Magnetic Monday: Making a Wish

Do you ever go by a fountain and make a wish?

I have learned this ritual from my grandmother.

We were in Rome, Italy and learned the proper way of doing a wish in a fountain.

This is a must see, just for the scenery.

And it is less than 3 minutes long!

Let me know, do you make wishes in fountains?

Was this helpful?

Thank you :-)


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  1. Teresa Henning says:

    Yes helpful

  2. If I only knew this before I threw a coin to the same (di Trevi) fountain! Thank you, Christy!

  3. I don’t come across many fountains either, but I’m thinking of creating my own way of making a wish, so I won’t have to wait to be in the physical presence of trickling water, or to wait for my birthday. Maybe do it on Magnetic Mondays? Any ideas are welcomed and appreciated.

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Great connection Becca! Create a ritual for what feels right for you, and I look forward to knowing what you decide.

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