Magnetic Monday – Competition

I hope you had a great weekend!

Get ready for this week’s episode because this topic has the potential to completely change your life like it has done to mine.

This episode of The Quantum Success Show is all about competition and how it is rooted in lack and limitation.

When you celebrate someone else’s success, it raises your vibration.

On the other hand, if you find yourself feeling jealous or envious, switch your thoughts to inspiration instead.

You will then be energetically vibrating in abundance instead of lack.

Know that you can create anything you desire. When you feel competitive, just know that there is a little lack within you, and it can be shifted.

Thanks so much for watching!

Please share with me your comments on this subject and how it has impacted you.

Much love, Christy

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  1. Laurie Collins says:

    Thank’s for sharing on the topic of competition. I can relate having grown up with a similar home life. Don’t believe it has much effect anymore on me however your post has reminded me to watch for this negative in my life. Thanks again. Laurie Collins.

  2. Thank you Christy ! I really really needed that especially at a time where I to establish my self and my peers and friends of many years are soaring with great successes. Thank you again!

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Yes, celebrate their successes and be happy for them. This will only create more success in your life!!!

  3. Teresa Correia says:

    Thank you! Exactly what i needed to hear!

  4. Luis Rodriguez says:

    Wow…this really resonated with me. Thank you so very much Christy.

  5. Christy,

    Thank you for your insightful, inspiring and invaluable (lol – I love “I” words) videos. They are helping me completely transform every aspect of my life.

    Kerri McCracken

  6. That’s why I love your work Christy, your messages always speaks to my heart:) I grew up in a very competitive environment too, where everybody compared themselves to each other all the time, so I thought that was a quite normal interaction between people. Now that all these patterns are affecting my adult life, I realize I have work to do within myself. It may not be easy, but I am open and willing to change this and create a new pattern that fulfills me with joy:)Thank you for sharing your wisdom and light, God bless you always! Ana

  7. Thank you Christy, I’ve found myself competing against ageism in my own mind. I’m this old (57), which is young, but what do I do now? I’ve completed a career in law enforcement with a pension. I’m a great manifester.
    I’ve accomplished a lot in my life, I am moving to a beach home next month, but the competitor says you’re too old to create a money making empire now!
    Liar!! But I can’t see around it….this video today has reminded me to stay open to the Art of Allowing endless opportunities to fill in my grid:D…blessings to you,

  8. Thank you for that great video, Christy! I definitely resonated with this topic. I have recently come to remember and accept the fact that I take my time in starting new endeavors, I have what seems like a ‘slower’ speed than most people. In the past, it would make me feel discouraged because I would feel like I wasn’t doing enough or doing it the way other people were doing it, and therefore maybe I shouldn’t be trying at all. But, what I do is process lots of things in my mind along the way when I am taking on new challenges, and eventually, slowly but surely, they DO happen. I find MY way to do them that feels authentic to me and then I can move forward. So, now, instead of beating myself up for not doing it a certain way, I remind myself that my way is good, and unique, and that people are waiting for my perspective in the world, so I make steps to put it out there. I always appreciate the reminder, though to celebrate others successes and be inspired by them. I was recently inspired by a couple of artist friends of mine, and I thought it was such a good shift for me that I felt inspired, rather than discouraged or comparative with them.
    Have a great day, look forward to more!

  9. Thanks Christy. On the first thing you said then yes some people will resonate with you more, and I certainly feel that about you than the rest of the crowd doing similar work for a living. It is always good to see you smile and it has helped me move on from a more negative space to watch your videos.
    On competition then today I was in a sailing boat with a blind person called Emma also. She had a driver, etc etc and everyone was going on about how amazing she was, they only just met me and don’t know if I did/was/am anything remarkable or not…they certainly didn;t ask so I could have felt pissed off but when you are in a boat with a blind woman you do actually want and need to cooperate! I am lucky to get on again by myself after a year of treatment for secondary breast cancer, and I was glad to be able to escort Emma down the jetty on my arm. I think with competition then nearly always you can see, if you look, some kind of universal balance going on between people. When you see that then you don’t need to feel so shit! Then you can cooperate. The thing is to stay balanced in your own truth.

  10. Hello Christy! I had a very similar situation in my childhood, where a was constantly compared to my cousins. I am in the process of creating courses and yes my thought not many weeks ago was “there are so many others who do it, where do I fit in?”. Thanks to todays session I know there is a place for me. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful week. Irene (México)

  11. Great Video! Yes, when some one does or has something that we want to do/have, there is a possibility of envy and jealousy coming up. For me, it used to be “Not good enough” OR “Not lucky enough”

    Based upon my experience, I think it is the AWARENESS. Once I became aware, I consciously started asking myself questions like
    Why do I feel this way? Most often the answer is irrational self sabotaging thought/past baggage.
    Then I make a choice to first forgive myself for thinking that my feelings meant something bad about me when I felt “Not good enough” OR “Not lucky enough”
    I forgive and thank the other person.
    Once I do that, my whole energy shifts to “I am good enough” and I get inspired to take action to get what I want or do. If not, I do get clarity as to whether I really want or do the thing that the other person does/has.

  12. so very true! thank you for yet another great video. it all fits in in trying to be a better person by being supportive and, watching and learning…

  13. oh my goodness, you hit it right on the head! “Competition is rooted in lack”; so so so true! I make it a personal (unpaid, so far) JOB to foster goodwill and communal cooperation, because WE REALLY ARE ALL ONE – we ALL want the same thing, I don’t care what anybody says from “ego”.

    Yeah…this is all about ego, and knowing this helps me to see right through motivations. I don’t know if it’s simply the Full Moon energy right now, but this topic seems to come up often, like in-your-face challenges from people close to me. Perhaps there is a part of me that needs to see this for whatever reason – I am going to be pondering this very topic in the next few days. I thought I had it all sewed up; no ego, Universal Peace, etc….but there you go – I’m still human, I guess! :-)

    Thanks again for reading my mind, Christy! You are the best!!!! :-)

    Much love and many blessings always!

  14. Christy,
    I am relatively new to LOA and I have been thoroughly enjoying your Magnetic Mondays. I came into your circle through Natalie Ledwell’s Inspiration Show.
    I must admit that I have been really discouraged when I have a great idea and then Google it to see who’s out there. Your lesson today really gave me a new outlook on learning from manifestations in others’ lives.

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