Magnetic Monday – Law of Allowing – Part 2

I wanted to continue the conversation about the Law of Allowing, because this law is so misunderstood and there is complexity with this law.

So in this episode of the Quantum Success Show, I discuss the distinction about “approving” and “acceptance” as well as talk about boundaries.

Boundaries are so misunderstood. They are never about the other person, they are always about us.

And yes, we do teach people how to treat us, but not by getting them to change.

The key to remember with the Law of Allowing is if you are feeling resistance, you are not allowing.

Enjoy, and next week we will be talking about The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance.

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  1. Hi Christy, this was one of your best videos (for me) because I was always wondering how you handle conflict (perhaps conflict might even be worth another video.) What I would have done, if I was in your situation in your house; I would have asked “what makes you say that, please explain?” I it is so easy to judge because there is not much thought behind it. Asking the “offender” what did they mean with this or that statement forces them to feel and think, resulting to often eating their own words. Again, thanks for a great video. Michaell

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