Magnetic Monday – Glide

Ahhh, glide.

A subject that is not always easy—at least for me.

We are taught to work hard and make things happen.

This is how most of our parents created what they wanted.

However, it totally works against the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance.

This week’s episode of The Quantum Success Show is all about gliding.

Gliding allows us to reflect, to honor what we have created, and to enjoy the rewards of our efforts.

Summer has been a glide period for me. And it feels so good. :)

Let me know how this topic of gliding has impacted you.

Much love,


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  1. Hi.
    Sounds wonderful and exactly what I need – some Gliiide time :)

    But im not sure how I will do it – today I hit a low period and wondering what to do net – so many things on the list that need to do (get a job! get more structure in my day and clear my small surroundings of clutter) and want to do (new business property strategy!) – which Im thinking would get me to a place where I am actually feeling a sense of success. Without close friends / business partners around me to bat ideas with, it creates a sense of unknowing and block.
    Other stuff on top of that – like organising a bday party and the stress that goes with that.. Eek. Now looking for glide points. actually because of unsuredness realise im shutting down and allowing non performing glide times – like watching tele. umm..

  2. Hi Christy! just this weekend I was thinking, I need to start gliding … and when I opened your mail it felt perfect. Thank you. Have a wonderful week. Irene (México)

  3. hey christy,
    thanks for the video. just curious, how do you know when you need to glide or just feeling lazy. what if all you needed for your desires to manifest was that one last push? after all we are constantly being told to never give up.
    while we trust, we still need to keep on going….right?

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Hey Maria,
      Great question. Gliding does not mean you feel apathetic or unmotivated, or give up. Glide actually feels good. It is the time to celebrate the accomplished work. It is a time to reflect and expand on the success that was achieved. It is the time to go within and connect to a deeper part of yourself. It is polar opposite of being lazy. Gliding is not giving up. And as I said in the video (if you use the ski analogy) you are still working, but you are letting the momentum take you like going down hill with skiing. You are still working, but the momentum is taking you. I hope that helps:)

  4. Hi Christy, thank you so much for your positive input on the video, I always look forward to your sessions as they are very life changing once implemented…..I have currently just had one of these created experiences where in two weeks it manifested, it has literally increased our presents in the Market place……Re Gliding and time out, I have been doing this to a measure in that I live in moments and I’m always giving thanks, so in this moment…….I thank God for you :)

  5. Hi Christy, I have been pushing, and maybe push a little harder .I am planning to glide through October.(working on my turn around). Do you pick the follow up videos? Eyde Grome does some nice gliding.

  6. Hello Christy,
    “Gliding for the current to take us…..” awesome and exciting! That’s worth a million dollar pound to me! absolutely exciting and emotionally stabilizing. Thank you for confirming my latest experience. My wife and I just came out of a ‘gliding session’ in an hotel retreat…these are my personal discovery ; When you don’t glide you dissipate so much energy beyond the required- I discovered I was doing pretty much without harnessing the joy, bliss and full expression I really desire.. In spite of my capacity to acquire certain ends, I aspire for that natural state of equilibrium between my internal energy and the external reality without ample manifestation which culminated into little results of various unfinished venture giving the multiple efforts. Through gliding, I have come to discover an internal synergy resulting in more than a proportionate outcome at work! So I came up with a new phraseolology “The Synergy/ Energy Multiplier Effect” which is a function of Inherent in Gliding for Optimal Manifesting! By Derivation OM=(f) Energy * Gliding=> Given the Inherent Synergy. So apart from maintaing an equilibruim, I can conserve and redistribute energy which sends a vibrational mode to my mental and physical person; thereby causing me to stay fresh and my looks becomes radiant. I can then obtain result(faster and easier) while experiencing a rejuvenation of some sort! I am thinking of putting a book together on this soon. Many thanks.You have been an inspiration to me for many years! Kindly endorse my new book “The Inherent Power of Attraction” Fallon-your customer service desk is aware!
    James Komolafe- Head, Capacity Building – Jakomvee Consulting, Chief Learning Officer: School of Impartation & Articulation

  7. I recognise that I often glide in a smaller scale as well. On a day to day basis, it could be something like taking a step back from my artwork, so that I don’t over work it just to get it ‘right’, or a quiet time after a lively visit with friends, or allowing myself to do whatever, for the sake of taking a break from a busy afternoon of work.
    Thank you Christy for your inspiration!

  8. Ahhh, yes, I do so love those “glide” periods! :-) They are much needed for all of us, for sure! We forget sometimes that there is nobody forcing us to do ANY thing, except ourselves. Our need to accomplish and achieve, whatever that means to each of us, keeps us sometimes running ourselves off our feet.

    So it’s a blessing when those periods arrive where the very energies of the Universe are prodding us to just let go and relax, and glide along for a while…I am really learning to appreciate and be grateful when those times happen!

    Thanks once again, Christy – excellent topic! Many blessings :-)

  9. Dear Christy,
    I watched your video 3 times, and even if I understand ”gliding”, I still don’t know what it brings us?
    I mean what is the difference if we take that day off to enjoy the momentum, or just ”keep on going”?
    I admit I always make goals and when I complete one, I immediately make another goal to accomplish. So, I never stop and celebrate. Would it be lack of self-love or self-care?

    I would appreciate your thoughts,
    Your video’s really make me think through …Thank you!!!

  10. Hello Christy
    I would like to thank again for all your inspiring e-mails and webcasts. I am a Reiki M P. IAm looking to start my own business at home. I am working on clientele now and free time to work in a schedules.
    I still am working on when to start mt 50 day. Will Probably start after the grandchildren go back to school .
    Thank you again. You are really a beacon of white light and I really appreciate all of your inspiration

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