Magnetic Monday: How to Write a Book and Become a Published Author Part 2

This week we continue to talk with Brian Tracy on his amazing and successful process on writing his books on the Quantum Success Show.

Click here to access Brian Tracy’s “20-Step Author Quick Start Guide”

We continue to discuss:

– Why so many people find it challenging to stay committed to writing and finishing that book.
– How to use the skills you already possess to write your book.

And so much, more!

Even if you never have the desire to write a book, there is so much great information on how to create the success you desire and deserve!

Enjoy your week. I appreciate you!


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  1. greatfull says:

    good afternoon,
    took few minutes out of day to listen to replay
    enjoyed and appreciate brian sharing what has proven
    works for him and others
    and was good reminder, when feeling
    like maybe just forget it and then…. the message comes through
    keep on going … and to stay rested up
    one thing to know it another to apply it
    thank you both

  2. Great interview. Thank you Christy and Brian Tracy. I am so grateful to authors like you and all the self-help authors like Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, et al. It was because of books like these that I was able to heal myself. I was seriously bipolar. I healed myself instantly with one decision. that was made possible because of Brian Tracy whose wisdom I applied to my own life. I do have to give credit to psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin for his book Toxic Psychiatry, and for Joseph Campbell with his his work about the Hero’s Journey and to Susan Jeffers for her book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.

    Again thank you both for your work and helping people to live their purpose and enabling more of us to live creative purposeful loving lives.

  3. Thank you so much for your information about writing a book. is truly helpful. I forgot to add to my previous comment that I am writing a book about my journey to be normal and how I healed myself instantly from being bipolar. Your information about writing is truly helpful. Thank you. Again you two (Brian Tracy and Christy Whitman) are such treasures and totally appreciated.

  4. This was an extremely timely video. This is the second time this month I have heard the word “stick-to-itiveness”! I am in the fall semester of the QSCA, work full time at a corporate job and have a family and a coaching practice on the side. I know there are many on the program in the same situation with even more pressures. Mine pale in comparison. Sometimes my determination, motivation and stick-to-itiveness are really put to the test. This was an inspiring message and a good nudge to remind me I have a bigger vision/goal in mind for myself. I need to work on both my coaching skills (QSCA) and ensure my coaching business does not get left behind in the process. It’s a balancing act, but I know I can do this.

    • Christy Whitman says:

      I love to hear about the synchronicity and divine timing of events as they unfold for people with the messages to be shared. Glad that you are part of my QSCA family, Carmen! Excited that the “Stick-to-itiveness” stuck with you today! Thanks for sharing.

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