Magnetic Monday – Law of Attraction in Relationships

There is nothing more frustrating than doing your inner work, seeing things manifest, feeling so wonderful, and then looking over at your partner who is negative, or just not creating for him/herself.

This really has potential to pull you off your own creative path.

This person could be a life partner, or even a business partner.

When we are in a relationship with someone, we are co-creating.

So, what do you do when you find yourself in this type of situation?

That is what this weeks episode of The Quantum Success Show focuses on: The Key to Law of Attraction in Relationships.

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  1. Deborah Paterson says:


    When I received this email I had just been asking God to show me how to move on from my relationship as it was dragging me down was my exact words. I asked to be srrounded by more positive people. Thank you so much. There is nothing better than the right word spoken at the right moment. Xx

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Deborah, you asked and it was given. You are that connected and powerful to be able to draw to you the answers that you need to any given situation. Much love to you, Christy

  2. I have experienced recently a relationship of 5 years, dissolved due to the reasons mentioned in your video. Still having trouble releasing her but know it’s best. Thank you!

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Hey Dave, if you are having trouble releasing her, ask yourself, “Where is your point of focus?” Focus on what you want, why you want it and how you will feel when you have it. Also, if you get a chance to the relationship release video from last week. XOXOX

  3. In a marriage relationship we say that we will be together irrespective of what life throws at us, so if the vibration did not match initially or is not matching now, can we not accept what is, try and raise the vibration of our life partner, keep our vibration high and becoming higher as we can only control what we do and not force others, and meet our commitment of staying together in this life and perform our duty and right karma ?

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Hi Nikhil, If you are both committed to the relationship and you are both willing to work on it, that also means working on yourselves no matter what happens. If you are looking for what is right and good about the person and the relationship that is what will show up. You can’t raise the vibration of your life partner, but you can affect his/her energy by how you view or focus on the person. Hope that helps.

  4. Thankyou very much Christy that is really helpful and exactly what I am working on over the weekend when something made me extremely happy. I finally today met up with a dog I walked and a pregnant woman who were able to really share/match on the level with me in my great mood/happiness, which is what I wanted. Your message has helped me clarify what I am going through and I am sure I will have some more thoughts on this subject this week. It’s so true we are not going to share 100% , 100% of the time and if we did we would be morphing with each other into the same life and lessons! Love and Blessings.

  5. loved the viedo.
    what is the process to Align my self with my higher self or source energy?

    thank you

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Thank you, Azad. Because we are in an abundant Universe there is as many ways to align with your self and source as there is people on the planet. Put out the intention to align in a deeper way and then imagine what that feels like to allow Source to flow love and light to you. The Law of Attraction will then bring you the next book, email, coach, mentor, program, etc. to fulfill your desire to align even more. Hope that helps.

  6. LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!! This is exactly what I needed to hear today. My husband and I are really dealing with this right now. He is struggling with an extremely negative business partner and it is affecting his energy, which affects us as a couple. I am hopeful that the LOA brings about a resolution with his partner so that we can get back into alignment with one another!!

  7. So very true, Christy! When your partner doesn’t align with your beliefs, all you can do is focus on the life that you want and stay in the high-vibrational zone. Makes perfect sense.

  8. Thanks For Sharing this nice Topic

    “The law of attraction is the name given to the belief that “like attracts like” and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results.[1][2][3][4] This belief is based upon the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from pure energy, and the belief that like energy attracts like energy.[citation needed] One example used by a proponent of the law of attraction is that if a person opened an envelope expecting to see a bill, then the law of attraction would “confirm” those thoughts and contain a bill when opened. A person who decided to instead expect a check might, under the same law, find a check instead of a bill.[5]

    Although there are some cases where positive or negative attitudes can produce corresponding results (principally the placebo and nocebo effects), there is no scientific basis to the law of attraction.[6]”

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