Magnetic Monday – Emotion

How are you feeling today?

Do you know that your emotions are so important in manifesting the life you want?

Emotions guide and teach us.

How do emotions play a role in manifestation?

How do you experience emotions?

That is what this episode of the Quantum Success Show is all about.

So many of us have been taught to keep our emotions bottled up inside and it literally destroys us from the inside out (physically, mentally, and emotionally.)

This weeks show is less than 5 minutes, and it’s one that you may want to watch over and over again.

Take some time away from your emails to check it out and be sure to let me know your thoughts and feedback below the video.

You’re going to love what you learn… I promise :-)

Thank you so much for watching.

Much love,


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  1. Charlotte says:

    Hi Christy I just love it… you are always so real… Thanks for the reminder about emtions!!
    have an awesome day!!

  2. Christy,

    Nice post. It’s hard to pull it all together sometimes. Especially when you clearly know where you want to be and are just that millimeter away. How to remain consistent and not give in during a low frequency time and just keep digging in. Any suggestions? It sometimes feels like starting over. How does one remain more consistently in flow?

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Hi Ellen,
      GREAT show idea. This question requires a bit more information in order for me to answer in more detail. If you can give me an email and let me know some specifics of what you are going through and what exactly you need some guidance on, I can create a video and answer you thoroughly. Thanks:) Christy

  3. Hello Christy! Just this last Saturday I learnt that a feeling that I had the previous Saturday was not what I thought to be. At the beginning I thought it was sadness and jealousy, but on Saturday I realized it was anger and being conscious of the right emotion helped me to move on. Thank you. Have a nice week. Irene

  4. Wilanie Germishuizen says:

    I love your videos, thank you for all the hope and inspiration!

  5. Christy–

    I like your video on emotions this week. It is important to release them. I have one question: how can we know for sure that we are finished experiencing an emotion and when it is time to do a process to raise our vibration?

  6. Christy,

    Thanks so much for this video.! Seriously, it is so insightful- love the idea that there are no negative emotions just differing states of attraction.

    Totally need to incorporate this truth in my life. Thanks again, Christy!

  7. Christy, thank you so very much for the One billion pound phraseology “Emotions are energy in motion) i.e. E-motion! It communicates to me 1. A psycho-digitalization process, procedure and prowess involved in true manifesting 2. That my energy within seeks to find and gain a speedy alignment with the universe that is always working for me and so- connecting aboundance describes and underscores my natural state of equilibrium. 3. When I don’t feel and experience my emotion, I am unreal, fake and do a lot of “make beliefs” that makes men and the universe to hold back its response in definite releases to me; and so what do I do, I must process to perform otherwise I will truncate a procedure; and the end results in depression as against expression. My conclusion is therefore to yield to the flow within and enjoy it “for out my belly shall flow rivers of living water” ( That is my emotion in action within). Until I am a partaker, no one can be a participant of my emotion on a private note. Many thanks. I will send you soon a copy of my works on “Journey to Personal Vibration”

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Wow. Your comment is so profound. I appreciate the level of thought and consciousness:) AMAZING:) Thank you. Can’t wait to read it:)

  8. Thank you very much. We learned how to silence our emotions and somtimes say different opinion about our emotions, How to express our true emotions?

  9. Sheila williams says:

    Thanks Christy, very insightful. Great video to start the week and in fact the month. Have a fantastic and Christ-filled December 2013.

  10. Thank you Christy – priceless info as always. But can you or anybody out there PLEASE tell me how you process an emotion. I need some help on this.
    Where does this idea that it only takes 90 seconds come from?
    If my understanding is correct we feel ‘happy’ emotion which is either pleasant/enjoyable/ecstatic! ( so called postive emotion) or its opposite BECAUSE the perceived experience we have encountered. The person/place/event/thing – has triggered a memory from our own data banks of past experiences/knowledge/entrainment etc ( our own consciousness and that of the collective ) – which either we feel comfortable with or not.
    So what do we do on a practical level ?
    What if for example we see a parent hitting a child in the street for no apparent reason – the emotion of anger arises – partly because we were hit in similar circumstances as a child and/or because in our culture it is no longer accepted practice. …Do we just acknowledge that we feel the anger and just breathe it out? Do we detach ourselves from thought and poof in 90 seconds the emotion has magically dissapeared …….I’m genuinely confused.
    Please Help!

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