Magnetic Monday – Winning the Game of Money (special guest John Assaraf!)

You are going to love this episode of the Quantum Success Show!

I had the great pleasure of having John Assaraf be a guest on the show and talk about Winning The Game of Money.

He explained the inner and outer game of money. AMAZING!

He also gave exact steps that you can do to start changing from the inside out so you have bigger and better results. Woooo Hoooo!

And, he gave three things that you can do right now to start making more money. Yipppeee!!!

Please enjoy this episode and leave me your comments on what you are taking away from this episode.

Much love,


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  1. Fariborz says:

    Hi all dears
    I believe, I can get whatever I want.
    God has created me and other people to succeed.
    Be proud and happy winner.
    Sincerely Yours: Fariborz

  2. Aha moment here!! I have always had a block feeling “as if” while visualizing. I am certain that if I write the script and read it like a Hollywood actress who is being paid $10 million I will be able to circumvent my cute, little subconscious mind. Yippeeee!!!
    Thanks Christy for continually helping me to expand. XOXO

  3. Awesome! Great! Thank you both Christy and John!

  4. joe/pops101 says:

    Hi Christy,Its anouther great Momday . I am rocken the universe. I just finished ,an hour ago just before loging on , a book called ” The E Myth by Micheal Gerber The “E” is the entrepreneural spirit that fills that gap from where you are and where you want to be.It is so awsome for you to have John on today; it just magnitizes my vibrations x 10 Wow ! thanks Christy

  5. Charlene Potterbaum says:

    Hey, Christy–LOVED the video, although my head is reeling–so much great info, need to let it settle, and take ‘root’ but also needed to let you know it was impactful–I love being part of your “family” and am lapping up everything like I am withering from thirst when really I am a fountain needing to spew! Love you!

  6. Blanche says:

    Wow! What a great show today with Assaraf. Thank you so much, christy!

  7. Love that there are those neurological patterns for “Fake it til you make it ” and “walk your talk”. I am too much in my head and need the reminder that my lovely body has a lot to add. The brain (body) science of it brings it on home for me. Thanks John for finding this out and Christy for finding John and both of you for willing to share! I am constantly renewed by the inherent generosity intrinsic in this level of being. Very refeshing! I’m with Wendi and the $10 million actress – must have been the rehearsal part.

  8. Hi Christy,
    Well in one word “Enlightenment” I was totally consumed by what John was teaching, just blew my mind with the simplicity of process, I loved his examples which were easy to relate too and I also loved what he said about don’t look for anything new but to write it down and visualise your self as if you already have it with feeling.
    I totally love your Network Family :) Build on.

  9. Wow, what a wonderful interview!!! I love how John breaks this down into such practical and simple steps, which nonetheless are just brilliant, right? Kind of like you, Christy! I can see why you chose to interview him, because you both have that amazing ability to cut right through to the most important aspects of manifestation on this level – and I find that invaluable!

    Anyway, I found this interview very invigorating, and inspiring, and MOTIVATING! I thank you for thinking of us, your family in the truest sense of the word….and sharing such gems as this!

    I think this is exactly what I needed right now – and I do believe I know how to focus on my next project to increase my income…following John’s very clear steps, and making just those steps the main focus – let the details work themselves out as I go along!

    THANK you, and bless you! :-)

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Well, thank you, Zora!!! I am so happy you not only enjoyed the show, but had many insights:)

  10. Mary Anne says:

    Thank you so much Christy and John for the awesome tips! I really enjoy all your videos, Christy! I am excited about fine tuning my script.

  11. good piece of work


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