Magnetic Monday – Changing Others

Okay… so I need some honest feedback from you if you don’t mind.

Do you like the “Magnetic Monday” emails?

Are you watching The Quantum Success Show episodes in them?

Are they impacting your life?

I ask because it’s really important to me… to give to you.

I know a lot of you watch them and share them with friends and family and are seeing wonderful changes in your life… and I want to make sure I continue to give you what you’re looking for.

One question that seems to come up a lot and is the most requested topic for the show (after how to make money) is how do I change so and so.

I get so many people wanting to work with the Law of Attraction to make someone change their behavior, feelings, or actions.

Unfortunately… that is not how it works.

And that is what this episode of The Quantum Success Show is all about:

It’s only 9 minutes and it will certainly allow you to shift how you view others.

Take a couple minutes to watch it real quick< and then also share your feedback below the video. You’re going to love what you learn... I promise :-)

We can’t change another person by working with the Universal Laws. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that we focus on what we do have control over and that is our own energy and vibration. What happens from there determines the outcome.

It is always about us and owning ourselves, not others.

Please let me know what you are taking away from this episode.

Much love,


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  1. We all already kinda know this–but there is something about Christy’s just saying it directly–that just helped me make what I really WANT–more important than who I am getting it from. Really Beautiful!

  2. Thanks so much Christy,
    just starting to understand a bit more……God bless you always

    much love,

  3. Perfect timing on this topic of information…
    Thank you so much for ALL you are & do for others…so very appreciated!

  4. Christy, I’m a counsellor with a spiritual slant so I ‘get’ all you talk about, but still learn and soak up all you talk about ALL the time. Keep them coming. Blessings for a wonderful day. Sinead

  5. Wow Christie i needed to hear this after a charged weekend ! Kids, husband, in-laws and the whole works. I have to start from the ‘self’. Thank you and i shared this on Twitter :)

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Thank you. Yes easy to get overwhelmed when we disconnect from ourselves and focus everything outward. Xo

  6. I love the comment of “Give from the saucer.” Perfect!

  7. Thanks Christy! You’re so encouraging & I love your presentations! I love your advice about filling the cup first and giving from the saucer!!! Realizing we can’t give something away we don’t have & it’s not being “selfish” by meeting our own needs first! ! Bless you for giving to us from your saucer!! Mary

  8. Veonnia Taylor says:

    Thank you so much for this morning’s message. The example of the cup and saucer resonated with me. I have been giving from the cup, even from the pot, most of my life. Now at the age of 68 I am trying to learn how to give from the saucer and it feels selfish and very uncomfortable. I am so grateful for your message and how you put things in their proper prospective. It is truly changing the way I think. It is changing my life for the better.

  9. Jeffrey Jett says:

    Thanks Christy….I needed that. I’ve been trying to “fix” someone near and dear to me and have not been the least bit successful. This leads to a bit of frustration and unhappiness for me. I will however implement the info from this video to rid myself from the frustration and understand that this is a lesson in understanding the LOA.

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Thanks Jeffrey, and what I do know about relationships is that if you are feeling that frustration on some level, so are they. What is true for one is also true for the other. So in you trying to “fix” this person, they are probably becoming more resistant to that attempt to be fixed. Good for you:)

  10. georgina miklody says:

    Dear Christy! You are not only “beauty ,and clever” but very-very right to! I would like to be a bit stronger when people ask me to help, but is not going to happen…So we just have to be who we really are. I can’t say no! Love Georgina

  11. Wow, I loved the metaphor about a cup and a saucer!!!

  12. Greetings,
    Bingo, right on target, absolutely profound. This was my take away from the beginning of listening to all your messages via video, books, etc. I have practiced living my life this way since becoming part of your extended family and almost immediately situations and persons did change always to my benefit, always in the perfect way, more importantly at the PERFECT TIME. Bravo to you and your wonderful cast ! Love and Light, me, I Am LisaBasiL :)

  13. Thanks a whole bunch Christy! Energy shift can always procure an external lift. What you generate within, others celebrate without given the appropriate resonance in the vibration strategy! There is a power that works in us as humans to affect our external realities when we achieve harmony within our physical and mental self….we draw from that avalanche for external supplies. As people connect,through ‘effective demand’ (a sort of a law of attraction analogy) then an equilibrium point is ensued. At this point, contact from ones end becomes a connection from another…then a possible change is leveraged. Change calls for release and the appropriate response. You made my day! Thanks.

    • Thank you Christy! I receive a uplift from you Mondays videos. They are so inspiring and meaningful. Yes, staying focused within yourself is really life changing and empowering.

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Wonderful. Beautiful way of explaining that. Thank you!

  14. Great reminder that the hardest thing to do is look inward and make the changes within ourselves. Others are always going to “do what they do”. Great thoughts on a Monday morning.

  15. Hi, Christy! How ever, you have been make a great work on helping peolple to live a better life.
    The videos are so full of content and quality. You really have a great staff. I loved this interesting topic about we need shift the inner first if we want shift onother person. Good energy atract good people and things too. Thank you so much. Have a nice week.

  16. Thank you Christy for the reminder. I love the idea of giving from the saucer!

  17. That was very informative..I am on that journey but get side track so u offer personal coaching.

  18. Thank you Christy. I really look forward to Magnetic Mondays. I love the way you take these simple concepts and explain it , so that we really really get. And I loved the ‘giving from the saucer” idea..nailed it for me :). Bless you!

  19. Thanks for all your wonderful help. It is greatly appreciated. I would like some help regarding ‘regret’

  20. Christy, I happen to look forward to your Monday morning messages as well as the other messages throughout each week. This one today regarding changing someone else was enlightening. I never really considered the inability to “change” someone else which now explains why I have gotten so frustrated over the years with some folks. Thanks for all you do.

  21. Thanks Christy. Not exactly sure how I found your site or started getting your emails … am very grateful (especially today), that I did. Have been pondering exactly this topic as it relates to a negative, critical boyfriend. The more I learn the more frustrated I’ve become with his negativity. He’s convinced there are no jobs in the area for him … and he’s reaping it. I, on the other hand, believe I am exactly where I am meant to be and that opportunities for more present themselves. I have a flexible job that pays really well for our area of the US. He keeps on and on about no job and no opportunity … yet others are finding work. When I can get him to shift his focus, we really enjoy time together … but those are getting fewer as his time without a job lags on (several years now). I share LOA information with him hoping he’ll “get it”, but he thinks it’s all a bunch of crap and thinks everything is a “coincidence” … nothing I’ve done to show him the alignment of events is working. Time for me to focus on me and just “let him be” … it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Again, thanks!!!!

  22. Christy-
    I am new to the LOA and still not sure how to digest it all, but I have to say that this video really impacted me. Thank you so much for putting this information out there. Always searching for ways to become a better person and love others more, and this is like a new perspective on the “rules” that have been around forever. Your sincerity and desire to “feed” others is obvious. I am happy to have found you.

  23. I really love and appreciate what you have to say – it always feels very authentic to me and is conveyed with such clarity, understanding and sensitivity. Your messages come right from the heart and are truly inspiring, helping one grow!

    Thanks a lot for this!

  24. Hi Christy,
    Thanks so much , I loved the image of fill your cup first and then gives what goes out into the saucer. The image talks so much.
    Thanks again, that makes my day!

  25. Ray Campbell says:

    I have been reading and studying spirituality, LOA, all of the methods for over 50 years. I have had a few things work for me, at times. I know instinctively that what you are teaching is true, but for some reason, I have a block or something that prevents me from being able to use it at will. I feel that I am so close to understanding that last step but just can’t quite grasp it. I wish I could afford to work with you one on one, or meet someone that can get me over that last step.

  26. I LOVE the give from the saucer concept. I haven’t heard that one before. As a stay-at-home mom, it’s SO easy to take care of everyone but yourself. A good reminder here of how to “serve others” by serving yourself. Thanks.

  27. I looooooooove what i just heard dearest christy and i totally agree with you, i actually keep saying that if you do not love yourself enough and care for yourself enough how would you take care of someone else the right way !!!!!
    god bless you and keep these msgs coming in :)

    good day
    QSCA Coach soon to be :)

  28. Christie; to be honest this is the first time I have received the Magnetic Monday. I have quite enjoy reading and watching your other posts. I agree it is against universal and spiritual law to use any influence over another. We must all take 100% responsibility for everything in our lives. Period! Led by example. As Jesus did. Ghandie said if you wish peace be the peace you desire. I have always found it facinating that people fight your their causes by feeding the opposition. We will go to war for peace. By feeding energy into what your protesting oh keeps the thing alive you credit and it grows. Seems like a hamster wheel to me. I may be off topic here just going on the set up you gave for the video. Final word ” Be the solution don’t continue to feed the problem with your attention and judgement “

  29. iHi Christy! Thank you so much for all the love/work you send out to us. I am always so thrilled to watch your videos. You really have a way of taking essential information and making it very palatable. I look forward to your emails & videos, and I’m looking forward to attending the QSCA and becoming a certified coach; I didn’t make the recent deadline, so I’m setting my intentions and goals on being ready to attend by the next enrollment! I’ve looked at many other programs made and run by others, and YOURS seems the most in line with my energy and what I’m aiming to achieve in life. I have learned.. and continue to learn so much from you; I’m so inspired by you and your work, and your videos keep that inspiring energy flowing. I hope to have this same kind of impact on the lives of others as you have had on mine and many others that I have had the pleasure reading about. Keep up the good work…. It really is Ahhhh-mazing! Thanks again. Love & Light!

  30. genevieve chan says:

    Yes Christy, you are such a giving person, with such great power of love, good explanation, right words that explain clearly. Thank you for choosing to send all the emails and to do it with such enthusiasm. Love you. Thank you Christy, for all the help.

  31. This Magnetic Monday speaks strongly to me as (years ago) I have had to learn to own my choices, behaviors, beliefs, etc. and take responsibility for my life and daily living. This is ongoing and one benefits from accepting change is inevitable. As a coach, it has been beneficial to ask clients: Who would you be if you didn’t believe (or feel this or have this relationship) this? and also: What is your contribution to this circumstance? When one finds something to be grateful for in the midst of a poor situation, the situation or circumstance changes for the better. These thoughts came to me while watching this Magnetic Monday clip. Thank you!

  32. laurene Goode says:

    Thank you for this today. I have just realized that I spend way to much time and energy trying to control the world around me and being a criticizer of those who don’t want to change or see things my way. I need to really work on this part of me.

  33. Thanks Christy you are so right on; I this can only work from the inside out. I enjoy Your Magnetic Mondays. Your energy is so alive and beautiful. Until a person learns to accept the beauty within, you will not see beauty abounding in others. And we do become are thoughts bar none. Lester

  34. Love the visual! You give from the overflow (Saucer) and not from the cup. If you keep giving from the cup – that’s where burn-out comes from. I always look forward to your Magnetic Monday Messages. Have a fantastic week.

  35. Karen Melcher says:

    Dearest Christy,
    I love your Magnetic Mondays as well. It is an amazing start to the week & I am so glad that you help us begin our weeks on a positive note. This is definitely something that I need to work on within myself. My mom has told me from a very young age that I need to be less selfless. I always care & try to give some much to everyone else that I do not care & focus on ME enough. Thank you so much for sharing. Now I just need to find out why I do this. I am working on ME much more & it feels so joyful. Love you much Christy.

  36. Leah Claire says:

    Thanks for the teacup analogy! I’ve been using the oxygen mask analogy, and it’s really useful, but it evokes a sense of emergency. I didn’t realize that until you used the teacup analogy and I felt a profound sense of ‘Ahhhh…’ – much gentler, more nurturing! And more about filling one’s Self than about saving one’s Self. I love the feeling wholeness in what I would then have to offer others, and the healthy, whole place I’ll be in myself, when I’m ready to offer it.

    Yayyy Christy!

    Blessings to all!

  37. Marguerite Looft says:

    Good stuff as usual, Christy. Keep it flowing! Yesssss!

  38. Arne Molvik says:

    Hi Christy!
    Thanks for many great Quantum Success Shows, included the show today. First I really would like you to cover The Law of Attraction again, with a close look at money. That is where I’m stuck and need to be guided. I would also like a review on all of the Universal Laws and how they impact upon my life, and how I can use them to create a fullfilling life. I really like your performance on the Magnetic Mondays, and your lovely smile is doing me so good. Thank you!Love from Arne, Norway

    • Sonia Williams-Nisbett says:

      Hi Christy,
      Already know what you are saying but the way you puts it over was quite nice, especially when you referred to drinking from a saucer. I left me thinking.

  39. Hi Christy. Loved the video , especially giving from the saucer . On the airliner of life, when the oxygen masks fall from the ceiling , putting yours on first isn’t selfish. Nor is saying you deserve better or that someone else is diminishing themselves . As far as making someone change, nobody changes until they feel that they have to ,it’s their decision not ours.

  40. I should have checked before sending lol Dayum smartphones lol

  41. Thank you so much for this, it came to me at the perfect time and I’ve been listening to it over and over all morning. I love the cup and saucer, really helped me to get it! Thank you thank you thank you!

  42. Hi,I love me and I love myself and and I love me and myself love me back and I love my toenails and I love my hair and I love my mind and I love my soul and I love my belly and I love my legs and I love my arms and I love my smile and I love my dreams and I love you too.
    Nothing else to do.


  43. thank you Christy for yet another enlighting video! I think as we realize we’re not perfect, we see areas in our own lives that need attention and those around us appreciate our humility and efforts to better ourselves. this is specially important if you want to be a role model for your children. Also, i think, if you make yourself a priority then theres very little time to con centrate on others in an unhealthy way! I’m often surprised that when i let go of my fears, things that i desire seem to come to me effortlessly.
    thanks for the reminder!

  44. Yes, I gain a lot from the Quantum succes newsletter. I appreciate and share the Monday videos. Thank you so very much. Christy, you seem authentic and genuine. Love these.

  45. this video today made me think of a famous quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world”–Gandhi. Gandhi said it, obama pleads for all of us to be the change…..there must be something profound to that quote.
    thanks and keep them coming!

  46. Wow, Christy,
    This really kind of hit home for me. I am 55 yrs old and I have always lived my life thinking that I had to try and get my family, my mother, my sisters, my daughter, my husband(s) to be happy, to enjoy life, to change. I have always been the caretaker, trying to make sure they were happy. But I wasn’t taking care of myself because I was taught not to be selfish. Not to think about myself. I always thought that my happiness came from making them happy. But I found that I wasn’t really happy because I felt like a failure as a mother, as a daughter as a wife, as a friend. Which is kind of sad because I would withdraw from everyone. I used alcohol to make things and reality go away. But I have just recently realized that I am worthy of love . I am looking at my self to gain confidence and self-worth so I can be effective in the outside world.
    So I appreciate you and how you bring things to the surface in a way that really makes sense.
    Thank You!

  47. Elizabeth Ross says:

    Thank you. I felt this and will think on it today

  48. Christy as always, you have been a great teacher (I was in you 1st certification program :-)) and mentor for me. I LOVE Magnetic Monday and try to post it as often as I can. Love the saucer analogy!! Thank from the bottom of my juice jug…saucer! xo

  49. Your grasp on the “Law of Attraction” is the best I’ve ever heard. You make everything so simple. Love all your videos. Keep them coming.

  50. Thanks so much Christy, I really enjoy magnetic Mondays and listening to things you teach about. I understand most of what you say and often feel great afterwards. I do, however, struggle with making these changes internally sometimes. I guess when I’m at my lows, I find it difficult to practise what I’m learning and my resistance is very high…even though I try very hard to release it. It’s a struggle within myself . Any suggestions?

  51. Beloved Christy!
    I so much loooove and enjoy reading your Magnetic Monday emails and and learning from your videos! You teach from your heart and your words are so inspiring!
    Thank you for all the wonderful knowledge you share with us.

  52. Hmmm…this is the first Magnetic Monday email I have received so…. I guess, just keep ’em coming! Thanks :)

  53. Linda Smith says:

    Thank you Christy. I know this because of all that I learned about my self from your Coaching Program but I truly needed to hear it again. I love the way you explained it with the cup and saucer. It is so true and now resonates fully with me. I enjoy your magnetic Mondays. They help to keep me focused in the right direction for the week. Much love and light to you and your family.

  54. Empowered saying! Thanks for sharing. You are amazing, Christie.

  55. This is wonderful. My first Magnetic Monday as well. I’ve been going around in my head with a friend of mine’s perspective from the Bible….There is so much good stuff about love and giving in the Bible and yet there is so much outward in there too. It can be very contradictory. I don’t know how to explain my perspective to her that the love has to happen first within ourselves. And I don’t see it as “selfish” the way it is negatively meant in society…it’s self whole. We too often give of our selves from nothing and that’s where the hurt comes. If you aren’t whole and over flowing how can you give.
    I’ve very excited for class to start Thursday! Thanks!

  56. Eulyssa Vaughan says:

    Wow Christy! Thank you so much for your insight! I started my day off with this video and I am ending my day with it again. I needed to be reminded of this, even though I guess I already know this…I needed to hear it again! You truly have an amazing gift of communicating with your audience and getting your point across, so that it resonates with the listener. Thanks again! Please keep the Magnetic Mondays going!!!

  57. HEATHER WYATT says:

    Hi Christy,
    that was a very interesting video and made me realize that what you said is so true and it makes total sense to me know that one cannot change another person but the changes must be made in oneself and that impacts on others around us. i have a lot of changes to make and my biggest change is to learn to not be so fearful and to have belief in myself. I do a lot of trading and fear is my biggest hurdle there, the fear of losing instead of centering on the winning trade. I have a wonderful husband and I want so much to just be a successful trader so that we can retire and do all the things he would like to do and to not have to worry about money but be in a position to not only help ourselves but to help other people

  58. Hi Christy! Totally love, love, love Magnetic Mondays. I watch them after my day at work, when t thought that the tone of the week was set. Inevitably, I feel a shift and the rest of the week takes on a more loving and positive tone Thank you for sharing your work with us. You are such a gift.

  59. ThankyouChristy for explaining this ,yes light bulb moment with the cup and saucer.I was wonderring if you have a meditation we can do?Thanks again

  60. Really enjoy your Monday musings. If you would wonderful if we could change others, but of course, it will always be their decision to change or not. Ho hum, such is life.

  61. Hi Christy,

    This was a very wise message. The transformation starts inside within ourselves, visualizing, making contact as clearly expressed in the Quantum Jumping exercises. My experience has been really amazing because results have been almost immediately and every day I feel better and better. However it is somehow sad when persons you love they just don’t want to try to jump, to take the courage to change themselves and just keep going in the same way. There is nothing you can do about it except for sending good vibrations to those people and staying in an open loving and respectful attitude.

  62. I don’t know how you do it :-) but once again, this is something that I need to brush up on, especially at this time! Being my own personal “new year” (my birthday is today), I am eager to begin it in the most beneficial way, and going within to reflect on how I can send more Love energy to those very people who push my buttons IS the way to go. I know it! Like you said, the only way to heal ANYTHING is with Love, and especially dealings with other people, at least from our own perspective. It IS true that once you send so much Love energy to these people, it reaches a sort of critical mass, and there is nothing left for them to “pick on”!

    Thanks so much, Christy – many blessings to you! :-)

  63. Moraima Caceres says:

    Dear Christy,
    Thanks for the gift of wisdom that you offer to me very week, I do enjoy magnetic Mondays, and today the saucer fable, really resonate.
    Looking forward to Magnetic Monday

  64. This is really interesting topic! of course the subjects you speak about are all amazing, I don’t know how you find them! Its not easy to find new topic each week!
    I know people who even go to psychics to change other’s behaviors the way they want to, and they pay for that service!
    You explained it in a very nice and realistic way.
    I really appreciate and benefit from your short videos, they are great!

  65. This is SO what I needed to hear right now….Thanks!!!

  66. Antoinette Cantieni says:

    Reading and listening to Christy’s Messages has been . . . . like if an unvisible force has taken me by the shoulders and gently turned me from a nonworking outlok to a working outlook. And at the same time incourage my inner understanding to grow, and also my courage to grow and step into that new way and – doing it. I hope this makes sence. It is not so easy to put into words what has happend wordless.

    Thank you Chrity And blessings to all

  67. Hi
    I am really pleased to hear your talk every Monday as it gives us so much energy and positivism
    I really loved it!

  68. Thanks Christy! Great insights as always. Recently, I found myself having a similar discussion with a friend about how she was relating to other people’s expectations and I reminded her that everything needs to come from within. A lot of those insights/lessons have come from you and other great coaches like you. Thanks!

  69. hi Christy,
    I personally feel that this video is the best of all your magnetic Mondays! Absolutely fabulous information and coaching on the subject spoken.
    thanks, luv

  70. Christy – as said in many comments I read – for this week it is just the right message what you bring – I very much enjoy the Magnetic Mondays and I am always ‘excited’ what is there to transform now. I am grateful and love to be connected with you and the community. The Magnetic Mondays are with me during the Week and support me. light me up and I feel connected.
    For this week to take everything 100% responsibility for me and my thoughts and Actions and be concious about it – is GREAT. I am in a challenging Situation now in my marriage – Long time marriage and I am now at the Point to look in my inner world – and stop to go on the other side which I did not admit to myself but so it was. I intent now to make the shift fo be true to myself . That is were I am now.
    Love and gratitude to you – I love the Beauty and Excellence you radiate out in the world.
    from Heidelberg

  71. Thanks for sharing your wisdom Christy! I am feeling so connected to what you have to share. And I am grateful for reminding me of these important laws & techniques. It’s amazing to see a coach operating on such a high frequency. Love & Light from Australia

  72. Thanks. the best ever.

  73. thanks, Christy, for the reminder and affirmation of this wisdom — appreciate your warm and giving spirit.

  74. I truly enjoy your Magnetic Monday. This week is a good topic! Our culture/life/work/family expects me to give and give and then I feel guilty when I do something for myself. The cup and saucer analogy is GREAT for me to try to decrease my guilt feeling when doing something for ‘me’. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us!!

  75. Hi Christy,
    I like your work very much, but am a bit irritated as my mails keep coming back with a failure notice (spam report): I’d just like to ask if there’ll be a replay of your latest events, as for most Europeans it’s impossible to participate at this time…

    Thanks very much and I hope it will be possible to get in touch with you again soon!


  76. Just LOVE the drink from the saucer analogy. I will be using that one!!!! Oh and reminding myself to keep my cup full. Demands of society doesn’t encourage us to keep our cup (life energy) full.
    THANK YOU for sharing.

  77. Great! Thank you. I always look forward to “Magnetic Monday”. This month I have been on a trip and I am catching up, but, yes I love “Magnetic Monday”.

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