Magnetic Monday: Owning and Claiming That You Are Ready

This Quantum Success Show comes right from a catamaran in Barbados.

And we have a cameo from a beautiful sea turtle.

There is a bit of background noise, but if you listen to the words… it can inspire you in great ways!

Are you ready?
Are you willing?
Are you able?

What are you ready to manifest?

To your readiness,


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  1. Raj Fernandes says:

    Cheers Christy.

    Thanks for sharing your energy.
    I can say “Oh aye. I am Ready. I am Willing. And I an Able” I have taken the first step and will connect with Tony McMahon on Wednesday.

    Take care,

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Awesome Raj! Glad to hear you are taking that first step, and Tony will be great at helping to guide you on your journey.

  2. I am Willing; I am Ready; And I am Able to manifest all my worthwhile desires! I am in the flow….
    Thanks Christy!

  3. I am willing; I am ready; and I am able to manifest all my desires!

  4. Brendah Ndebele says:

    Hi Christy, Your energy is awesome! Many thanks for generously sharing.
    I am definitely WILLING, READY but working towards being ABLE. ..!
    I do want to manifest abundance so I can address the abject poverty suffered by my extended family & all in the African village where my parents lived.

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Brenda, thank you so much! Your sharing of what you are in the process of, affirms your commitment to your vision. I hold you in that space of love and service to others and see you manifesting abundance in many ways. <3

  5. Thanks for this message Christy! I know what I want and I feel that I’m ready – perhaps I just need to be willing to do a bit more each day to get the essence of the vibration emanating from me through some inspired writings about my goals – this will then strengthen the attraction.

    By the way, great symbolism with the turtle showing up at the end – like that saying how ‘slow and steady wins the race’, I suppose we just have to consistently be willing to keep plugging away at our goals and eventually we will put ourselves in a position to manifest and receive. :-)

    • Christy Whitman says:

      You are welcome Leo. You have the alignment, and good for you for putting forth the intention and awareness that the momentum will help you with being able. Thanks for sharing your take-away with the turtle. :-)




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