Magnetic Monday: Key to Building Your Dream

I am thrilled to have a super special guest on the Quantum Success Show today!

Mary Morrissey is one of my mentors and one of the greatest teachers of spiritual laws on the planet right now.

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We discuss:

-Her amazing personal story that led her to be one of the greatest transformational teachers.
-Why it is so difficult for people to identify what they want in their lives.
-How to figure out what we would love.
-What dream is ready to birth from within you.
-Why some dreams excite us in the beginning and then die off.
-And so much more!

I hope you enjoy this show as much as I appreciated hosting it.

Let me know what you take away from this time with Mary.

I appreciate you!


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  1. I can feel Mary’s Energy come through my computer screen. I talked with her son about taking their advance program. Mary was trained by Jack Boland a Unity Minister I got to see several times. Unity is where my Spiritual journey started. During her talk with you I was reminded that there will be some ups and downs while on my path (Which is to introduce millions of people to the Ultimate Truth of how they really are). I also realized that for the past ten years or so I have had no one to talk with or master mind with or mentor me, and before that I had those things on and off after many years of thinking I was worthless. Well now I am kind of mentoring myself and I may have found someone to master mind with.
    When Mary Talked about Thomas Edison it reminded me of a side trip I am taking on my path to become the next Wayne Dyer. For the past 16 or so years I have been working with my associate on two projects one with a low cost Hydro Electric technology that was taken from us and one that is thought to be impossible but it’s not. The last one has taken a tremendous amount of time and money away from most aspects of my life. We still may pull this off and than money will be no object.
    I will take advantage of Mary’s gift and one day the three of us will be together and I can thank you both again. Remember keep July 4th 2020 open to be a part of history, the arm and arm link up of the Statue of Liberty and the Statue of Responsibility! Namaste! Art

  2. Ah, thank you Christy and Mary! This is so powerful.. Love you both.

  3. I so appreciate how you, Christy and Mary have shared your experiences and wisdom with us. I am closer in age to Mary and have had some similar experiences. I have had to spend the last year and a half being a primary caregiver to my husband whose severe COPD took all I had in me to help him in just about everything. I had to let go of my coaching business, my QSCA course, my home, lifestyle, and savings as we went down the path of possible double lung transplant in another state. The miracle occurred and he did receive the lungs 3 months ago. Recovery and monitoring will be ongoing but he is doing well. I have finally begun to exhale. I now am looking at my coaching business again as becoming a real possibility in 2017 and it being my source of income to rebuild my savings and improve my lifestyle. This is a dream I continue to hold onto with the help of Abraham’s processes and Christy’s lessons. I have read Mary’s dream books and between the two of you I can keep holding onto what I most love to do and be. Thanx!

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience and your insights. Holding you in a space of reaching your best and highest good! <3

  4. This is an amazing episode, Christy! Thank-you so much for inviting Mary Morrissey. I loved hearing her story. I will certainly watch her video training, Dream Builder. Such a generous gift! <3 you both!

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