Magnetic Monday: How to Attract a House

I hope you are staying in a peaceful state now that the holidays are here.

Many people that want to learn how to manifest by working with the Universal laws are interested in attracting a new house, or a new place to live.

And that is what today’s Quantum Success Show is all about.

I give you the exact step-by-step process that you can utilize to attract your new place to live whether it is a new apartment, condo, or dream home.

It is less than 8 minutes long!

I have worked with this exact process to attract five different homes many times throughout my manifesting days. And I know it will help you too.



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  1. You’re very right, Christy. Exactly at the right time for me.
    Thank you for your inspired sharing. All the best, and bye from Roma – Italy. :)

  2. Lori Kingery says:

    Yes! I just asked my husband this morning, if we are going to start packing up the rental house we are living in after Christmas! Then I see this video… we have our info into the mortgage company and now it is a matter of allowing the universe to bring what we want to us. I appreciate the specific steps this video suggests and my husband and I will do this tonight. Looking forward to giving an update on our new house!

  3. Thank you Christy. What if your current financial circumstances make it seem impossible to manifest a new home in the near future. Would it be more effective to first focus on manifesting zero debt or more income?

    • Christy Whitman says:

      No. Focusing on what you want is key. We in our limiting thinking process think that something has to happen before something else, like getting to zero debt (which you want to focus on zero balance, instead of zero debt) has to happen before attracting a house. The Universe has multiple ways of delivering what we want in ways we can’t even begin to think about. So our job is to allow it, by focusing on the energy and essence of what we want. Conditions move around in all aspects when we do this. Even though you say “seems impossible” you have to remember there is nothing that is impossible, especially when you work with energy and the spiritual side of success. So the real work is finding better feeling thoughts around the possibility of even having a house. Ease your resistance where you can and that is what creates changes. Helpful?

  4. Great video Christy!!

  5. Excellent ! You practice what you preach and you showed me how. You are blessed because you give the best clear teachings and advice. The questions you as me to ask myself always give me answers. Thank You, Thank you. All the love and happiness in your new home.

  6. This is exactly the way it happens for me, when I am inspired to manifest something big that I really desire. I too have had moments where I thought I had reached the manifestation, and then seemingly negative things happen to deter me…but then I soon realize that those events were actually helping to steer me towards the REAL dream manifestation. I love it – thanks Christy! :-)

  7. Thank you for latest video on how to attract your idea home . The same information can be used in all aspects of ones life .
    A truth which I learnt today when I appeared in court to explain to the Judge the defects of the application and why court and practice rules of the Supreme Court, had not been followed by those instructing me . I placed my faith in the the Most High , and did what I was taught to do , be honest and truthful. I expected to be a “verbal lashing” from the bench but was suprised at the positive result received from the Judge , by following the basic laws of the Universal Mind ( The Greater Lawyer ).

  8. Thank you for the post! I visit your website pretty often and I always feel brainer afterwards.
    I shared this article on Facebook and my friends thought it was great too.

    Anyhow, I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate
    what you’re doing here.

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