Magnetic Monday: Maui and the Super Moon

Get ready to laugh!

I recorded this Quantum Success Show in Maui during the moon set of the Super Moon with Natalie Ledwell and Jennifer McLean.

And it is going to shift you, and make you crack up.

We talk about this brand new moment to choose what you want for you.



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  1. Wow!! You guys made my day!! So much fun to watch you amazing, lovely ladies sharing so much insights! I choose to be abundant and see abundance all around me and be confident in my ability to manifest. :) Thanks a million!!

  2. Bhagyavathy PATEL says:

    You TRIO made my day. I just want to watch your glowing faces and the LOVE and LAUGHTER again and again. Along with you I started laughing like crazy with happy tears in my eyes. How blessed I am to have you in my life journey!
    This moment of my wish is to LIVE TO LOVE AND GIVE. I also asked the universe to bless me to be with you three to enjoy this very moment in your presence.
    I love you .

  3. Even though I am many miles away from you, living in different culture and in different way of living from yours, I have great Thanks to you( Chiristy Whiteman) for your video shows and teachings which I get opportunity to watch for few minutes .within this few minutes , really I become happy and healthy by observing your way of speaking , words from your mouth . It gave me happiness & love. Thank you for all your efforts to help people.

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