Magnetic Monday: Why Bad Things Show Up and What To Do About It

You know when you start raising your vibration and working with deliberately creating your desires, sometimes the unwanted shows up.

Why does this happen? And more importantly what do we do when it does?

That is what today’s Quantum Success Show is all about!

This show is just 6 minutes long and will help you make sense of vibrational momentum.



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  1. Awesome..

  2. AWESOME video. Thank you.

  3. Hi Christy,

    I am going through this ‘contrast’ right now. I am single & manifesting my soulmate. The lower level energy is bouncing again and again & as a result all careless, irresponsible, insensitive men are showing up. That makes me feel sad, abandoned & alone. There is no sign of my soulmate & now my ‘faith’ on Universe is on zero level. After watching this piece of video I need to refresh my energy button, get healed & understand the whole process from a different point of view.

  4. To be aware that everything unfolding; detail, situation, drama is a consequence of our own manifestion is an empowering and terrifying awareness. I am aware of my untrained, unfocused, undisciplined mind. I can see how many thoughts bamboozle a way to the front line of my minds eye. There is no surprise that my life has contrast-I have pursued contrast and drama, and so it shall be! To redress, to increase the vibration into purer, spiritual, peaceful and balanced sense of purpose I am learning to transform the range of cravings, concerns and tensions into constructive acknowledgements and increasing gratitude, to identify achievements and marvel at worth and purpose. To accept responsibility for everything that unfolds from the daily immediate to the global details-aligns each and everyone of us with the fundamental purpose which we all are required to share to manifest global peace, abundance, tolerance. Therefore deepest respect for all of us on this earth as we all have the power to manifest our future and the direction this takes. We need to work together, every moment on.

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