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December 2016 – Divine Manifesting Tips & Stories

Your emotions are an aspect of your ego, and they carry much energy. They act to guide you toward things you love and away from those things that you do not love. Your emotional body is very fluid. It takes on many different colorings and shades and qualities, depending upon the energy you are around—until you are able to guide the emotional body from a higher level of your being. There is joy … CONTINUE READING

Magnetic Monday: 12 Steps to Manifesting

I hope you are doing great. Are you ready for an amazing Quantum Success Show? I take you through 12 important steps to manifesting. Think of what you want as far as something material in your life (money, a new home, a new job, a new car, etc.) and let’s get to manifesting! I have been working with these steps for years and I am always amazed. Keep in mind this is advanced … CONTINUE READING

Magnetic Monday: How to Teach Your Children to Meditate

Tomorrow is my birthday :-) and I am in celebration mode this week with it also being Thanksgiving in the US! Happy Thanksgiving to YOU! I am grateful for you. I recorded this Quantum Success Show on one of our family trips. Click here to learn more about Christy's Enlightened Kid Program And as I teach you how to teach your kids how to meditate, I have a couple of special … CONTINUE READING

Magnetic Monday: Why Bad Things Show Up and What To Do About It

You know when you start raising your vibration and working with deliberately creating your desires, sometimes the unwanted shows up. Why does this happen? And more importantly what do we do when it does? That is what today’s Quantum Success Show is all about! This show is just 6 minutes long and will help you make sense of vibrational momentum. Enjoy! Christy … CONTINUE READING

Magnetic Monday: What is the difference between abundance and irresponsibility?

Have you ever watched someone that starts to change their emotional state to abundance, and even though they are in debt, because they now feel abundant they spend money that they don’t have? I have seen this happen with many people that start to feel a certain way, and then act as if it is already their reality. This brought up a question from one of my family members in this … CONTINUE READING