Magnetic Monday – Personal Power

Do you know that you have great personal power within you?

You can tap into this amazing power in any given situation, circumstance, or around anyone.

Do you have things or people that you seem to lose your center around?

In this episode of The Quantum Success Show, I discuss a great, easy, and effective process to connect you with your power.

And, how to stay connected to that power no matter what!

Have a truly powerful week.

Please let me know how you are feeling after going through this process by leaving me your comments!

Much love,


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  1. Carol Chin says:

    Thank you so much Christy.i did the exercise with you and felt much calmer after.i will continue to use it .Th anks. So much for your magnetic Monday chats

  2. Pauline Victoria Thomas says:

    I was with two very powerful women on Sunday, and their was a little change of direction, around lunch and plans for dinner, but I was able to hold onto myself and say just once no, I do not want to do that, not to be difficult, and also tell them that they were late, and let it go and enjoy the day with them I do love them, but I am not going to be taken over. with love Paulinexx

  3. Great video. I always love to hear about new things that I have in my body and energy that I didnt know about before. I will surely use it now that I know it.

  4. Hi Christy,
    Thank you Christy,before I try to respect and try not to say anything over people did wrong thing but know I don’t have pationt any more ,they take advantage of it ,but thank you for reminning I will practice to be more cool .
    Thank you shazam.

  5. Starr Turner says:

    Thank You, Christy. I love the simplicity! I enjoyed doing this exercise with you and believe it will prove very helpful dealing with life situations.

  6. Thanks for these great tools, Christy!

    I loved dropping into my power centre and feeling the space around me.



  7. Perfect, Christy. You always post exactly what I need to hear – either for myself or for a client. <3 Thank you for all of your wisdom and clarity!

  8. Thanks, you always inspire me. For a while I just felt as if nothing else really mattered except me being ‘just there’

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Thank you, Leonard:) That is the most important thing, but many times the most missed with people, is just being:). Thanks so much!

  9. Dory Pentz says:

    Truly thankful,
    how important it is to stay with inner connectivity this has been a great reminder.
    such a simple personal development tool so glad for the refocus of were your true power source is.
    much appreciation, Dory

  10. Thank you so much Christy. I am doing other things (like therapy, a course of chacras, etc.), too, but I am always looking forward to these sessions. Have a great day!

  11. i did enjoy that feeling, Thank you Christy.

  12. Mary Smith says:

    Thank you Christy. I have only started researching and learning from the first time I heard Wayne Dyer on PBS, Healing with the masters and Summit 2013. Most of the teachers I had never heard of before this. I’m really enjoying learning. It’s like I’m just soaking it all up and I’m amazed by the ideas that so match my own thoughts and philosophies but didn’t realize what it was all about. I’m very excited. There is so much to learn and hope I can guide other loved ones to you and others like yourself. Mary Smith

  13. Rosa Muziotti says:

    It was really calming. I feel my heart kindness toward the people around me. THANK YOU

  14. Veronica says:

    Great subject, Christy! And definitely perfect timing for it. I am in the QSCA program and loving it. There is so much to learn and so much work to do on ourselves too! This was very helpful, as I need a lot of grounding when dealing with a few people. The last few days, I felt like some people were pushing my buttons and I just didn’t know how to handle it. Remembering to stay centered and in my own body and connecting with my own energy makes a lot of sense. Having that sense of power, that we don’t lose when others push our buttons – is such a gift to ourselves.

  15. It really makes a difference, thank you Christy. This is a very powerful technique. I know it so well when I lose my power and I am over there – only with the other person – I really got that I am not anymore in my body – that the energy is ….going away. I am grateful and Love your Monday
    empowerment. It is great and you are very inspiring and powerful and I also love the beauty you radiate.
    Love Brigitte

  16. Hi Christy,
    I love your teaching each week and have recommended you to many of my friends. I always come away with the feeling of more personal power. This time though I had trouble battling my personal anger. Especially when you said to think of that person. I have several people in my life at the moment that are happy to push my buttons as I can imagine this is very empowering for them. I would like some support with mastering this technique as I know it would be the key to handling my relationships with these individuals. I look forward to hearing from you or one of your coaches to assist me in my journey.

    • I feel very relaxed and in control, would like to re-listen to this tomorrow before I go to work.

  17. Rachel Yana says:

    I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this video. It is so important to pay attention to where we are at all times spiritually and energetically. Putting ourseleves back consiously into our body is so powerful. I tried it with the men in my life and it worked out wonderfully. I found that the buttonb pushers just left the room or left my conciousness. I never had this topic explained so well and so practically and applicably. KEEP ON TEACHING CHRISTY YOUR WORK IS A TREASURE!
    Yana Rachael.

  18. this is a wonderful exercise, and I did feel extremely grounded, as well as fully occupying my body. This is really an important practice, and I think the more we put this into use, the more we will project this inner calm and not ATTRACT those who feel they can push our buttons. Does that make sense? I feel that when I am just irritated to begin with, and/or really feeling vulnerable and sensitive, I PROJECT that into the atmosphere, which just naturally draws a like energy to me…so this is one I will be FORCING myself to remember! Thanks Christy! :-)

  19. Peggy Jackson says:

    Thank you Christy for the short but informative and empowering techniques,I look forward to your mail because I enjoy the simplicity of your format,its resonates perfectly with me
    In appreciation,Peggy

  20. you are a bless christy than k you so much this exercise is so simple yet so effective and powerful, keep it up :-)


  21. Hi Christy,
    Thank you Christy, for yur value training

  22. Edie Vitemb says:

    Thanks Christy! This was very good timing…. attraction right? I am in your coaching program and am finding all the tools and processes you have shared with us amazing. I had an incident today that I could have been crazy with, but instead was able to see that the issue was not about me. I could have been reactive, but instead was able to be calm and send the other person light knowing that they are going through some sort of discomfort. Thanks for your continued sharing to stay centered and balanced.

  23. joe/pops101 says:

    Hi Christy,
    I have always loved mondays and fridays Mondays sets the course for the week, Fridays you get to account for what you have done. With Magnetic Mondays ,it makes the week even more exciting.I do need to stay inside myself more to deal with issues in a better way
    thanks joe/pops101

  24. Hi Christy,
    I just love my sessions with you they are truly inspiring, as for this session I was literally experiencing every directive you were giving, I currently feel in total control, I now know and understand the process thanks to your teaching ability.
    I appreciate your Gifting :)

  25. Thank you as always enjoy it.

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