Magnetic Monday – Essence

How are you?

Happy Monday!

This week’s episode of The Quantum Success Show is all about the key to really magnetizing what you want to you. And that key is essence.

Essence is the bottom line energy or feeling that you want to experience in your life.

We want the things we want really for the essence of our desires.

When you tap into that essence and make that your dominant vibration, you are then a magnet attracting those experiences, circumstances, situations, people, etc. into your reality.

What is your essence?

Let’s continue the conversation. Let me know what the essence of your desire is.

Thank you for watching.

Have a magnetizing week!


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  1. Thanks Christy! This is super helpful. I often find it difficult while meditating to feel like I am connecting to what I want. I know that is an essential part of manifesting so I really appreciate you prompting all of us to dig deeper.

    Thanks so much!

  2. Christy you are adorable & wise, thank you. I want to manifest work that really helps people and allows spiritual and financial abundance for myself, family and all that co-create with me including those I serve. The essence below it I believe is freedom from the conditioned self and the expression of love and acceptance activated in as many people I’m meant to touch. Perhaps below that is the essence of healing. Thank you for framework to contemplate such things. Namaste.

  3. Dear Christy, Thanks Christy — great video and they always are. I love that you shared what you wanted connection and love. I am focused on the essence of love and contribution to others that makes a difference in lives and of course in mine. Today I connected with my cousin who just had surgery on her face — for skin cancer and she — yes she and her family lifted me up — and I did the same for them. It was very special — I think sharing our essence is delightful and inspiring.

  4. hey Christy – you’ve already helped me out! :-)

    Just bringing this (for me) new way of IDENTIFYING that FEELING to my awareness has helped a great deal. What a GREAT WORD, “essence”! It evokes an INSTANT reaction in me, a positive way of connecting with the feeling I am going for when I am trying to manifest something.

    I think I have one main desire – to feel LOVE in all it’s splendorous forms…be it of a romantic nature, or that mushy version that I feel for my pets, or the feeling of FREEDOM I get when I think about abundance of money. It all fits in there!

    I guess I should thank that lady, too, for bringing her issue to you! :-)

    Anyway, once again, many many thanks!

  5. Dear Christy,

    Thank you so, so much! I have a profound question though: Can the essence also be a mixture of feelings? I am “swimming” a bit in uncertainty… My feelings are freedom, ease, abundance and power. Can that be? How can I know? Thank you so much for your help, please… :-)

    CaroLovErgy to you from Germany!


  6. Thanks Christy! I love the way you have clarified the word “essence”

    To me essence, boils down to “feeling centered/connected to my HIGHER SELF Or soul” and being at peace with myself.

  7. Hi Christy, I want to know how to vi brat in love and connection?

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