Magnetic Monday – Tapping into wealth – with guest Margaret Lynch

On today’s episode of the Quantum Success Show, one of my favorite person’s in the world is joining as a special guest, Margaret Lynch.

Margaret Lynch is an amazing coach, speaker, and author and we’re going to discuss everyone’s favorite subject… Money

If you have ever asked yourself, “Why don’t I have more money?” you definitely want to watch this interview with Margaret.

Margaret provides a startling revelation on REAL reasons you don’t have more money and surprising process transforming you from “inner wealth blocks” to “inner wealth empowerment”.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The different types of money
  • Blocks about money
  • What is “goal trauma”
  • How application of Law of Attraction needs to go deeper than just visualizing and thinking positive.
  • How we look for evidence of dreams not coming true
  • How tapping works? And why is it so effective.

The video is about 20 minutes long, so take some time to watch it right now… You’ll be glad you did

You’re going to love what you learn… Promise :-)

To purchase a copy of Margaret’s new book, Tapping Into Wealth go here.

I’ll see you there.

Imagine and Enjoy,


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  1. Emma Bathie says:

    Christy and Margaret, just love your gorgeous fun energy ~ thank you! The book sounds fantastic and I’m about to order it. I’m particularly intrigued with the ideas behind “goal trauma” and learning more about why I seem to come so close to realising some big ones and then pull myself back just before I give myself the chance to see if I can actually pull them off… i now have a sneaking suspicion this could be linked to something from my teenage years ~ wow!

  2. Love this! Can’t wait to read the book!

  3. Not getting any sound from this audio with Ms. Lynch.

  4. Thanks Christy and Margaret. I’ve been using these concepts as I’ve studied on online with Margaret and with QSCA with Christy and her teachers, and these ideas are brilliant as Christy stated. Woohoo Margaret!! I hope that others pick up, read, and apply the ideas that Margaret has spent time thoroughly tracking and applying with clients and learning from many client experiences as well as her own and others.

  5. Great video Christy. I have been subscribing to Margaret’s Tapping videos for some time now. I am a student of tapping and it’s actually takes up the longest chapter in my little book: The Power of Certainty. Keep up the good work Christy.

  6. Priscilla Pugh says:

    I’ve been following Margaret as well as being a student with QSCA. I love you both and intend to get the book today. What great company we all keep!!!

  7. Best advice ever on tapping and money! You can’t just wishful think your way past the way you are pre-wired. Go pro-active by digging deep and rewiring your beliefs around money. And goal trauma, brilliant! Now it all makes so much more sense.
    Thanks to both of you beautiful ladies for bring us ground breaking info in a heart beat!
    Love and Light,

  8. Marguerite Looft says:

    Great video Christy and Margaret. Loved it!

  9. Thank you Christy. I have been following you for a while and you introduced me to one of your QSA students, Vina Kaur, who has helped me immensely with her coahing and guidance. The real boost has been turning my reading about the law of attraction in to actually applying the seven usniversal laws and being introduced to other wonderful guides such as Margaret who help even more. I’ m slowly but surely turning my life around and using much more of the guidance in my own coaching practice. Thank you so much for your insight and your presence, I look forward to every Monday and love applying the advice you give. Bless you.

  10. Thank you both for the informative and entertaining video.
    Margaret, I bought “Tapping Into Wealth” and am pleased and challenged by its content. My question is how to access the online additional work. I do see code at the chapters end, but it is not an URL. For example, at the end of “Setting Outrageous Goals” is “QR Code for 4 Lines”. How should that be applied?

  11. I loved the video and will be getting the book right away. You are such a ray of sunshine. Thank you for the work of compiling this resource for the rest of us.
    Blessings to you

  12. This is so amazing I definitely want to check out this book! There is so much to learn both with the QSCA course information and then all these added avenues. Will it all fit in my brain?! I can’t even remember what I wear from day to day half the time!

  13. Shirley Gordon says:

    I am very familiar with acupressure points but I know nothing about tapping. I knew your
    Magnetic Mondays would be very enlightening. Thanks to both of you, here is another
    book I must surely get.
    Peace and Love, Shirl

  14. Great stuff! It is true – I feel so guilty asking clients for money even though I worked hard for it. I definitely need a shift and I’m definitely going to get the book. Thanks for sharing.

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