Magnetic Monday – Law of Release

In this episode of The Quantum Success Show, I discuss the Law of Release.

Releasing things in our lives is not always sexy or fun, but it is essential in bringing something different or new into manifestation.

I discuss forgiveness and how it is a release, and also how it works in alignment with the Law of Release.

I also discuss how we drain our energy, and how this is all tied in with the Law of Release.

Releasing is an essential part of manifesting. When we let go, we make room.

Let me know what you are willing to release in order to bring in more of what you want.

Much love,


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  1. Hi Christy, thank you so much for your teaching on the law of ‘Release’ I understand the pricipal and I will initiate it first thing in the morning, I’m so encouraged and excited, thank you :) x

  2. Thank you, Christy. I needed to hear this message today. You inspire me to become the best person that I can be. Bless your heart.

  3. Perfect timing! Thank you! :)

  4. Thank you so much Christy! Have a wonderful week. Irene (México)

  5. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the community! I am really grateful for all that I have learned. Recently I heard that in order to manifest you have to be hopeful and have expectations. This was a little confuse for me because I had learn to be happy ” by lowering my expectations”.
    Would you please talk about this topic?

  6. Christy Whitman says:

    Thank you! I am traveling to San Diego with Frederic this week:) thanks for watching!!

  7. Hi Christy, send me the videos on the Seven Universal Laws. Thanks, Denise

  8. joe/pops101 says:

    Hi Christy,
    I really need this. I have been draging a lot of baggage around. Its time to let go of it, and some people who have been hanging around also.

  9. joe/pops101 says:

    P.S. where is the link to Christy I couldnt get in using the search bar.

  10. So true about sometimes we plant love seeds in swamps. Omg so true. I just adore u for all that u do and so look forward to ur weekly posts. I’m from Montreal as I know your husband is as well, he is one lucky montrealer to have a great person like u ! Thanks so much Christy!

  11. I never get sick of your Magnetic Mondays Videos always perfect timing of the Universe! :)

  12. Christy, your weekly Monday videos are pretty much the only regular shows that I feel I must make a comment each time – not only because the content is so rich with your valuable guidance, but also because you’re so genuine, and you ALWAYS answer everyone’s comments/questions. I really appreciate that :-)

    Now, as for this week’s topic – so timely! This is the time of the month (New Moon) where I feel the most natural urge to get rid of all old things that no longer serve me, to make way for the new. Lately, I have felt more empowered to say “no more of this” to so many aspects of my life that I felt were “dead weight”. I think I missed that stage of growing – around age 2 – where we are naturally inclined to say that word “NO”. This assertion, I feel, is an important stage of development where we sort of remind ourselves that we have that option…and it follows us through life so that we understand later on (after we’ve lived through the trials and challenges) that we always have OPTIONS.

    I have felt for so long that I had to please everyone, and naturally, others would then act like they should run my life for me. It became a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts, eventually wreaking havoc on my self-esteem. As a result, because I am a naturally very giving person, I have cast a LOT of pearls before swine (as per Jesus’ memorable quote). Or as you say, I have sown a LOT of love-seeds in swamp-land.

    As a result, all I have is my knowledge of what I have learned NOT to do, and new understandings of how to deal with it from here on. You describe it so well., and your advice to use the coming days to get rid of old junk is a great starting point. I feel this will really be therapeutic as well….symbolic of those things within that need to be let go forever.

    “I forgive you, ( )…I forgive you, and send you on your way…” Beautiful…thank you once again!

  13. Thank you for the release segment. I like the way you put that you are no longer a
    vibrational match for some of the things in your closet. You have just put more space in my closet.

  14. Dave Goles says:

    Right on! I thought I was the only one who was caught in and desiring a relationship that is all one sided. I’m going to release her and spread my “love seeds” to someone who needs it. Thanks Christy!!!

    Dave Goles

  15. You statement about choosing to pay for something else instead of saying “I can’t afford it” was a great eye opener. I too have a one sided friendship to release.
    Thank You So Much!!!

  16. Lovisa Dynér says:

    Thank you Christy!
    Perfect timing as always :)

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