Magnetic Monday – Health & LOA

Happy Monday!

This weeks episode of The Quantum Success Show is all about health and the Law of Attraction.

Do you have any beliefs about your health or well-being that you have received from someone else?

I did when I became a mom. And I kept getting sick because I did not challenge those thoughts and beliefs.

Enjoy a ride on the Disney Cruise with me as I talk about what I did to get back into full well-being.

I am happy to say that I have not had a sniffle since February :)

YAY :)

Also, I am giving you a gift of the meditation to fill in your energetic grid. This meditation is great to change any type of belief that you have on any subject.

Enjoy, and please leave me your comments on what beliefs you are willing to give up so you can be in well-being.

Much love,


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  1. Thanks Christy!

    Love what you do and your contributions!

    I am about to listen to the meditation.

    Love and blessings,


  2. Absolutely LOVED the meditation! Feel so great now, all light and happy :-) I just manifested this, too! Thanks Christy and Universe <3

  3. Thankyou Christy for the energetic meditation cleanse.
    It was beautiful. Your explanation of how the grid works is the
    best and easiest to understand I have ever heard. You put things into
    terms I can grasp with ease, yet learn from in such an extrordinary way.
    Thankyou for making my Monday so magnificent Monday!

  4. Great video Christy! It’s so important for people to really take this to heart. The best thing I ever read in a book about health and deliberate creation said if anyone ever says to you ‘be careful or you will catch a cold’ simply respond ‘thank you but I don’t use my body for sickness’. That’s always been the way I think about it after reading that and since then I don’t concern myself with those around me and their creations of ill health

  5. margaret Brush says:

    The explanation was to long. Re listen when I have more time. I am going to try what
    you are saying. I have MS. It would be so cool if it helped.

  6. Christy, the point about the societal belief that as we age, things are going to deteriorate hit home for me. I have always been seen as someone who does not look my age and I am very grateful for that. I have found that I have been ‘buying’ into the belief that because I have hit menopause, that so many issues are occuring or will occur – weight gain around the middle, hair loss, loss of desire, bladder leakage, etc. etc. Thank you for the wake up call to take back my choice in how my body will be at any age.

    • Hi Elaine,
      Just wanted to let you know, your beliefs ARE your truth. I am now 63 years old, have gone thru menopause many years ago and have never had any of the problems you are describing. Everyone thinks I am about 45, which is great except for the men attracted to me (and I am single) are all in the age group from 35 to 50. While this may sound appealing, we are in such different stages of life (they have small children or want children). But I will admit, looking and feeling younger is better. I became involved with horses at the age of 56 (never had horses in my life before) and I even learned at this age to defy gravity during my learning curve with all the flying off at the most unexpected times. But now I have 2 of my own horses and have come into a whole new life (I go to the stalls instead of the malls). You are as young as you THINK! And positive thinking DOES enhance your life! Enjoy! :)

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Hi Elaine:) Good for you!!!!!! Yeah, there are cultures of women that have no signs or symptoms of menopause. In the Western culture it is like we as women just accept that, when it does not have to be our reality:)

  7. I can fully commit to you Christy. And the meditation was great. – I really felt inner peace and ease. It was the perfect ending of the working day. And literally I did powerwash my rooms in the morning not only cleaning, but also in mind taking away all the negative energy which has accumulated over the last weeks. So I´ll do more selfcare like this from now on give more attention on what I take over often unconscious. Thank you for the audio!

  8. HI Christy
    I like the idea of working with an energetic grid on your body and mind and emotions because if you read books like by Gregg Braden he argues that cutting edge metaphysics have proven God itself is a divine matrix of intelligence fired by feeling, energetically linking all and being everywhere. I found myself in the meditation having an area in my mind grid that was just blocked and not linking or firing up, I tried to imagine the golden light working down through this and I did feel something lift in me, as I have sometimes felt heavy lately, in my mental energy. I feel that I must use the meditation again as I am sure coming from you that it is a very Valuable gift, thank you very much. On the situation grid then I feel it must be of benefit to infuse the situation with the golden light, you are right sometimes we cannot see a solution, but first it begins to change on an inner level. Just to add also, it was interesting and true what you said on how you choose to focus in your article on Friday, but in Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer, Gregg Braden correctly says if you bury or mask pain then that which is within you can destroy you. It seems ok to be brave and gungho and get on with life and a positive focus when you are really hurting of someone, (which I was doing) but if you don’t face any serious pain and get the pain out of you then it takes away your health. (which happened, and I was suddenly fighting for my life last year.) This is what I have learnt anyway.
    I am keen to use the mediatation over again until this blockage really clears up:)
    Keep up the great work!

  9. DoryPentz says:

    Again, Just thanking you so much your mindfulness and thoughtfulness of others.
    Thank you for you encouragement, generosity and consideration and how you’ve put them a little more in our reach.

  10. Hi Christie – thanks for the great video. It’s a great reminder to be on the lookout for everything we’re hearing around us, and what we’re taking in and believing! I’m sure we’ve all heard negative comments not only about health issues, but about money, weight, etc. This has got me thinking about what I could have heard and believed that isn’t serving me that I can flip to better thoughts. Thanks! David

  11. Hi Christy,

    Everyone was telling me that when you hit menopause you gain weight. I believed it and I did. I finally decided that it was silly. I never had a weight issue before and just because I was older it shouldn’t matter. After that decision I lost my excess pounds in 4 months and haven’t gained an ounce since. I eat whatever I want. Beliefs are so powerful!

  12. Priscilla Pugh says:

    I am continuously amazed, informed, taught and empowered by you, as you promised, Christy!!! I’m excited about what I’ve experienced so far and looking forward to what will follow!! Always the best!! And, of course, my life is changing for the better at an alarming rate!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  13. I had the same beliefs christy and sure enough every time my niece and nephews were sick I’d get sick too! Practicing energy medicine and being in the qsca has shifted me for sure and I haven’t been sick all year! I’m also too busy to get sick! Thank you for sharing your meditations with us. So grateful! Now I am going to use it to get rid of the belief that sugar and dairy cause breakouts :p

  14. June Kellogg says:

    Hi Christy,

    What tremendous Good Fortune to mystically get connected to you and all that you are up to .

    I am emerged in this teaching.

    Merci !

    June :)))

  15. Mark K. Donyen says:

    Receiving sight for insight under the tutor of our coach; God continues to bless you.

  16. Santino Deng says:

    Hi Christty,
    I thanks you and your teaching is very indeed remarks for me I was a truly inspire with powerful knowledge and I gain a piece of mind, and care of duty within me! You are the best keep your work going and God bless you..

    Regard, Santino Deng

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