Magnetic Monday – Peace Is Uncomfortable

Okay so this one will shift you big time.

Did you grow up in an environment that was dramatic or chaotic?

Do you find that you create some type of drama when things are going right or peaceful in your life?

Are you hoping to create more peace in your life?

If so, you will LOVE this episode of The Quantum Success Show.

And, it is only five minutes!

Take a couple minutes to watch it real quick and then also share your feedback below the video.

You’re going to love what you learn… I promise

And it has some good eye candy :-)

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  1. Gentle truth in this video. Thank you. :) It makes me think of the example of washing the dishes with as much pleasure and mindfulness as I would bring to other experiences. Surely something as simple and daily as washing the dishes is not a great choice of places to bring the emotions of abhorrence and struggle. I’d rather smell the nice soap and enjoy the warm water and remember that I’m taking good care of myself and my children. Washing dishes with peace and love and pleasure!

  2. Jeffrey Jett says:

    I have close personal friends that live in this state of chaos. I always wondered how they could maintain such an extreme level of emotion. Thanks for the info Christy

  3. That inner calmness that accompanies one’s manifesting is integral in life drama (whether created or not).Peace is that inner ‘shock absorber’ that trully reconciles your personal constitution inside with your personal construction outside. It is able to superintend your personal experience in line with your inner relationship as an answer to stabilising and building your confidence level for aboundance in the face of turbulence. Great delivery Christy!

  4. Hi Christy

    Timely and a great Video for Monday morning.
    I loved the way you explained it so well with examples. I completely agree with understanding the chaos outside of us, processing it and learning to stay connected to our CORE SELF. Thanks a lot!


  5. Pam Smith says:

    Thank you Christy. You just made me understand my new found peace within. I have been feeling numb inside and now I understand why. I couldn’t figure out my lack of feelings because I am finally at peace with my life. Now I get it!
    Thank you!!

  6. Thank you very much for this information, I have caught myself living in this drama situation. Don’t know how get rid of old beliefs.

  7. I grew up with chaos and DRAMA, yes, that big. Mom was a drama queen disguised as a martyr. It took a few decades for me to understand I didn’t want drama, let alone figure out how to not have drama. Now, when I get around my family, I can only listen so long to the drama filled rants before I want to put my hands over my ears and sing La-la-la-la-la-la. Support by being there only goes so far. Most often, the people who have the issues, really don’t want solutions, they just want to vent and stir things up. I can easily get sucked in, but have to remind myself not to let that vortex suck my energy into it.

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Awesome realization and way to go in changing it:) Stay centered within your essence when around the “sucking” energy:) Thank you.

  8. I love, love, love this! Wonderful support and synchronicity for where I’m at today, this very morning. I rarely make comments, but I really wanted to thank you for this video, Christy! I also enjoyed the eye candy – bonus that he offered thoughtful commentary, lol! And Ellen is lovely, too. Great expression from the dog and one of my favorite clips from “Finding Nemo”… what’s not to like?! (And I agree with the other comments about your dress. You have terrific style and grace.) Have a peaceful and joy-filled day. : -)

  9. Christy, thank you for raising this topic. After meditating regularly for about 8 months, I remember the day that the realization of peace hit me hard! You are right it was uncomfortable at first, but the more I accepted the new peace the more my body/mind adapted and integrated. Today 3 and a half years later it’s part of me fully integrated….and if I have an off day occasionally, I miss it. Peace – what a hidden gem of an experience that everyone deserves and can have access to. Thank you for shining the light on this quality and integration necessary to live in engaged detachment. Namaste.

  10. You made an excellent point here, and this is something I’ve been working on. One thing I’ve discovered is that a long time ago, I actually consciously _wanted_ to feel negative emotions. I’m pretty sure I got what I asked for! Hahahaoh God somebody call an ambulance.

  11. Hi, Christy,
    What a perfect way to start the week. I’m in your Light Body class and this “peace” piece is just what I needed. Hmmm…lots of ideas rolling around!

  12. genevieve chan says:

    Yes, me too I did not saw drama that way, thanks Christy, now I am change and I understand.
    Just seeing all those videos are so helpful, you are part of us.
    Thank you for giving, OH be bless. love

  13. This has been a recent issue within my life. I grew up with an alcoholic and abusive father. I began creating a process to help me overcome his treatment on my own when I was about 7. I recently wrote a book about the process called ThoughtShredder; however, there are times I need more help from spiritual guides. Peace used to be easy for me, but childhood experiences are coming back. I have found that creating peace with the child in me first works best. Once the 7-year-old is at peace, the adult me gains peace more readily. Thank you for your work!

  14. Christy, I grew up watching my Mom model “crisis management” and it seemed that she was only at the top of her game when someone she loved or cared for, i.e. my father with lymphoma, was in crisis. She would actually crash and become ill or depressed when the situation was no longer in crisis. I used to be exactly like my Mom but over the past six months have made miraculous changes to my life that are now allowing states of peace and abundance, sometimes momentary but oft times now for much longer periods of time, into my life. I actually never thought about the actual mechanism that was manifesting in my Mom’s life and subsequently in my own until listening to your talk this morning. Many blessings to you for sharing these wisdmoms.

  15. You got me thinking about 2 things.
    1) When I try to relax on the weekend I feel lazy, there is so much to do why am I just sitting here. But I know I need down time so that reflects on how busy I stay it’s not comfortable to stay quiet on the weekend.
    2) When do we as a society think most on Peace on Earth…Christmas. Which this message of being at peace allowing you to hear your inner self and know your inner self is a very strong message of Christmas for me. The gift of Christmas is Love and Peace and that is where it needs to start, with self awareness! I think I found my Christmas letter theme! Thanks!

  16. Hi Christy,
    I have learnt something very important and valuable through watching your short video. I AM A DRAMA JUNKIE!!! I don’t mean to be, but I realised through your message that I look for drama in every situation that doesn’t please me!!! It is my way of showing dis-pleasure and I now realise it is a form of bullying others (especially those I love) into caving into my needs/wants!! What an eye opener!! I will be working on this from this minute onward. Thank you soooo much. AND very timely as I was about to make mine and my boyfriend’s life very miserable because he had to cancel attending the Beyonce World Tour concert with me because he got sick last week and has to take it easy for a while. What a drama queen, instead of supporting his all important health, I have been sulking all week!!! This stops today. Thank you again!! xxxxx from New Zealand.

  17. By the way, you look amazing and are incredible. Thank you again.



  19. I’m on the “I LOVE PEACE” mode, and I’m pretty sure this is something I want for the rest of my life!

    Oh yes….I have lived through stages where I too was uncomfortable with the peace and quiet – I just didn’t trust it. But after I learned to keep forgiving myself for that insecurity, I gradually relaxed and began to REALLY enjoy those peaceful times! In fact, more and more, I am aware that peace is what I want to create, as, like you said, in those quiet moments I am able to go to the “creating space”

    Another excellent and important topic, thanks Christy! :-)

  20. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  21. Very good point; I realize that you’re describing ME, beeing always on the run pursuing “something” to struggle for. Perhaps there’s a family patern here; I remember -way back- my grandmother ACCUSING me of beeing “lazy” confusing my childhood “inner peace” with “lazyness”. I was even punished for beeing “lazy”. Since then, I live under the horror of beeing called “lazy” and I spin around just to find “something to do” even if my grandma is long dead. But indeed there are MOMENTS when I feel inner peace, I ough this to my two Dobes, who during our long strolls they really teach me what it is to have inner peace. It is only at that precious moments that I get in touch with my inner self and praize him for his accomplishments. I have experienced THIS and it is TRUE. Your info is really precious and I acknowledge with thanks. I’m on the right path. I’ll pursue this feeling more often.

  22. Thank you Christy and team for allowing us none FB folk to post a comment. :-)
    Excellent insight in this MM as usual. and thanks for sharing your “Me too”!…Once again in timely fashion you have provided me with another piece of the puzzle – especially about creating dramas as an ‘avoidance’ tactic….. Who am I without my story/dramas? Huge!!!
    One question, you mentioned there are 9 solutions to every situation, I know you have spoken about this before but I was unable to find where to search for these 9 solutions on your site. Any pointers welcome. Sent with much love and appreciation, Peta.
    Oh and an extra thanks to those who take the time to share their comments – I always find your ‘extended’ family further adds to my awareness. Much appreciated guys!

  23. David Hernandez says:

    I am an educator. I believe that our children are over stimulated because we as adults are overwhelmed. I have recently been working with adults to help them overcome their struggles with their own lives and with students I have working with them to overcome this addiction that something has to be constantly stimulating, that if they slow down in order to understand, they will get bored. I love the thought that it is now an addiction of overstimulation and should be treated as an addiction. There is a techniques that is used and I have used for a while called “motivational interviewing” that I am using with some success. Have you heard of it?

  24. HI Christy

    Yes to all that, and you are obviously in a calm moment although you do also seem intense and excited mostly or often, and yet they say before and after the storm is the calm. I think life has both, as a natural process. There are always some kind of tensions with others, partly because we have so many different beliefs. The tensions may build and build and then a great period of storminess can release us as if the Divine is ejecting us from their midst in a thunderclap, from people we are not really resonating with authentically though we may have a pretence at sharing their views to keep the peace. This is what happenned to me anyway, and now calm again…
    I actually found I needed to get to the end of 2 days to find the space to give to this video, and thanks it was interesting.

  25. Hi Christy,
    Love your warm, happy, smiling and friendly personality and your presentation style.
    You keep it simple , easy to follow and grasp and that is critically important to me (and probably to most folks),.
    What did I learn? Two things:
    1) Peace is profitable!! What a powerful and attention getting statement!! For me it summed up
    the primary message in your presentation.
    2) The universe is friendly and always working FOR me , NOT AGAINST me. I thought I had a
    good appreciation of that fact……but hearing you state it flatly as an important, non-changing
    principle somehow made it REALLY hit home.

    Thanks a bunch. Simple and superb!!

    Jerry Jellison


  26. Thank you, Christy. Love the weekly tips. This is BIG! Alena:)

  27. Hello Christy! Magnetic Monday sessions complement my work with my therapist and my own inner work. Thank you so much. Irene

  28. Dear Christy
    Thank you for all your generous and loving information and videos, I really enjoy hearing from you and find it of great value
    Thank you very much indeed

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