thank You again, Christy and stall.
    With love and appreciation,

  16. I am appriciating the monday Quantom Shows. And the whole Quantom Universe.
    I appriciate myself, for being a deliberate creater. People dont know me yet , so I will fill in and appreciate myself.I appriciate the universe and the unconditional abundance it has and so freely gives.When I go to the beach, I am a shell and rock collector,the ocean gives out more shells and rocks of vast beauty, than all of the shell collectors could ever want. Yet if you dont collect them . She will take them all back .and at ebb tide the beach is clean again ready for the next tide, and it gives more.

  17. Christy you are always so loving. It’s so refreshing to hear you. Thank you Camila

  18. ahhh…there are so many people I appreciate, if we are talking only about people-appreciation! First of all, I do appreciate myself! I have not done that nearly enough in my life, and I feel that once I learned to do THAT important thing, I was ABLE to appreciate many more people in my life for various reasons, and at various times.

    With that, I appreciate my parents, who are in the Spirit realms, for what they did to raise 9 children who all turned out pretty well! I appreciate some of the elderly folk who used to come visit my parents when we were children – some of them were so sweet and loving, that it was a treat to have them over, especially since many of them would impart that wisdom that usually only comes with age, and my grandparents were long gone as I was growing up.

    I appreciate the many many people who have crossed my path since then, who were there almost by divine decree…who helped me stay sane, helped me heal, helped me let go….so many things! I appreciate ALMOST every single person in my life…because I have learned that each and every one served a purpose, and for that….I give them my love and my respect. It’s not easy being a human here sometimes! :-)

    And….Christy….I appreciate you! :-) You are a bright and shining light to so many, and I really look forward to your weekly videos. Just the fact that you reply to each and every person who makes an effort here sets you apart from 99% of the “others” who teach similar things. I send you Love and Light! :-)

  19. Hi Christy, your video is powerful and I appreciate being able to watch it. I woke up this morning feeling very hurt and stuck about something (I’m new to LOA and wondering if it can really work for me) but watching your video made me feel so calm. Thank you.

  20. I apperciate Cristy.
    For new thoughts.

  21. Hi Christy, I appreciate you, for wake me up.So i will appreciate so much more.
    Thank you.

  22. Hi Christy, I really appreciate your gifts to us. When I saw your video on the ship and heard you say “I’m sick”, I said a ‘Jack Canfield’ for you…”Cancel,Cancel,Cancel!” I would not claim that statement. And you came to process through that nicely anyway. Wishing you well.
    Thank you for your support and wisdom,
    Love and Peace,
    Sharon Willinsky

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