Magnetic Monday: How to Create Freedom in Your Life

Do you feel free in your life? In all areas of your life?

If not, then you will want to watch this Quantum Success Show on How to Create Freedom in Your Life.

There are steps to take in order to create freedom, and they are not difficult or strenuous.

But first ask yourself, “What does freedom mean to me?”. What would freedom in every aspect of your life look like in your mind?

Now come over and watch the show and let’s get you moving in the direction in your life!

The show is less than 8 minutes long and will get you on the track to not only feeling freedom, but to help you create that as your reality.

Please leave me a comment and let me know how this information landed inside of you.

Thank you so much for watching,


P.S. Next week on the Quantum Success Show I will be sharing with you another important topic… Living Your Life’s Purpose. Be sure to tune in!

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  1. Hi Christy!
    I would love to if you could answer this…Please know that this isn’t anything personal about you/your work, this is a general question about law of attraction etc. and I want to ask you because you are my favourite loa “authority” :)
    I have done “self improvement” over six years now (I’m 40 years old woman) and have studied “all about” loa. I have now some existential crisis. I see no “improvement” in me//in my life, I feel that the time I’ve used to “improve” myself…all the other people have been LIVING the life and get on with their lives.
    Based on all I know about loa, I should be able to “manifest” my soulmate, the beautiful house and beautiful furniture, lottery win, beautiful skin, like “this week”, or why not, immediately tomorrow, if I just “align” with it. But where are they? Nowhere to be seen :( I’m the same as always (and I do am grateful about many things and life itself!). But I’m not at all “better” or more advanced than an average person (who has never studied any of these things), I do not get things any “easier” than anyone. I’ve tried to focus on goals and on the other hand, “let go” and relax…but no external “results”.
    I’ve done courses, seminars, EFT, read articles, years…Now I just feel that because of all this I’ve alienated from “real life”, I’m disconnected from myself and generally unhappy. What’s wrong with me, what is your advice? I’m so sorry to report all this.

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Thank you so much. I am glad I speak to you:) So first of all NOTHING Is wrong with you. That is the first thing you need to let go of. Look at all of this manifestation as a spiritual journey back to yourself. When you start making peace within yourself and stop looking for the things you want to manifest and make you happy, that is when they will. We have coaches in training that can help assist you, because there are levels. We are not just simple beings. There are thoughts, beliefs, and even perspectives that might be splitting your energy. But nothing is wrong with you. And the re-connection back to yourself is really the answer. If you want help with a coach, email and she can get you set up with a coach for a few free sessions. I hope this helps. Thanks

    • That took courage for A.E. to share this with all of us. I could feel and sense that you have done so much of the inner and outer work needed to accomplish your goals. I can also see that Christy has identified very specifically that there is still something that you are holding yourself back with, and this as I observe it, being that we need to Release those things we desire, and not hinge our current happiness upon them. The more we let go and practice the Law of Detachment (one of the 7 Universal Laws of Attraction), the better everything becomes for us. While I am certainly by far NO EXPERT in this, I thought it might be helpful to you if I shared this. I am grateful for what you have shared so personally here today, and so bravely, as I have seen my own past struggles with the very thing you describe. Wishing you all the love you allow yourself to deserve and your wishes come true! A little ‘cheer me up’ is to listen to the sweet sweet simple song by Jiminy Cricket from the movie Pinocchio, which you can easily find on Youtube. It is called When you Wish Upon a Star.

      • Christy Whitman says:

        Agreed! Thanks, Doreen for being supportive and sharing. <3

      • Thank you Dee, this sincerely touched my heart, that people I don’t even know personally offer me support <3
        And I got this huge aha-moment, I read what you wrote and thought: Exactly! I have been extremly attached to my goals, which probably is the "block"! I see now, many of my goals are very fear-based, "if this and that thing will not happen, I will be in trouble, I will not be safe, I neeed them to happen" etc. This was a super awareness for me!! Also, I am now able to uncover this limiting belief: If I don't "try hard" and stress about everything, all the time…it means I'm an "irresponsible adult". Interesting!
        Of course, money, work etc. are important for "survival", but I still not yet fully understand, how to make a goal, visualise and then "let go" and "do not care" when and how the things will happen….and then totally detach. It actually feels scary/risky and very difficult, I'm not sure if I'm the only one who feels this way?
        But thank you so much for this little (big!) conversation, I already FEEL better and happier…and when it comes to loa, we all know what that means… :D

  2. Aww, thank you Christy!
    I think “self improvement” and “fixing” myself started to become in itself an unhealthy obsession for me, I disconnected from myself and probably therefore feel quiete unwell, because that is sort of “anti life”. I already start to get some clarity…I think many of my goals, like “lottery win”…I just basically feel unsafe in life. And getting a “soulmate”, I feel partly there is this “urgency”, because I feel ashamed, “I’m 40 years old and still not married, what will people think about me”. And so on. Hmm, so maybe I’ve been trying to “manifest” things with the wrong motive/wrong vibration?
    I just dislike it when some loa teachers say “feel good all the time” (inhumane, I think…) and then things will just come….like you say, we are not so simple beings.
    But don’t worry, I’m fine, this is just some little crisis going on…but life is good as it lways is :)

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