Magnetic Monday: How to Write a Book and Become a Published Author

I am so thrilled to have the amazing Brian Tracy on the Quantum Success Show today!

Brian is a leader in the personal development movement and has helped millions of people change and improve their lives. You will see why after watching this show!

Click here to access Brian Tracy’s “20-Step Author Quick Start Guide”

Because there was so much great information, I broke the interview into two shows.

This week is part one where we discuss:

– Success strategies that Brian applies in his life
– His accomplishment of authoring over 75 books and how you can write a book if that is what you desire.
– He shares his personal philosophy on what he does to write a book.

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Then you definitely want to watch this show.

Even if you never desired to write a book the wisdom in this show blows my mind.

You will love it… I promise :-)

Have a wonderful day!


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  1. I AM blessed to have been raised by one of the top ten Bibliphiles listed in “Who’s Who in America” – my Father George E. Werne, Sr. Growing up in one of America’s largest home libraries was truly a gift. I was even named for one of the thousands of treasured transformational books my father was reading when I was born “Ardath” by Marie Corelli. Today I AM keeping my promise to my father and myself many years ago and am intending to publish a biographical book entitled “Marie Corelli” by Ardath.

    I AM grateful to you, Christy Whitman for sharing this informative interview with Brian Tracy. There is no doubt whatsoever that many sleeping authors worldwide will be inspired to put pen to paper and/or fingers to keyboard and share their own story.

    Love & Beyond ~~~~~
    Ardath, aLOhA Life Coach & FUN Raiser

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