Quantum Success Show: Get Paid for Your Intuitive Gifts

I have a great guest on The Quantum Success Show today.

I have personally worked with Baeth Davis and was blown away by what was revealed.

We discuss:

  • What is hand analysis?
  • Why is hand analysis important?
  • How balancing is movement.
  • How what we are here to learn is what we are here to teach.
  • How you use hand analysis in business?
  • And so much more!

This show is a bit longer than normal, but FULL of content and information to inspire you.

Claim your FREE special report from Baeth on “3 Ways to Drop the Mask and Get Paid for Your Intuitive Gifts”, here.

Enjoy your day,


P.S. Next week on the Quantum Success Show I have another healer that I have personally worked with for major transformation. Be sure to tune in.

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  1. John R. Garland says:

    I thought it interesting in what Baeth described concerning the wearing of masks. For decades I have held a sanity mask because of my schizophrenia and found that with the mask everyone thought I was crazy. Now that I’ve taken off the mask everyone thinks I’m sane. This led me to the conclusion that for a sane person I’m too crazy and for an insane person I’m sane. LOL Does that make me somewhere in between? I don’t know what to think now because I now tell everyone that I’m a life coach in training. Many tell me that I’ve been doing that for years, why am I in training. I tell them that it is so that I can become certified and get paid for it. It scares the hell out of them.

    • Christy Whitman says:

      John, thank you for sharing how others/society can put labels on us. All has aligned from you and for you to be in the reality that you are experiencing. The choices you are making, because you have chosen to see yourself without the mask are serving you. Keep on your path and allow others to see your evolution! So glad you are a part of my QSCA family. <3

  2. Marla Starr says:

    Great interview Christy and Baeth! I’m in the fall 2016 LOA coaching program and found this “spot on” as someone with intuitive gifts that are now showing up! It really is a balancing act and I have spent my whole life in the financial world guiding people with good decisions, now working with energy! It is a great match but hard to step into that and take down the mask! Marla Starr

    • Christy Whitman says:

      Thank you Marla, and I am so glad that you are a part of my community and enjoyed the interview! Great take away and enjoying that support through the QSCA program.

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