The Get UNstuck Expert Café

The perfect coffee break when you need to get UNstuck in under 30 minutes!

If you’re an extraordinary woman with big-ass dreams who is ridiculously unsatisfied with status quo and you are ready to just get on with it … I have some great news!

Each week, you can tune in for tips, strategies, and sage wisdom from a variety of get UNstuck experts … giving you different perspectives on everything from overcoming financial struggles, to creating the vision for a life you’ll love, to learning how to play to your strengths.

Our special guest on April 17th is Christy Whitman so here’s your invitation to join us here.

Whether it’s finding your passion & purpose, or examining the infuriating and sometimes absolutely profound challenges in life, we’ll all be able to share our triumphs and walk away with some new a-ha’s! It’s time to get UNstuck and find the amazing YOU you’re meant to be, living the beautiful life you’re meant to live!

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