Magnetic Monday – Not having enough money

Do you ever experience not having enough money? It is such a horrible and scary feeling. I know I have been there many times in my life. But, what if we continue to feel scared and don’t change our vibration around money? We create more of the same.

If you are thinking, “But Christy that is my reality . . .I don’t have enough money.” then you will want to watch this weeks show.

In this weeks episode of The Quantum Success Show I discuss money and the Law of Polarity. We are metaphysical and physical beings. We need to align metaphysically and then take action in the physical world.

I know for a fact that when you consistently change your vibration from one of lack to one of abundance, you must see evidence of it. Let 2013 be the year that you finally feel that you have enough money.

What would that feel like for you?

Imagine and Enjoy,

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