Most Important Trait You Need to Be a Successful Life Coach

Coaching is an extremely rewarding profession on so many levels, and it’s also one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Through this sequence of short videos, I’m going to teach you the key fundamentals you need to know to get started as a coach, and to create a fun and thriving coaching practice that’s in perfect alignment with who you are, what you value, and what you most want to contribute to others.

By now I hope I’ve opened your eyes to just how much success – personal and professional – is available to you by choosing a career as a life coach. If I have, and it’s a lifestyle that appeals to you, you’re probably wondering how, if you’ve never had any experience coaching others, you can accurately predict if you’re likely to enjoy being a coach, or if you have what it takes to build a successful practice. The question that often comes up for those considering this career changes is “Can excellent coaches be ‘made,’ or are some people simply born with the ability to empower and inspire?”

The answer is both, and it’s also true that all exceptional coaches – whether they’re coaching athletes, executives, or anyone in between – shares one common characteristic. Some of us are born with more of a tendency than others toward this characteristic, but everyone without exception can cultivate it. The character trait that makes a truly outstanding coach is having a commitment to your own path of personal, emotional, and spiritual growth.

To put it simply, we can’t teach other people what we ourselves don’t know, and we can’t guide others to release their limiting beliefs and come into resonance with the next level of success they desire unless we have actually done this in our own lives.

Now, before I say more about that, let me clear up a really common misunderstanding: When I say that it’s important that we as coaches be committed to our own evolution and expansion, I do not mean that we have to be “perfect,” or that every aspect of our lives has to be exactly the way we want it. To be human is to exist in a perpetual state of expansion, and this means that every one of us will continue to give birth to desires that we will then need to align ourselves with.

Being committed to your own growth simply means that you take responsibility for the quality of your life experience, and that you regularly strive to fine tune the frequency of your own thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and outlook in order to attract and receive more of what you desire.

And here is really the best news of all – and it’s the reason, by the way, why hundred of people who had no interest in becoming a professional coach have participated in the training offered through the QSCA. Even if you never coach a single client, the technology you will learn in this training gives you access to a reliable set of tools that you can apply every day, in any situation, to continually enhance your life experience. So, whether you’re already someone who is committed to bringing forth your best self, or if you’re someone who would like to learn how to, really isn’t a more perfect career.

The other reason why it’s important that we as coaches are committed to our own personal development is that the more experience we have in recognizing and releasing our own non-serving perceptions, behaviors and habits of communication, the better able we will be at supporting our clients in recognizing and releasing these barriers within themselves. And you’re also a lot less likely to become triggered or derailed by the issues that will come up for your clients as they take on the process of transforming their lives.

So, in the same way that doctors, attorneys and other professionals need to take continuing education courses each year in order to continue practicing in their fields, we as coaches also need to make sure that we are staying at the top of our game. In my opinion, this is one of the most exciting “fringe benefits” of being a part of this field: every skill you sharpen for the purpose of serving your clients also serves you. So, in a very real sense, coaches get paid to lead extraordinary lives!

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  1. Estelle Hiebner says:

    Dear Christy. The information you have shared with me is amazing I have been an auxiliary social worker for the past sixteen years and I believe that the best gift you can give someone is giving them back to themselves could you you please help me to help other people live their best lives ever as you rightly say I have to do it in my own life first I would appreciate it if I can learn the tools to do this. Thank you very much for your time I really appreciate it. Take care hope to hear from you soon.

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Awesome takeaway Estelle and connection for in your own life. Have you downloaded my ebook on Life Coaching? I think that it will help you gain some clarity for yourself on ways to continue to make use of your skills. The introspection and growth you desire for yourself from the inside out is something that my programs and work in the world is all about. Consider continuing to watch and listen to my videos for more information to assist you with what you desire.

  2. Kaarisa Karley says:

    That was great. Thanks. Always we need to work on ourselves first and foremost. I was a massage therapist for 40 years and I made sure I received frequent massages myself. I wanted to be the model of perfect health..someone that modeled good self care for my clients.

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Thank you for sharing your connection Kaarisa with the need for self-care and self-growth in our lives. Excellent takeaway and thank you for watching!

  3. Glen Dawson says:

    So what’s the procedure to being a life coach I no lots of things I could pass on to others , I love this stuff even though I make mistakes still now , I would like to coach , tell me how I start

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