Magnetic Monday: Contrast

Here’s another episode of the Quantum Success Show (filmed right on the cruise ship during our family vacation a couple months ago.)

This week’s show is about Contrast.

What is contrast?

It’s what we don’t want.

Can we ever avoid contrast altogether?

Unfortunately, no. It is inevitable.

But, if you change your perspective about contrast it can become a way to get clear on what you do want.

It’s only 4 and a half minutes long and I know you’ll love it.

After you watch it here — Remember to enjoy the contrast in your life, because it will give you clarity in your life.

If you change your perspective, it changes the attachment to the contrast.


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  1. Christy, you are great! Every contrast opens up to you four doors of clarity; 1.You are able to size up and understand your power of difference, 2. You enjoy and understand the dissimilarity that exist between you and the contrast in question 3. Your distinctive value and prowess comes to the fore on a radiant note as an indicator of true manifesting and 4. You are able to distinguish the potent values among given variables.
    Contrasts are good like you said depending on the way you see it and respond to it. When you see it appreciably, then you will be able to cease it. In fact, in every manifesting you need contrast as a raw material for the processing of credible outcomes. This is where your true and authentic self from within finds the necessary fine tuning and fabrication in the complicated and diverse looms for human artistry! It has the capacity to demonstrate your reality and portends your maturity in a good light….so that in effect your authority stands out in the gravity of life. Have a great week.

  2. Oh this is soo beautiful and soo well explained. This helps me to deal with the unexpected.

  3. Your videos give me practical advice about issues I have or had questioned and struggled.Thank you and God.

  4. Wow Christy that is commitment… making a video while on a cruise… Awesome!!!
    I’m so working on my reactions to the events in my life… lots of self control…lol
    Thanks so much !!!!

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