Magnetic Monday: The Secret to Manifesting

This week I am coming to you from the Isle of the Pines and felt so inspired to share the biggest secret to manifesting….

So that is what this Quantum Success Show is all about…

The biggest secret to manifesting what you desire!

It is less than four minutes long…

Enjoy the info and the beautiful background.

Much love,


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  1. I allow all good things into my life Abundance and prosperity is unlimited.
    Wonderful reprogramming DNA towards achieving Health, Wealth and Prosperity in to our lives and make it remarkably improve our life.
    These Amazing Wealth Affirmations will change my life and finances. Unlimited abundance is mine.To-day I expand awareness of the abundance around me. Abundance and prosperity are my birthright. Money is positive energy that takes care of my World needs and desires.
    Thank you so much and may you have success in all your endeavors.

  2. Gr8 vidéo … To the point….Thanks Christy xoxoxo

  3. Thank you for this git. Good week.

  4. Hi Christy,
    Loved your message! thank you for sharing :)
    I’d love to know what are some of the ways you connect with the source? and when connecting do we just be? ask for what we want? or pray with gratitude?

    for me its meditation and being in the nature…
    With Love
    Neha Nayak

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Hi Neha!

      I am glad that you liked the message. You and I are similar in the way that we connect with source. I do pray with gratitude and I set an intention as I connect with source. You will learn more in your QSCA class about a deeper connection I practice with source through Light Body guided meditations. <3

  5. This is the first time I’ve heard co-creation explained in this way – thank you.

  6. Thank you, Christy! Your vibrant positive energy is contagious and inspiring!! Great tone to the beginning of the rest of my life. Namaste

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