Magnetic Monday – The Power of I AM

This week’s show is a very important topic and has two little special guests. Guess who they are?

The two little words, “I am” are so powerful.

We create from the beliefs about who we are.

As one of my favorite teachers, Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote, “The words I am, which you consistently use to define who you are and what you are capable of, are holy expressions for the name of God—the highest aspect of yourself.”

I invite you to learn about these “I am” statements and the subpersonalities within you, so you can evolve and move past them. Here is a free mediation to help you do so:

Please leave me your comments below. This is how I continue the conversation with you.

What are some “I am” statements that you have that you are willing to give up?

Much love to you,


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  1. Had three dwi`s before I was 21 then another when I was 33 and another when I was 45. I was allways told I was a alcoholic so I guess I lived up to it . Well over a year ago I let it go and stoped drinking all on my own stopped eating meat and took a class in nutrition from INN and I have no desire to drink again or eat processed food or meat or any G E food.


  3. Awesome!

  4. Deborah Paterson says:

    Thank you Chrissy

    I have a few I am statements that I say each day.

    I am successful I am the source of all wealth I am strong I am healthy.
    Believing these statements seems to be the problem for me.
    I have a few good days where it all feels nice cause I believe them but then there are days where I just don’t believe it then the words lose their power.
    I am thankful for your videos to keep my thoughts right and bring me back so please keep them coming.

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Thank you, Deborah:) Really feel the power of those words. On the days that you feel resistance coming up with that, find something that is close to those statements, but that you can accept as true. Something like, “I am becoming more successful each day.” Would that work for you?

  5. Deborah Paterson says:

    Sorry Christy

    I got your name wrong. my phone corrected me when I was right.

    I apologise.

  6. Some of my “I am’s” areL

    It’s so hard to be in business for yourself.

    I am tired. Not tired from not enough sleep but tired around running two businesses.

    Am I (a question) going to ever make TONS of $$ so I can relax and not worry?

    Thanks for your Magnetic Monday video!

    Best, Cheryl

  7. Thanks Christy so much for this video. Your boys are adorsble and so very blessed to have you for their mom (and your husband for their dad too), just as I’m sure you are feeling very blessed for them as well!

    I just posted this on my Inner Alignment Mandalas FB page this moring before I read your email, “I AM connected to a loving and supportive Universe. My job is to show up and be present in that love. Today I choose to be loving, I choose to be love in action ;)”

    I’m curious of your thoughts in regards to the last two sentences. In your opinion would you say energetically that thee is a difference from the way I stated that above, as opposed to saying “Today I AM loving, I AM love in action”?

    I value your thoughts on that :) Thanks again!

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Thank you, Jill!
      I think both are great in the way you declared them. I feel personally there is more power in the “I AM”. Say both of them out loud and see what feels more powerful for you:)

  8. oops…adorable is what I meant!

  9. Dear Christy,
    I’m a work in progress about congruency of my I am. Christy, thanks for the great video and also especially for you and your I am children.

  10. Chritsy, thanks for all of your videos and thank you for sharing so much personal information about yourself. The knowledge I’m gaining is invaluable.


  11. Rosa Muziotti says:

    Thank you for this loving integration meditation. I AM grateful for you

  12. jose antonio lopez says:

    You are a great woman, Christy, I admie you so much. The work you do, by encouraging the people is invaluable. You always come with fresh ideas to help, and the way you do it, make it so believable. Keep it up. Blessings.

  13. Charlene Potterbaum says:

    Dear, dear Christy–I have never wanted to use a lower case “i” to address myself while emailing even if it is a bit faster, because of the connection with “I AM”–I see it as a part of God’s name, especially if I am saying “I am this, or I am that…” but by remembering that I always choose to capitalize it, and why–makes me very conscious of what will follow that precious “I am”–like, I’ve learned NOT to say “I am stupid” or something that derogatory connected with that phrase. HOWEVER, I have been known to slip into a “I feel like a dope” mode at times, but that always makes me giggle as I am able to laugh at myself for simply being ME, tripping over my words or both my feet! Love you and what you do for us all!

  14. Thank you so much for this meditation and the inspiration coming with it! Even when working with the self, being on the healing journey for over two decades myself, I am grateful for there are always new aspects, or deeper layers to connect with and to transform. It was touching to see the subpersonality and her service: to dissolve anything what I would manifest at the moment it would bring me more into the focus of attention. Given my history I really understand.
    What a clear, powerful and helpful teaching. And also so important for me: to compassionately understand and feel the good intent within this distorted part. I will go on working with it and am curious about the effect this will have in my life. All the best, Marion

  15. Thank you very much!!! I am working a lot on me and these sessions help me a lot!

  16. Brian McKiel says:

    Chris, you are definitely not a pain in the ass nor could I ever imagine you being that way. I know you don’t believe that now. Interesting what we pick up at an early age and it sticks with us. I had the worst I AM statements in my younger years from pre-school age, all the way up through school and a long time afterwards. I am less than everyone else. I am slow. I am stupid. I am worthless. I even had an I Will statement. I Will never amount to anything. I’m sure you can imagine, I had a fun life. (sarcasm!) And I’ve been having a real hard time turning them around. But I Am doing it. Slowly, but surely. I’m doing it. I now have a much better opinion of myself and my capabilities, because I have been listening to people like you and Wayne Dyer and Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, the list goes on and on. Thank you for your part in it, Chris. And I thank all the others all the time.

  17. Bless You dear Christy – there was so much in my Inbox this morning but I felt compelled to open your letter and then to listen to the visualisation. What a life changer!! WOW. Thank you. A little child sub personality who had been told repeatedly that children should be seen and not heard was transformed magically by my Higher Self into a golden Dragon who is now installed in my heart and I suspect will enjoy being heard!! Maybe the lesson is that it is time to share the children’s stories, that I have written and filed away, to be heard. Your gift, of this beautiful visualisation, is like a bag of gold to everyone who has the good fortune to listen. I Love you. THANK YOU.

  18. Hi Christy, This is a great Monday magnet. Other than: I used to blame myself for being stupid .when I get tired I make mental mistakes and lose things . I recently lost my drivers licence. Now I cant get a new one becouse I dont have a picture id. Now I just blame myself for being tired. ( not as bad but still a problem) that beside itself. I am very positive > I do daily health habits, I read and listen to everything I can on making myself better.Being tired today I stumbled into Quantom jumping. not paying attention to the time It ran out and now I cant find it I am confident it will reappear. I am also confident I will be a good coach

  19. I enjoyed this as it is very important for me to identify with an empowering message.
    For years I identified as an alcoholic in AA then some years ago I saw the limiting believe in
    That statement and started qualifying as just greatful to be anywhere. In that process I
    Attracted a higher frequency along with a grateful attitude.

  20. Thank you Christy , we all need to hear this so much! I used to think I am strong I am doing what I set to do.


  21. Hi Christy,
    You look absolutely stunning in this video.What you are saying about ‘I am’ is very true.
    Like so many people i picked up extremely negative ‘I am’ thoughts and feelings from
    family and friends when i was younger and didn’t know anything.I feel i’ve messed my life
    up because of it but it is thanks to people like yourself that i keep trying to be positive
    no matter what. I appreciate your videos and wisdom very much.Thank you kindly.

  22. Hey Christy – thank you for this relatively new venue. Am looking forward to Mondays.
    My goodness how the boys have grown – so great to see them both so well and happy.

    The I AM has been around for a long time – from Shirley MacLean to Wayne Dyer to Harrison Klein and likely many others in between. This can never be brought to our attention often enough and helps us explain it to others / lead by example. It opens awareness and reminds/allows us to shift to be the best we can be.
    Thank you Friend

  23. The statements that that stick out to me are “I am not enough” and “I am broke or I can’t have [blank] because I don’t have enough”. Lack is the theme that I am working on overcoming with the help of Christy, Natalie, and plain old desire to change years of negative thinking. :)

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