Magnetic Monday – What Raises Your Vibration?

I am on a Mediterranean cruise for the next ten days. It is really raising my vibration!

This week’s show is a quick one, but it’s very impactful if you do the process.

We are able to tune in and express happiness at any moment in time.

Just by focusing on what makes you happy, it actually raises your vibration.

As Marci Shimoff points out in her book Happy For No Reason, “Everything you do is aimed at making yourself happy.”

I hope you enjoy the feelings of happiness this week!

Much love,


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  1. hi Christy,
    I like what you said this happy, joyful, for me it is very much like the rampage of appreciation process and also the Daily positive affirmations process (Louise Hay “I can do it” book). thanks so much for reminding me… have a fabulous week ahead. LC

  2. Hi Christy
    I am often asked why and how am I always so happy. In your latest clip about raising vibrations you recommended to find things that make you happy. This I found hard as I truly couldn’t break that down as I seem to be happy. I live a grateful life; full of wonder, opportunity and continuous learning and this makes me happy. That each day is different from the other, new people, new activities and new experiences. Some one once said to me “Be how do you always stay happy”, I answered that I am mindful of my happiness and work on maintaining it by putting myself in a position and environment that feeds me with all the things I desire to make me happy. It is pretty simple if you keep it simple.
    Live Life Through The Eyes Of Love
    Be xxxxxxx

  3. progamamuito muito agradavel…

  4. Hi Christy! Have a nice holidays, yours deserves that. What raises my vibration are stay home with my family, riding a bike, walking, going to a friend´s farm on weekend, going to a beach on summer. In true, I love all things that I do, the reason because I´m haapy.

  5. Wow, haven’t thought about what makes me happy…now that I have thought about it, I realize I haven’t been doing the things that make me happy…so simple yet so profound. It makes me happy to listen to music, write, travel, visit my mother & sister in Canada, spend time with my grandkids…the list goes on

  6. Thank you Christy! I just made my list. Have a wonderful week. Irene

  7. Hi Christy, Thanks for sharing your happiness with us, it did raise me alignment to that “happy” vibration seeing you and imagining how others felt it too. I am happy when I take the time — even a few moments a day and focus upon the felt-sense of the happiness of myself and those in my family, dear friends, and the people I am privileged to help. I love dance, painting, travel, learning, designing, creating, writing, live performances, music, inventing seeing smiles on the faces of others and myself, and sensing love and light and healing while increasing vibrational frequency.
    In gratitude for your letters.

  8. realized that – there ARE things that make me happy – thanks for your energy and your tips here! Bravo Christy!!

  9. THANK YOU! This is an excellent, simple little exercise that is nonetheless POWERFUL, and exactly what I needed, right now!

    Top five things that make me happy-happy: being out in Nature; sharing the company of OTHER happy people in happy, relaxing situations; playing with my nephews and nieces; playing with both wild and tame animals; listening to music; oh….there are more, but I”ll stop there, and make another unlimited list! :-)

    Have a WONDERFUL JOYFUL vacation, Christy! Blessings!

  10. Hi Christy,
    Great video. Very informative and encouraging.
    I am in my late 50s and have gone through the thick and thin of the journey of life quite extensively. I am happy when I am counseling and coaching people. Listening to good music and being with nature makes me feel happy from within. Spending quality time with my family, accomplishment of my goals, living a life a significance, and transforming people’s lives are also the things that make me experience bliss.
    Would love to join your coaching program starting this October but due to a very tough one year financially, I am unable to invest even $400, let alone $4000.
    I wish you grand success in your endeavor to transform people’s lives.
    God bless you.

  11. Hi Christy,

    Just starting my journey with you and an enjoying the journey greatly.

    I have just made my list, straight after watching your video to prevent too much thought into what I ‘should’ write as opposed to what I ‘felt’. when I looked at them, arghhh, I am hardly doing any of them and certainly not regularly. Hmmm, know what I need to do, now!

    Thanks for the reminder.

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